Introducing Personality Typing With A Spiritual Understanding

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My work provides a radically different perspective on 1940s typology through Spiritual Personality Typing™️. I introduce a paradigm anchored in the belief that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. And, we choose our personalities based on our soul’s mission. Spiritual Personality Typing is a real-world application going beyond teaching. It’s a tool I used to successfully navigate my life’s tsunami. One I know use to help other women do the same.

It combines psychology (of you), spirituality (which aligns with you) and travel (places that connect you to yourself) to create a breakthrough personality paradigm. Facing my false beliefs and doing the work helped me break free of my life challenges. Work that led to finding my true calling; Spiritual Personality Typing and writing a book: Unpack Your Personality.

I want women everywhere to have what I didn’t: a personalized roadmap to reimagining their lives without chaos and confusion. It’s a soulful reawakening to an unapologetically renewed you! How will your breakthrough lead you to where you want to go? Let’s find out. Visit my Calendly page to book a free consultation or choose what’s calling you.

Are you feeling lost, overwhelmed and struggling in life? If you’re ready to do the work, take responsibility for your life and make the necessary changes, my free  blog, or my $25 book are inexpensive tools to kick start a self-awareness journey.

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Why Myers-Briggs®?

Studying under master spiritual psychologist Dr. Nix, I found Myers-Briggs® to be adaptable, versatile, and increasingly expansive as you integrate spirituality and gain self-awareness.

What didn’t resonate was the 1940s patriarchal energy that failed to recognize the vital concept that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. It’s why I’m putting the soul back in typology.

Real-world experiences and years of research showed me a different way. I was guided by the discoveries of ancient philosophers realizing that we exist as both human beings—logical and physical—and spiritual beings—spiritually minded and nonphysical. Our purpose here is to become holistic. To build the bridge between the physical and nonphysical. We must let our spirit (higher consciousness) guide us as we navigate our reality.

I am thrilled to present this refreshingly new spiritually-focused approach to personality typing. It offers an empowering process for you to delve into and better understand yourself, regardless of where you are on your life’s journey.

Hi I'm Nina

Over the past decade, I’ve helped corporations, hotels, and small businesses establish and nurture their PR and brand identities. Yet, despite the awards, accolades, and titles, I felt empty and discontent. I had strayed from my true calling and lost sight of who I was. UGH.

Ten years ago, I began to question my life. Questions that helped me make different decisions. Decisions that were challenging, yet uber transformative. Little did I know, these challenging times would lead me to map out a brand new, magical midlife journey. During this phase of reinventing, I developed personality typing with a spiritual understanding: Spiritual Personality Typing. Which then led to my debut book: “Unpack Your Personality: Let Your Inner Guide Be Your Travel Guide.” Today, my mission is to guide women everywhere to realize the importance of embracing their sacred truth and living unapologetically, free from fear, shame, or the need to please…well, you know, all the stuff that keeps us stuck.

Spiritual Personality Typing™️ offers a trailblazing approach beyond the patriarchal 1940s typology. It’s a roadmap that’s fueled by Divine Intelligence, allowing your true Self to take center stage. You’ll come to know your personality as an expression of your Divine spark within, your sacred spirit guide.

I assure you that your life will transform into an enchanting playground, brimming with serendipitous moments, miracles, and magic. An abundance of goodness – all intricately crafted with your well-being in mind. So you can lead a life that truly matters.

It's So Not 1940s Typology It's Spiritual Personality Typing

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My experience working with Nina was like working with my fairy godmother. Her knowledge and wisdom proved invaluable in authentically communicating my brand — Joyce Knoll, Breakthrough Journeys. 

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