Why Is This Happening to Me? Why is He/She such a Jerk?

Why is this happening to me? Why is he/she such a jerk? Have you ever uttered these questions while on vacation? Have you ever experienced tension while away? To be honest, I think we all have. Vacations, while highly romanticized on social and in the media, can be a time of great stress and tension. Think about it, our daily routines are disrupted, we’re together 24/7, we’re in a new place, eating new foods, and the list goes on.

Why is this Happening to Me?

Is “why is this happening to me,” the right question? Is this a question or a complaint? Are you looking for a genuine answer? If you are the physical world probably won’t give you the answer you’re looking for. You must tap into your “inner travel guide.” This guide is your soul whispering to you when you travel. It’s your innate personality, a knowing, that instinctively presents what you desire at any given moment. Especially if your in-tune with it! This instinct helps you devise a contingency plan, months ahead, or it helps you plan a trip that’s going to make your heart sing.

A Funny Story

alt="While In Line I learn why a women in Costco was frustrated with her husband the introvert."
Spoke with a woman in line who was frustrated with her introvert husband

So, I’m at Costco with my southern bestie and we’re playing the line game. Whichever line moves quicker the other has to buy a round of berry smoothies. So we’re heckling each other and the lady ahead of me turns around and says, “My husband and I do this all the time. I laughed and we started chat’in it up. We got to talking, and somehow we got on the topic of playing the long line game at the airport. She opens up about her husband, saying, “Oh, he’s so frustrating on vacation.” I ask why? She says OMG, “He can be such a jerk. He chooses the window seat and doesn’t say a word the entire flight. It’s so annoying.”

Traveling with an Introvert

I start rattling off a few personality traits, “Does he like a lot of alone time? How many books does he pack? Does he opt for intimate low-key events, and avoid large groups?” She looks at me like a deer-in-headlights and says, “How did you know all of that?” I say, “Well, I think your husband is an introvert and you’re the extrovert.”

She said, “You’re right again.” I told her I’m developing a new way to travel using the practical and popular Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, method. I went on to tell here, “And what they say is true, opposites do attract.” She laughed and said, “Right again.” She is uber excited to read more about her and her husband’s unique personality archetype.

She left me with this lingering thought, “Do you think he’ll ever want to attend a big, city festival.? I smiled and said, “That all depends on his other personality functions.” She said, wide-eyed, “Their’s more?” I said, “Oh yes, their’s so much more. But the good news is what you need to know is already within you. I call it, Your Inner Travel Guide, aka your higher self. You just need a nudge, or two, to awaken it.” She smiled, took my card and we parted ways.

Why is he/she such a jerk?

alt="Asking questions on vacation because of differences is common; photo of a resort in Vero Beach, FL."
Have you thought, “Why is he/she being a jerk, what’s wrong with staying at the same resort?.”
It’s because your travel mate is looking for something new to explore. 🤪

For more than twenty years, I’ve been in the travel industry working with destinations, resorts, attractions and then some. I’ve had the great pleasure to speak with hundreds-upon-hundreds of travelers asking questions, ok maybe some are just whining, but deep down I think all of us want to be better, and we all want more blissful vacations.

The questions go on, and on… Why is he/she such a jerk? My kids never like anything I plan. I’m feeling super uneasy, and I don’t like it here. Why is this happening to me?

Life is a Series of Questions

“Who looks outside dreams. Who looks inside awakens.” Carl Jung

Life is a series of questions. It starts at a young age. We question, and push our parents to see what we can and can’t get away with; I want candy, toys, snacks… This progresses as we grow into a tween and well into our teens. The questions become relatable to the world around us and our place in it. Why can’t I drive, stay overnight, what college, career, and the questions continue? As we arrive into adulthood questions often become life-changing. Have I found my soulmate? Where should I live, or work? What about my retirement, health, and do I want children?

Soul-Seeking Questions

The key is to start listening to what you really desire. If you’re looking answers for answers from the physical world or are you soul-seeking to unveil a personal aspect of yourself that can change your world forever!

My thought is that it may be easier to do some soul-searching aka taking a look at your inner self while you’re in travel mode. Typically we’re more open, excited, eager to explore and ready to leave the everyday behind; if only for a while. I’m passionate about helping you personalize the travel experience, starting from the inside out. I want to inspire YOU; to look within in a truthful way through travel, awareness, and real-world experiences for personal transformation.

Carl Jung On Personality Types

Carl Gustav Jung, the Godfather of typolgy had deep insights into psychological types; he was the first to introduce extroverts and introverts, and the four functions. Jung’s psychology is the backbone of What’s Your Travel Personality Let Your Inner Guide Be Your Travel Guide, which is my body of work. It’s dedicated to helping travelers reveal their innate personality traits, which can influence vacations; in good and bad, ways.

Answering Questions, Why is This Happening To Me?

alt= "A photo of a man wondering, why does this keep happening to me."
“Why does this keep happening to me? Why do I get so triggered when I’m in a big crowd”

My goal is to answer this question and so many others. Such as; what traits trigger travel stress for me. What are my secret sauce traits that help make trips more enjoyable for everybody? Who is my natural romantic interest? How do I parent my children while on vacation? These are just a few questions I’ll answer along with ideal places to visit, both in the USA and internationally, romantic escapes, family adventures, and so much more.

Why is this happening to me? And other questions answered?

My upcoming blogs will continue to explore the many aspects of personality typing for those of you, who are seekers and want to learn more about your authentic travel personality. My goal is for you to use what you learn and pack it right next to your reef-friendly sunscreen on your next vacation. I even have a free quiz coming within a few months. Sign-up now to be the first to know your travel personality!

If you desire more fulfilling vacations regardless of where or who you travel with, stay tuned. I can’t wait to hear how your travel personality made your trip extraordinary!

What’s Your Travel Personality?

If you haven’t had a chance, you may want to listen to my radio interview What’s Your Travel Personality; Let Your Inner Guide Be Your Travel Guide, here’s a direct link to the podcast. The interview aired on Speaking of Travel archived on iHeart Radio with host Marilyn Ball. Thank you, Marilyn, for believing in me. 🥳

Please visit #WYTP page. Discover What’s Your Travel Personality: Let Your Inner Guide Be Your Travel Guide and the role travel personality typing plays when planning and taking vacations.

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