7 Great Books to Help You Understand Personality Typing


Do you have a deep desire to learn more about Who you really are? These 7 great books on personality typing will help you understand yourself a whole lot better. It’s summer what better time to dive in and read a good book? Better yet, why not read a good book with life-changing energies behind […]

Could a Person Have More than One Personality Type?

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Could a person have more than one personality type? What do you think? (Please know I speak of Myers-Briggs©️ typing here exclusively) Recently on a podcast, I was asked, could I have two personality types? The host believed her personality type in college was vastly different than her personality type of today. As we began […]

What Happens When Your Personality Type Isn’t Soul-Centered?

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What happens when your personality type isn’t soul-centered is a splendid question. In my viewpoint, the stakes are high, like a 7-year life tsunami high! Here’s why. I believe you chose your personality type, and it isn’t a random choice. The personality you choose is ideally suited to help you work through your specific problems, […]

One Easy Step to Discover Your True Self

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One easy step to discover your True Self. Here’s the catch. Identifying your True Self is pretty simple. The flip side is your True Self takes self-examination, responsibility for all life choices, having trust beyond the five senses, and a commitment to finding yourself, aka the center of you—your truth. You’ll have to choose a […]

How To Live Joyfully From Your True Self

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How to live joyfully from your true self is a mindshift offering untold opportunities. Why? Because joy is a spark of Divine Intelligence lit from within. You can easily experience this spark watching a beautiful sunset, strolling on a moonlit evening, or hiking on freshly fallen snow. Your joy rises and overcomes you, often taking […]

Are Old Beliefs Sabotaging Your Personal Growth?

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Are old beliefs sabotaging your personal growth? Unfortunately, I believe many of us self-sabotage daily. We’ve become confused in an over-communicated world that tells us how to behave, what to wear, and how to think… Oh, and let’s not forget all of our childhood and relationship experiences and how they, too, have dramatically influenced us. […]

Baking Cranberry Bread with an extrovert (ENTP)

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Baking cranberry bread with an extrovert (ENTP) is not a measuring task. It’It’seative, a dash of this and that, a new look on an old recipe. As an extrovert, ENTP, for those who know ENTPs, youyou’llready know that I diddidn’tllow the recipe exactly. I’mI’mone to changing things whenever possible, and baking is no exception. Yes, […]

Unpack Your Personality in 2020: The Resolution for Self Growth

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Unpack your personality in 2020 is a resolution for self-growth. Skip new year’s resolutions and learn how micro-moments of awareness can change your life. Sixteen personalities unpacked is the start of a journey to your truth. This new years resolution may be the most brilliant New Year’s resolution ever. Read on to learn more. How […]