Private Mentoring With Nina

What Truly Matters?

Influence. Impact. & Meaningful Endeavors. 

Spiritual Personality Typing™️ exposes the powerful inner voice, a wise and meaningful soulful expression of our true selves. Sadly, for many our stories go untold. I’m sharing a new way. It’s the culmination of my real life experiences, connectivity to my inner guide, and sacred personality pillars that radiate beyond vanilla brand stories. I work with soulful entrepreneurs to unearth a branded language that’s distinctly yours.

Let’s collaborate and create a customized word strategy, a branded language that’s magnetic. It’s honest and innovative to get your ideal clientele to pay attention. Attention is the new currency, in today’s scrolling obsessed, chaotic and confused world. 

Together we identify what truly matters to you, it’s why private mentoring sessions work best. Collaborative conversations, wrapped in live experiences; express a vulnerability  and style all your own. Word branding that is tailor made to fit your personality; the true self, which becomes a cornerstone of your personal brand.

Creating a successful business begins with knowing your heart’s desire. It’s an inner-guided approach. The focus is on impact and influence, using my proprietary word-therapy process The Well-Spoken Brand. I developed it to clearly expresses your true calling; real, authentic, unapologetically you. What you’re here to manifest. We then align your brand breakthroughs with strategy goals and action steps.

It’s an exciting new way for those who are passionate about planning, and mapping out a personalized roadmap to begin anew – it’s unabashedly you!

From Trendy Buzzwords to Words That Start Movements

I used to use trendy buzzwords to get clients in major news outlets: Travel & Leisure, Conde Nast Travelers, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, The New Work Times... Today, I offer clients word branding to help them start movements.


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Private Mentoring A Sneak Peek

Each session is highly curated. I use a powerful tool that I’ve developed to navigate my own tsunami: spiritual personality typing. It’s personality typing, guided by your spirit-mind; inner knowing, that leads you to your true calling.

Here’s what to expect:

Reconnection with a healthy and balanced personality type.

Get clear on how specific cognitive functions can be the cause of self-limiting beliefs.

Learn how to create from your inner guidance system. 

An intro into spiritual personality typing; a soul-led typology, a roadmap to your true self.

You’ll begin to understand how cognitive functions can hold onto old wounds that keep you stuck.

We identify the who of who you really are so you can take giant leaps forward in life.

Bringing Your Boldest Ideas to Life.

Your past experiences will become apparent for what they are: lighthouses for personal growth.

I share my liberating life lessons that may shed light on your own situation.

When you let your spirit mind lead your logical mind, your unique gifts come to life. Get excited as new beginnings are inevitable.

Spiritual personality typing focuses on the soul’s role in your life, using practical tools to foster an intuitive approach to your business.

I’m incredibly excited to work with savvy business owners to coax their expansive visions and potent ideologies from within – into the world. It’s a transformative experience.

P.S. Meet Oliver, my rescue poodle and best co-worker ever! 

How It Works?

It starts with you

The key to becoming a soul-led business leader is linked to the true self, the core of WHO you really are. If you’ve not discovered your true Self, you are living from a false sense of self, a lost identity, which explains why you could be struggling with:

  • Attracting the right clientele for your business.

  • Generating magnetic messages that impact and influence.

  • Clarifying your messaging, so your words come to life; to engage your ideal clientele, vendors, and influencers.

When your work is developed through your true Self, it evolves into an exciting adventure. It opens your world to unforgettable people, endless growth, purposeful prosperity, and meaningful, soul-led leadership pursuits.  Connect for a free 10-minute call. Click the button below.

If you need trailblazing thinking, big breakthroughs, and reinvention consider the following:

  • Ask Me Anything, a call to answer a troubling question.  
  • Magic in Midlife: A 1:1 class to help you build a roadmap for your life’s next grandest adventure!
  • The Well-Spoken Brand is a 3 or 6-month, 1:1 intensive program where we map out your business strategy based exclusively on your true Self. The deliverables: a strategic business roadmap-über creativity, clarity, and confidence.


NOTE: Mentoring discussions always focus on your true self in business, in relationships, and, in life–what truly matters in life!

  • A look-see into your spiritual personal type; abilities, opportunities… Ask Me Anything be it personal, travel, or business archetyping. 
  • Unapologetically you. A collaborative mapping process where we develop a path that is decidedly your own. It puts the Magic in Midlife.

  • The Well-Spoken Brand is a roadmap filled with soul-led leadership tactics: philosophies, mission, values, and vision, that deeply reflect what truly matters – making a difference. 3 to 6 month intensives. 

It's Not Business As Usual!

lets start with a clarity call

A spirit-led business leader doesn’t operate according to business as usual. We’ve danced in the conventional business world. The patriarchal institutions, we found to be predictive, passive, and expected. We’ve climbed the corporate ladder, often supported by soullessness. And then wonder why we are uninspired! 

I offer highly collaborative mentorship programs. A dynamic interplay between us, where we learn by doing, failing, adapting, and succeeding. Moving beyond our wildest expectations. We eagerly step into the unknown the path where golden opportunities await.

Mentorships rely on spiritual personality typology, a soul-led approach to personality typing that incorporates the logical and spirit aspects of your personality type; who you really are.

It’s a fresh perspective, giving you an edge in today’s chaotic, ever-changing world. You become a spirit-led business leader like no other.  

You dare to dream big because you know who you are and where you’re going!  It’s an enlightening and rare experience, only a few achieve. You are a rare achiever!

In midlife, it becomes painfully obvious to surrender the oppressive ego and reflect on the deeper meaning of human existence. ― nina zapala

It takes courage to stand in your truth. To live by your values and trust yourself. To be a wayshower even when everyone laughs, ridicules, and rebuffs you. Chanel got laughed at, Steve Jobs got ridiculed… and being an unconventional ENTP, I got fired a lot. But what I now know is it takes courage to be yourself. To show up every day and continue your journey forward, no matter what or where you are in life.

If this sounds like you, know you have what it takes to be a master of passion, possibilities, and purposeful prosperity. All you need is a bit of direction to jump-start your journey.

Client testimonials

How to Discover Everything About Your True Self in 6 Chapters.

wondering if we’ll vibe?

I want to work with women in the middle who’ve tasted life, are wiser than most, and need a little nudge to capitalize on their full potential!

If you’re passionate about becoming who you truly are, let’s do this.

  • As a certified Myers-Briggs® instructor, I can correctly identify your personality type…

  • I’m a straight-shooter, and honest. I expect you to do the work.

  • On the flip side, I deliver extraordinary results.  Working with me is life-changing. 


For those who want to create with heart & soul!

Cultivating spiritual personality typing is synonymous with embracing a true self lifestyle. It invites you to live unapologetically YOU in a world that tells you otherwise.

Defining a Roadmap to Your True Self

don't be a Statistic!

  • Statistics show that 85% of the population is unaware of who they really are…

  • Reports suggest that 60% of online personality tests are incorrect…

  • Psychology Today reports that 90% of us want to change ourselves…

How can you live your dreams if you don’t know who you are? You can’t.

Realize your personality type influences and impacts everything you do in life: relationships with self and others, career, travel,.. it’s a lifestyle indicator.

Celebrate You

You're not stereotypical or over simplistic!

  • You are so much more than an extrovert or an introvert. 
  • Please stop reading those horrifying personality type descriptions in the 4:4 box grids that are everywhere.
  • If you are online and see a post that says one type is better than another – keep scrolling – it’s a big fat lie.
  • Superficial or stereotypical typology is so yesterday.
  • Spiritual Personality Typing™️ is an evolving lifestyle: soul-centered, fed, and led, for today’s transformative times. 

Clients for Days

Retreat Hotelier, Lisa van Roode says... "Nina's wordplay makes AI green with envy."

  • It’s not just a pretty website: It’s the words you use that build your brand persona.
  • Living in alignment with your true self fosters a sense of contentment, joy, and clarity.
  • If your brand messaging doesn’t resonate, all is lost…
  • The scrolling stops when a reader reads what truly matters: applicable, impactful, and influential.
  • You won’t attract your ideal clients if you can’t express yourself. The law of attraction in action.

The One Thing… that

rolls into your: who, what, when, & why

  • Do you know the WHO of who you really are,
  • What it is that you do better than most,
  • When is your product/service needed the most
  • Why you do it,
This Is Your One Thing!

Live your truth

it will set you free

When you know who you are, confidence is inevitable…


When you live your truth, accountability is a natural side effect…


When you speak your truth you bring passion, purpose, and prosperity to the world. 


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It starts with a 1:1 session to understand a new paradigm; personality typing with a spiritual understanding. It is a modern-day theory that ignites the journey of self-discovery, in todays transformative times.

It’s the path to the true self. 


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ABOUT Tammy Petersen

Ms. Petersen is a serial entrepreneur who runs multi-million dollar enterprises. Yet she wanted to avoid past mistakes, and knew she was missing something, but what? 


Like many entrepreneurs, word branding wasn’t even on her radar. The funnels, social, ads, and content didn’t convey the values, the real story, and what she does best. Sales suffered.


A collaborative business mentoring process combined with a proprietary word branding process, the Well-Spoken Brand, helped build a foundational business strategy. Employing an authentic brand voice had a huge impact. In just three short months, Tammy tripled her bottom-line profits.

Thank God for Nina. She’s my-go-to business mentor. 

Are you ready to take your business to a whole new level?

It starts with making an appointment and answering a few questions. I’m eager to share my award-winning ways, creative and intuitive self with those who are committed and eager to take the next step and do the work. 

Mentoring Private Sessions With Nina

No matter which mentoring programs you opt for, understand that they are consistently grounded in my pioneering approach to typology: spiritual personality typing.

Every program serves as a wake-up call, prompting the initiation of a journey toward what truly matters. The depth and extent of this journey depend on you.

Embarking on an awakening journey is inherently a solitary walk, yet it doesn’t imply isolation. Together, we shed masks and transcend conventional thinking.

We delve into the harmonious interplay between your personality type—the (logical/physical mind) and your true self—the (spirit/nonphysical mind).

Defying external expectations you become the mapmaker of your life. You motto: Be unapologetically you. You give your life the attention it deserves. Cultivating a true self lifestyle helps you realize the magic of midlife, equipping you with a newfound ability to manifest whatever your heart desires. It’s a fresh path that leads to indescribable joy!

Payments Plans Are Available

Please note each mentoring program is exclusive to your wants and wishes. Mentoring programs offer an exquisite path to your true self – life-changing experiences.

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Are you ready to take your business to a whole new level?

I’m eager to share my award-winning ways and my innovative and intuitive self with those who are passionate about taking the next step and doing the work.