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Here’s my story? A midlife tsunami helped me pioneer a new personality paradigm, personality typing with a spiritual focus: Spiritual Personality Typing™️. Here’s how Spiritual Personality Typing™️ works. It’s a method that uses the psychology of you (Myers-Briggs®), spirituality (aligned with you) and travel (places that connect you to you). My debut book is a 101 guide to this revolutionary personality tool that shows you how to use all of the tools in your personality type, with a spiritual tune-up to keep you centered upon your wise intuitive knowings that are never wrong. Think of these intuitive knowings as an individualistic fingerprint that were designed with your life mission in mind. It knows you far beyond the logical mind. It is the path to success. Whatever you imagine your success to be.

This pioneering personality paradigm was a result of the  tsunami that hit the shores of my life. It had me walking away from my old life of burnout, endless anxiety and  hustle. Yes, I had an award-winning luxury, travel career, but I felt empty. I was constantly trying to meet everyone else’s expectations while ignoring mine. A nod to Dr. Brené Brown who so  wisely remarked, challenging, real-life experiences will ultimately make you fail brilliantly. My tsunami was the result of a lack of clarity around my values and beliefs. I had no clue about who I really was. A storm that made me to rethink, reimagine and reinvent my life. I had to experience the breakdown to get to the breakthrough. A detour that helped me develop my true calling; Spiritual Personality Typing™️. It was during this journey that I filled many journals, which later led me to write my debut book, Unpack Your Personality. 

Spiritual Personality Typing™️ is a fast track to help you live a true self-lifestyle. If you’re not authentic in your life, you can’t be authentic in your relationships, business and most importantly with yourself! It’s my deepest desire to help women everywhere be unapologetically true to themselves. To show up unabashedly  and exquisitely, YOU. 

My debut book, Unpack Your Personality, is kick-starting this new movement. It teaches us how to live our truth using personality typing as a sacred tool to support our Divine inner spark. When we are open to its wisdom, it can then fully express itself in our reality. 

Think of the book as a Ph.D. in self-discovery offering a roadmap to the true self. It helps women unpack their baggage: false beliefs, fears, and failures. These experiences attract more of the same if you don’t address them, forgive yourself, and surrender. Travel is one of the most productive and fastest ways to unpack your stuff. Why? Because sometimes you need a break from your daily reality to see yourself, anew. If you’re asking, who am I? How did I get here? What do I do now? You’re in the right place. 

nina zapala 

My Wake Up Call

As I navigated a relentless life tsunami, wisdom arose through liberating self-experiences, lessons, and insights from hundreds of women travelers around the world. What I learned was shocking. It affirmed my own feelings, that we as women often take a backseat in our lives. So many of us wonder,  Do I like who’ve I become? What’s my life about? Who am I? … I’m at a life crossroads and don’t have a clue.

As I began to question society’s promises I found them to be soulless and empty, always asking for more than I had to give. UGH! Although I loved my award-winning travel career, helping destination marketing organizations and hoteliers identify their brand personas, a new questioning energy was emerging–stirring my soul. It made me realize that travel had become part of the self-serving collective, where material gain takes precedence over people, places, and Mother Earth. A truth that showed me the path I was on was no longer in alignment with who I was becoming. 

After years of working on myself, taking responsibility for my role in my messy life, and utilizing the tools of spiritual personality typing, I managed to navigate through my tsunami to the other side of new beginnings. For me, it turned out to be a pioneering new personality paradigm, a book, and a true self, lifestyle. Things that truly matter to me — regardless of the roaring chaos of the external world. 

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

impact and influence – it’s a true self-life!

Today, through my debut book, Unpack Your Personality, I share a modern-day approach to typology, spiritual personality typing – a soul-focused approach to Myers-Briggs®. You’ll discover why travel is one of the best, and fastest ways to understand yourself. It’s therapeutically refreshing for body, mind, and soul!

Dedicated chapters spotlight your unique travel persona, threaded with spiritual insights, along with tips on places to stay, play, and visit, with a twist. It reveals the illusions of consumptive travel while exploring the benefits of intentional travel to encourage awakening, life-changing journeys that empower the true self.

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Become Unapologetically You!


to your true self– it’s your life purpose…




what truly matters in life.

“What Truly Matters

In addition to her expertise in personality typing, Nina also understands their impact and influence on business and in life. Nina helped me get clear about a custom coaching system that will be a part of my retreats and work going forward. She helped me create a brand wordbank, and many other practices that I still use to this day.” 

Ayesha Ophelia, spiritual coach.

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“Just What I Needed

It was just what I needed. I’m excited to move on with blind spots resolved.

Judith Wilms, bestselling author, TEDx talk.

Why you matter

From my mid-twenties to mid-life, I had no idea who I was. What I was really good at was negative self-talk, doubt, unworthiness, and a total lack of knowing my true self. Here I was, presented with an award only three people in the world win annually. Still, I felt unfulfilled.

Women travelers from all over the world felt the same. Hard-charging moms, whip-smart CEOs, and trailblazing entrepreneurs. We all had something in common: feeling empty, unfulfilled, and detached from ourselves.

In these moments, I knew things had to change for me and for women just like you! A burning desire emerged, I wanted to figure out what truly matters in life! And since I didn’t know how, I was going to figure it out.

I figured it out, and birthed Spiritual Personality Typing™️ – typology with spiritual know how. It’s what I used to  navigate the journey back to my “truest” self. A place of peace, knowingness, and a stick-to-itiveness to impact and influence from love. What truly matters!

I can show you how.

Tools For A New Way Embrace a Wrong Turn

let it be a time of reinvention

My life’s liberating lessons helped me embrace many new detours as I discovered a new way; Myers-Briggs® Takes a spiritual detour. I’m tired of doing what’s expected, with the same unfulfilling results. Are you?

It’s time to rise up. To share our hard-earned wisdom. To do what we came here to do! You’ve got this. I’m just here to guide you using soul-driven personality typing: spirit minded, thoughtfully expansive and designed  with you in mind.  

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