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Hi I'm Nina

Over the past decade, I’ve helped corporations, hotels, and small businesses establish and nurture their PR and brand identities. Yet, despite the awards, accolades, and titles, I felt empty and discontent. I had strayed from my true calling and lost sight of who I was. UGH.

Ten years ago, I began to question my life. Questions that helped me make different decisions. Decisions that were challenging, yet uber transformative. Little did I know, these challenging times would lead me to map out a brand new, magical midlife journey. During this phase of reinventing, I developed personality typing with a spiritual understanding: Spiritual Personality Typing. Which then led to my debut book: “Unpack Your Personality: Let Your Inner Guide Be Your Travel Guide.” Today, my mission is to guide women everywhere to realize the importance of embracing their sacred truth and living unapologetically, free from fear, shame, or the need to please…well, you know, all the stuff that keeps us stuck.

Spiritual Personality Typing™️ offers a trailblazing approach beyond the patriarchal 1940s typology. It’s a roadmap that’s fueled by Divine Intelligence, allowing your true Self to take center stage. You’ll come to know your personality as an expression of your Divine spark within, your sacred spirit guide.

I assure you that your life will transform into an enchanting playground, brimming with serendipitous moments, miracles, and magic. An abundance of goodness – all intricately crafted with your well-being in mind. So you can lead a life that truly matters.

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Be Unmistakable 16 Personality Types. Eight Million People. What's Your Story?

Spiritual Personality Typing is a calling to find a path that is exquisitely yours. It’s for those that desire to be their “truest” selves in work, on the road and in life. It’s inspired living. Full of purpose, meaning and the freedom to be unapologetically you!

Begin the journey of discovering this transformative spirit-fed paradigm. Typing that inspires conscious living based on awareness and self-discovery.  Unconventional, and life-changing.🕊

Enjoy a life well lived. Rich with spirit, soul, and story.  I welcome you.