Unpack Your Personality in 2020: The Resolution for Self Growth

Unpack your personality in 2020 is a resolution for self-growth. Skip new year’s resolutions and learn how micro-moments of awareness can change your life. Sixteen personalities unpacked is the start of a journey to your truth. This new years resolution may be the most brilliant New Year’s resolution ever. Read on to learn more.

How many resolutions have you kept over the years? I can honestly say I’ve dropped more than I’ve kept. This post attempts to answer why personality typing is its own resolution for self-growth.

Unpack your personality in 2020 is a Roadmap for Personal Growth

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16 travel personalities a 2020 resolution that delivers a roadmap for self-growth

Psychology Today reported, “According to U.S. News & World Report, 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. What exactly goes wrong in this process. Many say resolutions are:

  • To vague,
  • Not enough understanding; what’s the why behind the resolution,
  • Do you truly know who you are,
  • Are resolutions relevant,
  • You’re not ready for a change.

I don’t know about you, but I think we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to craft new year’s goals, and then we try really hard to achieve them – a question to ponder.

Have you identified your genuine self to know what you really need for self-growth and self-acceptance?

In my opinion, this question is essential for keeping and achieving successful resolutions. Many of us will read a “tip list” for 2020 new year’s resolutions, get a few ideas, and think, hey, this one sounds good. I’ll try this new weight loss program? Well, what if this program doesn’t resonate with your personality type?

How Travel Triggers Can Inspire Self-Growth

With more than two decades in the travel industry, I’ve come to an understanding of travel. Planning a vacation is an exciting time. It’s fun to imagine and explore different vacation possibilities. We dream about places, cultures, and people. Why not use this excitement to fuel personal exploration, and unpack YOUR personality in 2020.

Travel triggers are gifts. They present you with micro-moments to pivot and inspire change and self-growth. Triggers are the soul’s voice urging you to see aspects of your personality that don’t align with who you want to be. Travel triggers can also be road trip saboteurs ⏤ causing stress, anxiety, overwhelming feelings, and even anger. 

Do you believe your thoughts can up-level your personality; your personal reality? Could you think a travel trigger can bring about possibilities for change? I believe travel triggers can bring about micro-moments of essential change.

Are Traditional Travel Activities Based on Borrowed Happiness?

alt="A dessert physical consumption vs. unpacking your personality for inner growth."
A Dessert – Physical Consumption vs. Unpacking Your Personality for Inner Growth

Do you agree that shopping, dining, exploring, and meeting new people spark a happiness surge? I see all of these activities as wonderful, but I also believe them to be borrowed moments, fleeting, without long-term impact.

What if you could use personality typing while on vacation to reveal aspects of yourself that you’d like to grow, change or let go of?

  • Would New Year’s resolutions become more relevant,
  • Understanding the WHY behind the change can make the goals clearer,
  • How understanding yourself offers opportunities for resolutions ideal for you,
  • Knowing the whys helps you become inspired by change, self-growth, self-acceptance, and self-awareness, leading you down a path of success.
Who said we ‘all’ have to follow a New Year’s Eve tradition?

Unpacking Your Personality Explores Life Stories, Beliefs, and Societal Influences

If you believe we are infinite beings, then reasoning would dictate there are endless personalities defined by life stories, societal influences, childhood patterning, and more. GOD (insert your belief here) doesn’t make mistakes. Can you imagine a world where we are all totally different with no connecting traits? CHAOS.

Typology experts have revealed enough similarities and threads in all human beings. These traits, when conscious, can bring about an understanding of:

  • Travel isms – your unique gifts and the magic you bring to the world,
  • Valuing and appreciating differences – yours and others,
  • Improved communications,
  • Travel triggers – your soul’s way of letting you know your our out of alignment with your authentic self,
  • Evolve as a person- self-growth,
  • Less judgy – self-awareness
  • Allowing the beautiful YOU to blossom – transformational,
  • More peaceful with self and others – self-acceptance


Of course, your resolutions may be more grounded in the physical; weight loss, start exercising, adopting a vegan diet… But I believe unless you’re connected to your true self, these things won’t manifest. Also, I think this is why 80% of all resolutions fail within a few months.

Unpack Your Personality in 2020

I hope that you find this new approach to personality typing inspiring. Unpacking your personality initiates micro-moments of change, a new awareness of self vs. pressure-induced resolutions that we know don’t work 80 percent of the time.

Understanding your personality is for those who are on a path of self-growth. I’m using Myers-Briggs® as the foundation and travel as the environment for transformation. It’s fun and unstuffy. I believe when we’re in a beautiful setting, we’re more relaxed and connected to our authentic selves, making change easier to digest.

Maybe this year, when you encounter a travel trigger, it will inspire you to make a resolution you can live with. When you put away your suitcases, you can smile, knowing a little, yet significant. Personal change has occurred—resolution success.

Join The Movement

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P.S. Happy New Year!



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