How To Use Travel Personality Typing To Go Within To Find You!

How to use travel personality typing to go within to find YOU. It’s a new paradigm in travel and personality typing. Knowing your travel personality can turn an ordinary vacation into an extraordinary adventure for the mind, body, and soul.

Are you asking if you have a travel personality?

Funny You Should Ask About Your Travel Personality?

Everyone on the planet has a distinct travel persona. Travel personality typing hasn’t been a topic of discussion so far, but it’s my desire to bring it to the world. I believe an understanding of your specific travel type will help you experience happier and more meaningful vacations. I also believe you’ll return home all the richer in your relationships, and your soul-self will have expanded.

This new approach to travel brings awareness of personal traits that create stress, embarrassing moments, and frustration while also tapping into traits that benefit travel situations. My goal is to help travelers learn more about their genuine personality characteristics and apply these wonderful individual traits to travel. I’ve developed this new travel paradigm by adapting the 16 Myers-Briggs Type Indicators®  into 16  travel personalities.

How My Obsession with Travel Personality Typing Started

For the past decade, I’ve been studying Myers-Briggs® Typing – heck, I even got certified as an instructor. For more than two decades, travel has been my livelihood, and, like most inventions, I saw gaps in the travel landscape which shaped the idea of travel personality typing to personalize the way we travel.

Trave lingers in me and then blooms in unexpected ways. It’s given me a profound and spiritual respect for Mother Nature. It has opened my heart to people, places, friendships, and the many gifts that present themselves within a city, state, or country. It’s made me savor the beauty and wonder in awe beyond the superficial “more” that I used to find so alluring.

My two decades in travel have chiseled indelible memories while inspiring this new travel paradigm: Purposeful. Transformational. Meaningful. I also have a burning desire to help travelers who yearn for trips that bring more self-awareness, gratitude, and soulful adventures.

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What is a Travel Personality Typing?

Do unnoticed natural tendencies shape the way you travel? Trust me, they do. For instance, does browsing silently through a museum and marveling at works of art leave you fulfilled and happier? How about attending a music festival? Do you become invigorated by the sights, sounds, and crowds, or do you want to crawl into a hole? Do you feel fabulous that you organized a wonderful family vacation down to the smallest details, or would you rather wing it? These simple acts are the fabric of your travel personality. The question is do we take notice of them?

This blog has turned into a learning library. A fountain of information on the topic of spiritual personality typing, travel is a huge aspect of this new typology theory, so I’ve dedicated a great many posts on the topic. Search travel and browse until your heart’s content.

Travel personality typing unveils your unique soul stirrings. You learn what you love and what you don’t. It helps you understand your inner travel guide. The one thing you need to know is everyone has a travel personality type. A new understanding that allows you to learn about yourself while also discovering travel personality traits of your better half, children, parents, friends, and business travel associates.

Wanna Learn More?

Gettin’ a bit clinical here, so hang on. The Myers-Briggs® Personality Type Indicator is simply a personality sorter. It identifies a person’s personality type, strengths, and weaknesses. To arrive at your type, you answer a bunch of multiple-choice questions based on a questionnaire developed by Isabel Myers and her mother, Katherine Briggs. This mother-daughter duo based their work on Carl Jung’s theory of personality types.

Stop. Breathe.

Just a little bit more. Many say Myers-Briggs® it’s a pile of poo, yet the Wall Street Journal reports more than 2.1 million people in the U.S. complete the Myers-Briggs® test annually; 80 countries use it in the workplace.

Simply put, this test is a tool used to identify how people see the world, take in information and make decisions. I’ve taken it a step further and applied it to spirituality and lifestyle – beyond the 1950 career typology which is prevalent.

Do you prefer a road trip, to fly, or travel by train? Where do you like to travel? Learn why group travel may derail you or excite you. Does it drive you crazy that your other half always wants to book the same resort year after year because all you want to do is explore non-stop?

Part of my mission is to not only unveil your travel perks but those pesky travel triggers to reduce arguments and stress and shine the light on the perks that are able to benefit everyone in your travel party.

Stay tuned

I will continue to learn as I do. I will review and update the fundamentals of travel typing so travelers who want to learn more about their unique travel personality types can do so and use what they learn on their next vacation.

If you desire more meaningful and rewarding travel experiences, enjoy your vacation, regardless of where or who you travel with; stay tuned. I can’t wait to hear how your travel personality type completely changes your adventures!

How to Avoid Travel Stress for Your Personality Type

How to avoid travel stress for your personality type? In today’s day and age of never-ending travel rules popping up daily around the world, it’s no wonder travel and stress are interrelated. Now is the best time to realize our stress buttons in an attempt to control what we know and deal with the rest as it arrives.

Travel should be a time of carefree, joy-filled days. To shake off the daily worries and step into moments of enlightenment, to bolster our mental health. No work or social media – ok, maybe a little, and less stress, please!

79% of Americans Believe Travel is Important to Their Mental Health and Well-Being. US Travel Organization

How To Avoid Travel Stress For Your Personality Type Cliff Notes?

Don’t have time to read How to Avoid Travel Stress for Your Personality Type? No worries, get the cliff notes here, or I’ve got you covered if you prefer videos. Check out my Pinterest story and Instagram reel, or go deep on YouTube as I share stuff not found here. The blog, along with these videos, is a mini masterclass. You’re Welcome! 😉

I’ve talked a great deal about my 7-year life tsunami and shared personal stories, the liberating lessons this life season has taught me, and how my lessons may be useful to you as journey through you’re own disruptive life seasons. These personal stories are only shared through Nina’s Newsletter – click here to join.

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Can I be Honest About Travel Stress For Your Personality Type?

In doing a bit of research for the article, I noticed a lot of stereotyping. So much of the travel industry is about putting you in a travel box. It’s about selling the latest destination, resort wear, and gear for an uber-trendy activity… In 2020 global tourism accounted for 4.7 trillion dollars, according to Statista. It’s an industry that wants to sell you something!

Do you feel bad about yourself when a destination or place to stay is touted as a must-visit, or a travel guru actively pushes an activity that stimulates thousands of social media chats, and none of it resonates with you? Are you thinking, if everyone’s loving it, why aren’t I?

Does this make you apprehensive because you feel like you don’t fit in?

Travel Stereotyping Adds to Apprehension

Here’s what you must realize. We all have different personality types, layered with life experiences, parental, cultural, and government influences which trickle into our travel choices. 

The thing is, all of this is external to who you really are. What you must understand is your spiritual personality type, if you let it, will guide you to the most ideal getaway for your type. Becoming fully aware of each of your traits is key to taking more meaningful vacations.

You must always realize we all have primary and secondary traits that define our decisions, and you’re travel partners do, too. Just knowing this and fully recognizing that everyone has faults and fabulousness –– will be a gigantic leap forward to enlightened sojourns.

Think for yourself and let others enjoy the privilege of doing so too.” ― Voltaire  French Enlightenment writer, historian, and philosopher.

What Stresses You Out?

Think back on personal vacation mishaps. Where were you? What was the situation? What caused the stress? Were you stressed, but no one else was? What were the physical or emotional symptoms that created anxiety?

Review the Stuff that Stresses You the Most and Answers These Questions: 

Have a journal handy to go through these questions before you hit the road. 

  1. Was the cause of stress something your couldn’t control (plans got canceled, schedules changed, or people didn’t show up)?
  2. Or was it something you control: I sacrificed myself to please everyone else?
  3. Who else was involved in the situation; a stranger, friend, or family member? If it was a total stranger, did they trigger you because of a differing cultural belief? If it was a friend or family member, has this happened before? Do you remember the who, what, when, and how the situation was resolved?
  4. Did you express your feelings of anxiety? Tip: What stresses you may not be a big deal for another personality type?
  5. What actions can you take to feel less stressed on vacation? Is it possible to remove yourself from the situation? Can you call a good friend who’s caring and calm? Maybe you should take a time-out moment; write down your feelings, go for a walk, a swim, or head back to the hotel. Explain your distress – plan or spontaneously enjoy a solo excursion. You’ll return a new person.  

Once You Know What Stress You –– How Will You Apply It? Will it Be Wisdom Gained or Knowledge Untamed? alt" Nina Zapala Spiritual Personality Logo"

Unpack Your Personality: A List of Vacation Stressors To Avoid With Your Type in Mind

Every personality is unique, so I can’t possibly create the perfect list –you’ll probably want to add a few things to the checklists. Remember, you’re a beautiful soul who knows yourself better than anyone. If you have a question, please put it in the comments below or connect here

Top Five Stress Hacks For Introverts

Grounded Travelers ( ISTJ)

  • When things get messy, you expect everyone to unpack and put things away, which might not always happen,
  • Deviating from a set schedule causes stress, 
  • Vague information doesn’t work for you, as you prefer specifics – directions, times, plans…
  • You don’t like to be rushed – slow travel is ideal
  • If others deny your needs, hear them out and compromise if need be,

Unassuming Travelers (ISFJs)

  • You’ll feel unappreciated when no one gives thanks for everything you did to plan the vacation,
  • Saying no is tricky; you want to please, but if you only say yes, you’ll never take your dream vacation,
  • Snap decisions don’t work for you, so don’t put yourself in these situations. If others demand a decision, tell them to make it without you or give you time to think things through,
  • You abhor repetitive incompetence and will let those who continually make mistakes know,
  • You can be sensitive when another blatantly dismisses you, understandably so, but read the situation – are they stressed, or are you taking it personally?

Insightful Travelers (INFJ)

  • You stress out when you feel unappreciated for making a difference – love yourself for knowing you did. Please realize your self-worth shouldn’t depend on someone else recognizing your genius,
  • Indecisiveness can dampen your vacation; you can quickly make a decision and take action; recognize everyone doesn’t work like you,
  • You don’t appreciate negative energy from others. Gently remind them you’re on vacation to relax, and if they could tone down the negativity, you’d appreciate it. If that doesn’t work, take a solo outing to keep your energy up,
  • Being around other travelers who are inflexible is stressful for you; speak up or go solo,
  • Ideas met with criticism cause you anxiety – choose your battles wisely. Is the argument worth fighting for, or is it your ego?  

Inventive Travelers (INTJ)

  • Disorganization causes anxiety. You expect everyone to clean up and put things away; if not, you get cranky,
  • When someone challenges your abilities, it irks you. There will always be challenges; pick your battles wisely,
  • Wandering here and there without an end goal is stressful – you like the security a schedule brings,
  • You’ll need a head-up if plans need to change, or else you’ll stress and make those around you unhappy,
  • Chatting about your feelings on vacation is anxiety-provoking, but sometimes people really wanna know,

Assuming Travelers (ISTP)

  • Being stressed causes you to overtly emote, becoming out of control, while others wonder, ” what just happened,”
  • Downtime is your friend and much needed to sort out the unending information you absorb. If you don’t take a time out, you’ll become exhausted and stressed,
  • You’re uber practical in hiccupy travel situations. You quickly figure things out, and it annoys you that others ignore your rationale,
  • People hovering over you and trying to control your every move is aggravating, you seek independence, not a babysitter, and you express your feelings – play nice,
  • Relaxing, and doing nothing, makes you cantankerous, so excuse yourself and enjoy a solo adventure.

Dream Travelers (ISFP)

  • Environments that overrule personal values will have you on edge,
  • Too much going on all at once brings overwhelm,
  • Feeling pressured, take a moment to breathe, then decide,
  • Dismissed feelings make you shut down and feel bad about yourself; speak up and make your feelings be heard –– I know easier said than done,
  • Rules that limit my freedom,

Seeking Travelers (INFP)

  • People that impose themselves on my individuality, will make me run the other way,
  • Too many schedules and plans are anxiety  provoking
  • Mundane tasks; packing, clean-up, cooking…
  • Critical responses or openly disrespecting your actions cause tension,
  • Shutting down another’s ideas without questioning them – is a result of unconscious communications

Stressors for INTP on Vacation?

  • Dismissing an analysis of a problem without rationale,
  • Non-stop socializing will have you retreating,
  • When others challenge well-researched opinions while reciting “buzz speak,” makes you wonky, recognize this is their opinion, not yours,
  • Constant interruptions are very disruptive,
  • Talking with people who don’t listen or those who are dismissive is very frustrating to you; you’ll shut down. 

Do not Compare, do not Measure. No Other Way is Like Yours. All other ways Deceive and Tempt You. You must fulfill the Way that is in You –– Carl Jung, founder of analytical psychology

Top Five Stress Hacks For Extroverts

Spirited Travelers (ESTP)

  • Inefficiency,
  • Disregarding the practical solutions, you’ve introduced,
  • Being alone for too long –– socializing with others fuels you,
  • Not being able to realize a travel goal after so much effort has been made,
  • Required planning for every moment of the vacation.

Playful Travelers (ESFP)

  • Not being appreciated for the hard work it took to make the vacation happen,
  • Dismissing how you feel, it hurts when others don’t understand,
  • Being restricted by too much scheduling and routines,
  • Being unable to change travel plans when something better comes along, 
  • Too many details and not enough freedom.

Versatile Travelers (ENFP)

  • Your travel mates are overly organized, which squashes your creativity,
  • Endless details, not enough flexibility,
  • People going through the motions without enthusiasm,
  • Forced to decide when not feeling ready,
  • A romantic partner that insists you follow their rules.

Inquisitive Travelers (ENTP)

  • Being told to do something that’s uninteresting or conventional,
  • Focusing too much on personal problems instead of enjoying the moment,
  • Your trip ideas aren’t respected or acknowledged,
  • Too many details, reservations, and schedules  
  • Not being able to explore on my own, to figure out the why of a place.

Dutiful Travelers (ESTJ)

  • Disregarding your established vacation rules,
  • Another whose dismissive of your analytical decisions without reason,
  • Traveling with others who are highly unorganized, indecisive, and inefficient,
  • Vacation plans that are out of control, constant changes,
  • When a commitment is unfulfilled, missed reservation or a no-show.

Attentive Travelers (ESFJ)

  • Disrupting harmony with drama, criticism, and negativity,
  • Lack of emotional support for a trip you’ve highly invested in,
  • Challenges a vacation strategy without offering additional solutions,
  • You’ve become frustrated and unintentionally mistreated another person,
  • Being left to your own devices for too long.

Harmonious Travelers (ENFJ)

  • Dealing with other procrastinators leads to disruption
  • Too much alone time, people are your muse,
  • Excessively critical travel mates,
  • Short-sided travel mates, who act quickly without thinking about long-term outcomes,
  • Harmony is disrupted because people don’t understand your feelings.

Assured Travelers ENTJ

  • Misinformation, inefficiency, and indecisiveness will have you frustrated to the max, 
  • Travel situations that are out of control, 
  • The inability to make decisions in a fast-moving travel situation, you need time to think things through,
  • To much me-time becomes stressful,
  • Travel companions who disregard decisions but don’t offer another.

Recap: How to Avoid Travel Stress for Your Personality Type

  • Why external messaging puts us all in a travel box, and realize how to climb out of the box,
  • What stresses you, #journalprompts,
  • Review the stuff that stresses you the most: Q&A’s to get you started,
  • Top five stress hacks for introverts
  • Top five stress hacks for extroverts

We travel, initially, to lose ourselves, and we travel next to find ourselves. Pico Iyer

More About Spiritual Personality Typing™️

I hope you found How to Avoid Travel Stress for Your Personality Type eye-opening. I’m here to share a new philosophy to get you excited about your personality type. I hope you begin to see your persona as a magical tool and realize its importance to a meaningful life.

Make understanding your personality type a priority. It’s one of the best relationships you can cultivate in this lifetime.

Of course, with all good things in life, if you do the work, take responsibility, and make personality typing with a spiritual understanding a daily ceremony. You begin to realize the two can’t exist without each other. The soul needs a healthy personality type to express itself and take Divinely inspired actions. This profound awakening moves you closer to your truth, unshackling you from a purposeless existence into a new reality of unlimited possibilities. You’ll be ready for any occasion, situation, or event – travel, relationships, career, and most importantly, a meaningful life.

I know this to be true because this is precisely how it is working in my life.

Join The Movement

Will you join me on this journey? I believe spiritual personality typing is Divinely timed. It’s a relevant new tool to assist those who aspire to ascend during the great awakening that we are all experiencing. . So let me ask, are you ready to learn more about who you really are? To illuminate your TrueSelf?

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