7 Great Books to Help You Understand Personality Typing

Do you have a deep desire to learn more about Who you really are? These 7 great books on personality typing will help you understand yourself a whole lot better. It’s summer what better time to dive in and read a good book? Better yet, why not read a good book with life-changing energies behind it.

For the past decade, I’ve been reading every book possible on personality typing. During my Myers-Briggs® certification process, I read many books and textbooks, some good, and others, the psycho-babble makes them “meh.”

The books I’ve chosen below are my go-to favorites when working with private clients. Private client’s you say? If you desire to gift yourself an hour of invaluable wisdom, plus a bespoke, soul session guidebook, now’s the time.

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If you’re busy getting ready to leave town for a fun summer getaway, no worries, click here to get the Cliff Notes. or enjoy the video below. On the other hand, if you’ve devoted time to read the blog, have a journal or a digital notetaker handy. As you read, take notes on the books that resonate with your personality type.

7 Great Books to Help You Understand Personality Typing

1. Please Understand Me/Please Understand Me II

Author: David Keirsey 

Why read it? It’s an informative read on personality. Please Understand Me was one of the first books to popularize the personality theory of Briggs and Myers and contains some of the best type descriptions around this theory. The book managed to sell nearly two million copies in its first 20 years of publication despite being advertised only by word of mouth, which speaks volumes about its quality.

What I love about the book is it relates theories around temperament and character. I found it fascinating as Keirsey found a way to relate personality types to historical and mythological perspectives. This in itself is like getting a type-theory hug. It allows you to imagine through other great minds that have become before you. It begs the question, how will you leave your mark in history. Additionally, the descriptions of the four temperaments (ST Guardians, SF Artisans, NF Idealists, and NT Rationals) are clearly defined; without a lot of psycho-babble — refreshingly, so

2. Gifts Differing

AuthorIsabel Briggs Myers and Peter Myers

Why it’s a must-read: If you like your personality theory straight from one of the most popular creators of type theory, then this book’s for you. In Gifts Differing, Isabel Briggs Myers serves up some pretty compelling text on how the Myers-Briggs personality theory actually works, opening a fascinating window into the world of personality typology. A thorough but easy read. This book is passionate and heart-centered, reflecting the wisdom of a woman who dedicated her entire life to her work. The depth and breadth of the work are for those in need of positive self-awareness or an upbeat view of the world. This read will make you want to hug yourself!

3. Type Talk: The 16 Personality Types That Determine How We Live, Love, and Work 

Authors: Otto Kroeger and and Janet M Thuesen

A lifestyle approach to typing: The book was first published in 1988, and I love the homespun aspects. They wrote a book about people and life. They also tapped into the knowledge of Katharine Myers and Peter Briggs Myers, who supported the book and helped bring it to life. If you’re looking for an easy read with a low measure of psycho-babble, this could be the one. It’s interesting, and the information is practical. I strongly suggest this book be added to your shelves either digitally or in print.

4. Personality Hacker: Harness the Power of Your Personality Type to Transform Your Work, Relationships, and Life.

Authors: Joel Mark Witt and Antonia Dodge

A modern read: Why I think this book is worth the investment is it’s refreshingly modern. I resonate with their ideology of not just knowing typology for a career aspect but a place of loving yourself. Oh-so-essential. They also talk about today’s world and information overload, which I call choice paralysis. Thank you, Google, for that new neuroticism. The book also includes a test, reflection exercises, and more. It’s a wise choice if you desire to know yourself and how you fit into today’s modern world.

5. Personality Type

Author: Lenore Thomson

A Practical Read: Every personality type theorist will have a different take on type theory. It’s their personality type in action. David Keirsey talks in terms of behavior, and Isabel Briggs Myers analyzes the mindset behind the behavior. At the same time, Thomson focuses on the cognitive stack associated with the 16 personality types and takes our understanding of the four-letter personality code to a whole new level.

Are you new to the term cognitive functions? In the most simplistic understanding, the idea here is that we have specific modes of processing information and making decisions based on our four-letter type. These modes are known as cognitive functions. Each type possesses four (out of a possible eight) cognitive functions in a specific order, known as a stack. The functions are: Extroverted Intuition (Ne)/ Introverted Intuition (Ni); Extroverted Sensing (Se)/ Introverted Sensing (Si); Extroverted Feeling (Fe) / Introverted Feeling (Fi); and Extroverted Thinking (Te) / Introverted Thinking (Ti). The ENTP stack, for example, is Ne, Ti, Fe, Si.

To break a stereotype here, I recommend you identifying functions and in what order, as this determines a four-letter type, not the other way around. In essence, we’re reaching deep into the Jungian psychology that sits behind the popular personality test. Sound complicated? It is, but Thomson does a remarkable job of keeping things clear. It’s recommended if you are at all interested in the “why” behind typology.

6. Reading People: How Seeing the World Through the Lens of Personality Changes Everything

Author: Anne Bogel

It’s Refreshingly Simple, yet Profound: This book was an impulse purchase, but I’m so happy that I picked it up. It’s refreshingly simple yet profound. It looks at typing from compassion, typing not as a label, from a love perspective, and more. But, what I love the most she looks at personality changes versus behavioral changes. Huge, Huge, Huge difference. And for those of you who read this blog, you know, I don’t associate the word change with personality typing. It’s a mere 211 pages a beach read for sure!

7. The Five Levels of Attachment

Author: Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

Spirituality, hello: Of course, you knew I had to offer one book on spirituality. Hell, it’s the basis of my work—personality typing, with a spiritual understanding. Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr., like his father, he’s a genius. One of my favorite chapters in the book; Level One, the Authentic Self. Yes, I love it because it mirrors what I speak of discovering your TrueSelf. Ruiz uses the traditions of Toltec wisdom, which is profound, to say the least.

I use the potential of three new personality paradigms to discover the gifts of the TrueSelf; the truth of who you are. Ok, back to the book and why I highly recommend it. False attachments keep us stuck in the Matrix of fear-based living. It’s about letting go of beliefs that no longer serve us so that we can discover our TrueSelves. False beliefs are often found in inherited values and behaviors. Click here for my top 50 books on spirituality.

Recap: 7 Great Books to Help You Understand Personality Typing

So dear readers, this recap will be short and sweet.

– Skip the romance novel and instead pick up a book on personality typing; it may transform your life,

– A list of the 7 great books to help you understand personality typing,

– The importance of acceptance in regards to personality typing and your TrueSelf

– A clickable link to my top 50 spiritual reads.

Want to Learn More About the Soul’s Role in Personality Typing

I hope you found “Couples: How to Avoid Ugly Fighting While On Vacation” eye-opening. I’m doing a happy dance if you said yes. You see, I’m passionate about introducing the idea of spiritual understanding as a component of personality typing. 

While the career personality type of the 1950s model is fantastic, as we awaken to our spiritual needs, we must incorporate the gifts of a healthy personality type to align with our signature, Soul Self. When we do this, we express our soul’s intentions through our personality, taking inspired action in all we do. As a result, we show up in the world with great clarity, full of joy, passion, and purpose.

Ready to Release Struggle? 

Are you experiencing a divorce, a career change, entering into an empty nest season? These are times when critical decision-making skills are needed. It’s not the time to rely solely on another’s opinion. If you do, then they become the author of your impending new life. 

If you want to write your next chapter, you need to be fully in charge and capable of seeing yourself from your True Self. This season in life is often challenging, and it’s why I included the journal prompts above. I hope they nourish the seeds of your personality’s truth.

You Are Not Alone

Are these questions ruminating in your mind; “Who Am I?” “How Do I Fit Into The World?” “Why Am I Here?” “What About My Dreams and Desires?” Know you are not alone 97% of people desire to know themselves better?

Here’s the thing, 97% want to change, but many of us don’t know how to find ourselves, our truth, and we often live a life based upon untruths. So I want to help you discover your True Self, the WHO of who you really are.

I’m also here for you to walk you through the pain of divorce, career disruptions, and the empty nest phase. To guide you into creating a life beyond your wildest dreams. Are you ready to identify your spiritually inspired personality type to bring about clarity, courage, and confidence? If so, get ready to share your most joyful, passionate, and juicy self with the world.

More About a Relevant New Way to Engage Your Beautiful Personality Type?

Let me introduce you to the Soul’s Role In Personality Typing©️. It’s personality typing with a spiritual understanding. I want to help you cultivate the garden of the True Self. It starts with planting the seeds of your truth, nurturing them, being supportive and loving to yourself. It’s time to live a beautiful life, one that’s in full bloom, colorful, and that brings joy to you and all who encounter you.

How, you ask?

I provide resources using your personality type traits infused with spiritual know-how to help you clarify who you really are, which leads to enlightened living, chock full of meaning and fulfillment.

I want you to join the 3%’ers community. It’s for those who want to be clear about who they really are; live a dream life on their own terms and in unique ways; their ways.

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Note: I’m a certified Myers-Briggs® instructor with an intuitive side and ready to introduce you to a new paradigm in personality typing supported by a spiritual understanding.

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It’s Time to Discover; The Soul’s Role in Personality Typing ©️ – Nina Zapala, a Curious Type, ENTP.

It’s Time to Discover; The Soul’s Role in Personality Typing ©️ – Nina Zapala, a Curious Type, ENTP.

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