Many Reasons To Be Grateful For Your Personality Type?

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Many reasons to be grateful for your personality type a post about how fabulous you are. The time has come to awaken and see yourself from a new perspective. When you let your logical mind rely on your spiritual senses, you have access to the infinite possibilities available within. Remember who you are – a […]

Giving the Best Gift for Any Occasion

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Giving the best gift for any occasion isn’t really about the stuff. It’s about acceptance and understanding another’s differences. Isn’t that what we all truly desire? To be understood, seen, and accepted – being your true Self? We all crave this, and I believe it with all my heart. Yet only a few people have […]

A New Perception You’re More Than Your Personality


A new perception: you’re more than your personality type. What? No, I’m not crazy; here’s why. Your personality type is a set of traits, indicators, characteristics, attitudes, and behaviors – it’s how you show up in the world. Yes, of course, your personality type influences you. In fact, it infiltrates every aspect of your life. […]

How Anna Delvey’s Personality Type Impacts Her Life?

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How Anna Delvey’s personality type impacts her life? It’s a fascinating look at how fear-based traits can derail your life. Watching Inventing Anna, Anna appears to be a powerhouse with nerves of steel. I loved how she marched right up to the billionaire tech mogul, Henrick Knight, played by Joshua Malina … balls to the wall, […]

How To Find Yourself Through Spiritual Personality Typing?

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How to find yourself through spiritual personality typing is a big question with a four-word answer. Understand your personality type. Easy-peasy right? Well, yes, and no. The world isn’t easy-peasy. It’s changing rapidly. It’s chaotic, and what worked yesterday doesn’t work today. Our transitioning world is causing eight out of ten Americans to be anxious, […]

How Personality Triggers Inspire Personal Growth on Vacation?

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How do personality triggers inspire personal growth on vacation? Let’s face it; you pack your personality (healthy or unhealthy) right along with the sunnies and the sunscreen. So it’s reasonable to assume your personality may get triggered on vacation. Personality triggers are emotionally charged traits with low vibrational energy; they are unhealthy traits. Honestly, emotional […]

Celebrate Freedom and Truth In Being You this July 4th

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Celebrate freedom and truth in being you this July 4th speaks to the idea of truly knowing yourself to bring about the unimaginable freedom of being yourself. Many of us experience times of clarity, truth, and freedom in our lives, yet other times we deny who we are. We ignore the signs from Divine Intelligence […]