How to live joyfully from your true self is a mindshift offering untold opportunities. Why? Because joy is a spark of Divine Intelligence lit from within. You can easily experience this spark watching a beautiful sunset, strolling on a moonlit evening, or hiking on freshly fallen snow. Your joy rises and overcomes you, often taking your breath away. Ahh, breathe your powerful life force—it, too, rises from deep within to meet your joy!

Is there a difference between joy and happiness?


“You are joy looking for a way to express.”

Abraham Hicks


My take on happiness. It’s often centered around external things, ⏤ a new house, car, relationship, job, or things we think will make us happy. And it does, but the happiness is fleeting. The emotion tends to run high and then dip quickly. Many people would beg to differ with my opinion, yet it has been through my personal experience that I share these thoughts.

What I know for sure is if we live joyfully, our dreams, small or large, will come to pass. If we live in an ego-conditioned state full of unwanted old beliefs, values, and negative behaviors, our dreams drown in fear.


How To Live Joyfully Starts By Looking Within

The joy of Being is the joy of Being conscious,

Eckhart Tolle

Living joyfully starts by understanding the differences between a personal growth mindset and an ego-conditioned one. A personal growth mindset comes from a sacred space within versus an arrived-at ego-conditioned space. Let’s look at the differences:

Sacred Space

Your sacred space, hidden within, is where the gifts of your personality type meet your true self. The place where Divine Intelligence speaks to you. Living from this space isn’t about the hustle, the money, or the career goals.

It’s living from a place of stillness, simplicity, and servitude. Stillness is a practice that needs to be nurtured daily. It’s dedicating time to quiet the mind. And since we all have different personality types, this may not be meditation or even journaling. It could be walking, praying, sitting on a park bench feeding the squirrels, painting, or poetry.

The idea of stillness to disconnect from our chaotic, noisy world and the many voices that fill your head with distracting to-do-lists. Keep your practice simple, or the mind will become involved again. Meaning your personality becomes unbalanced.

Ego Conditioned Space

The ego conditioned space, a place of fear and untruths has been inherited from parents, siblings, friends, lovers, business associates, your country culture, and the Internet. We’ve accepted beliefs without question, assuming their true, when in reality, many of them are false. If you’re consistently stressed, full of anxiety, and overwhelmed, you’re likely to be living a fear-driven life. Your ego has taken control.

This happened to me, so what did I do? Buy more, drink more, do more, have more — it’s an exhausting circle that brings quick bursts of happiness, and then you deep dive and start all over. I was truly disconnected from my true self, blocking essential messages the Divine Intelligence was trying to share with me. And guess what, I didn’t know this at the time but my personality type was way out of wack.

Living Joyfully Isn’t Woo-Woo

When the mind is clear, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves,


Living joyfully isn’t woo-woo, and here’s why. When you practice stillness, your way of disconnecting from the world, is when the mind actually rests, and your heart begins to open. It’s subtle, but you can feel it because there is less resistance.

From a place of less resistance comes clarity. You will be able to hear/feel/intuit the voice of Divine Intelligence. From this place, you’ll make decisions that are Divinely guided instead of decisions that only serve the ego’s immediate needs. Needs that lead you right back to where you started. You wonder why do I keep on making the same mistakes. Why am I stuck? My life is always a mess.

Know the Divine Intelligence is working in our lives for our own good—this Intelligence desires all of us to have loving families, abundant, healthy lives. To live a purpose-filled life using our exquisite gifts to serve ourselves and the world at large, creating a Universe of peace, love, and joy.

How I Continue to Live Joyfully From My True Self

I’ve committed to joyful living. I don’t experience joy every day because I’m human, and life happens. Please don’t believe that once you find your true self, challenges and struggles become a thing of the past. This isn’t true. Yes, life becomes easier because you know yourself well enough to avoid the mistakes of the past. Or, you step into a challenge, but now you see them as success pathways, bringing you long-lasting joy.

I believe our personalities are assigned to us at birth to support our soul intentions. If a personality remains separated from the SoulSelf, your soul’s intentions can’t be revealed. This keeps your TrueSelf hidden, your joys buried, and your passion, purpose, and potential out of reach. The world is a bit more wobbly without you. More details to come in my soon-to-be-released book the Soul’s Role in Personality Typing©️, which focuses on the theory of personality typing with a spiritual understanding.

Recap: How to Live Joyfully From Your True Self

It’s Always Been You – You Are The Joy You’ve Been Looking For.

Nina Zapala

A quick recap of today’s post on how to live joyfully from your true self:

– Ask yourself are you desiring joy or happiness. I believe there is a difference between the two. Both are good. One is more external, happiness, while another is more internal, joyful,

– Are you living from a scared space of stillness or do you live in an ego-conditioned space,

– Living joyfully isn’t woo-woo. In fact, when you live from a joyful space, you’re connecting directly to Divine Intelligence. You come from a place of clarity, purpose-driven decisions, to support your soul’s intention while using the gifts of your personality type,

– The best way I know how to live joyfully is through an intimate relationship with my personality type and my TrueSelf, the absolute truth of who I am. Once you realize your personality type is the external mirror of your soul’s intentions – its the personality’s outward expression of the soul, your whole life begins to change,

– Building a collaborative relationship with your personality type and soul self for joyful living doesn’t mean you won’t have challenges, life struggles, and fear-based emotions. What it does mean is you’ll see these things as pathways of growth and success.

Are You Ready For A New Paradigm in Personality Typing

Once you realize your personality type is the external mirror of your soul’s intentions – it’s the personality’s outward expression of the soul, your whole life begins to change.

Excerpt From My Soon to Be Published Book: Soul’s Role in Persnality Typing©️

I hope, “How to Tap Into Your Divinely Inspired Personality Type” is resonating with you. I’m passionate about introducing the idea of spirituality; the role of the soul as a component of personality typing. It took me many years to develop a relationship with my Divinely Inspired personality. I did the work (I’m still doing it) to move beyond my untruth to get to my True Self. To live from authentic me. The challenges were seemingly relentless, yet it’s been worth it.

Today, I’ve built an unshakable foundation. And when you add-in a stillness practice, and there is no other way to go but up. Days become full of joy. You exude self-confidence and feel empowered to take on whatever life throws at you. Making decisions is easier because you know exactly who you are, what you like and don’t. You’re ready to step into another transformative day with a boatload of clarity.

Let’s Get to Know One Other

I look forward to building a community of women who are looking to rediscover their TrueSelf. Truth Seekers, if you will, wanting to grow and learn more about their Divinely Inspired personality type and how it influences you every day; in relationships, parenting, travel fashion, etc. The idea is to fully understand your True Self, the self the Divine wants you to be. Then, it’s time to enjoy your gifts and genius, and most importantly, to bring your unique messages and mission to the world. I’m up for whatever it takes to make this happen. 

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Contact me if you desire a personal guidance session to identify your personality type. I would be honored to know you and help you see why your Divinely Inspired personality type is essential to living a joyful, peaceful, fulfilled life. A life built on a foundation of your TrueSelf, your truth. Note: I’m a certified Myers-Briggs instructor with an intuitive side and ready to introduce spirituality into personality typing.

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