Travel Personality Typing: It’s a Good Thing for Travelers

Travel personality typing: it’s a good thing for travelers based on my experience and many years of trekking across the planet and talking to vacationers. I’ve been helping places, properties, people, and CEOs become more profitable for decades.

I’ve discovered that many people don’t experience joyous journeys along the way. And traveling seems to trigger the underlying cause of unhappiness which commonly gets swept under the carpet. With this new understanding, I’ve created a new paradigm in personality typing: personality typing with a spiritual understanding. A highly transformative theory that helps you leave behind old habits, patterns of behaviors, and limiting beliefs that squelch potential.

Why Travel Why Now?

Are you wondering why I’m using travel as a time to embrace this new theory? I believe travel is the best environment to connect to your eternal essence, the soul self, which ignites your spirit mind. What do I mean by this? Well, I believe we all have a rational and spirit mind. The rational mind relies on logic and the physical world, while the spirit mind relies on the unseen. The innate aspect of you that experiences gut instincts, serendipitous moments turn into million dollars deals, meeting your soul mate, leading you to the highest potential of you, without the shackles of the conditioned, limited self, driven by the rational mind. OK, breathe. It’s a lot to take in.

Travel Offers the Perfect Classroom

So, why do we travel? Are you trying to escape from the daily grind, a mundane life, an unfulfilling marriage, or a soul-sucking career? And just maybe the cursory selfies, overindulging, and the busyness of it all no longer bring you joy.

Plus, I believe the lessons learned during the pandemic have shown us all there is life beyond the cubicle. We’ve come to realize building another’s business while sacrificing our own lives isn’t going to cut it, and the Great Resignation is proof. Today, many of us are figuring out what’s important in life. Today, right now, no more time-wasting. You want to take steps that lead you down a path of transformation that you truly desire.

As we experienced during lockdowns, WTF, anyhoo Mother Nature experienced a reset. She began to recover from the throngs of people who wanted to travel to the “it” destination. Often governed by relentless advertising, editorial, or influencers. Please, I know I was once part of “the system.” Anywhoo, as Mother Nature experienced a stillness a lessening, she began to recover. Personality typing with a spiritual understanding follows this ethos; intentional getaways packed with moments of stillness and times of reflection.

Pre-pandemic and the Beautiful People I Meet Along the Way

Before the pandemic went into a complete rage, I had time to experience new places, people, crafts, cultures, etc. I wondered why so many travelers didn’t connect or appreciate what was right in front of them. What I found true for the vast majority was that they didn’t know themselves. Maybe that’s why so many are now on a post-pandemic self-development journey.

Funny enough these travelers were mirroring my lifestyle of fear-based living. I was controlled by the narrative, obedient to what was acceptable from cultural, societal, and country norms, that I didn’t have a clue about myself. A greater understanding came into play. When you don’t understand who you are, you can’t understand anybody else. And I find this is how the vast majority of us live! OMG!

Engaging with your soul’s mission is awakening to your gifts, while your life’s purpose is you sharing your best self with the world.  It’s your personality type in partnership with your soul self. It’s soul-centered travel!”

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My 7-year life tsunami won’t get into that here, but if you’re curious, click here. The liberating lessons moved me through relentless life challenges, teaching me to rely on the spirit mind, the eternal essence, the all-knowing soul self. It’s the most idyllic destination you’ll ever experience. A place of power and potential, the personification of the who, of who you really are. The hitch, you have to be open to the journey.

Traveling with intention, from the inside out, it’s the key to beginning the journey to you!

And The Reviews Are In Travel Personality Typing: It’s a Good Thing for Travelers

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Marilyn Ball – Her show Speaking of Travel is the Best. You have to LISTEN 🙂

A few comments from people who’ve worked with me to unpack their personality type with a full review of their travel personality profile:

  • An Organized Traveler (ESTJ). I’m intrigued by your concept. I found that I’m so tightly wound (and controlling) that I have to leave the country to relinquish some of my control. I might be a candidate for our podcast interview on this topic.” – Nancy Brown, Travel Consultant/Writer.
  • This is the coolest thing? I always knew I was an extrovert (The Enthusiastic Traveler (ENTP), but the other aspects of my travel personality really made me understand why I innately know what’s essential and can typically bring the family together when opposing views are causing friction:– Tammy Petersen, CEO, and Founder of, Wellness Marketing LTD.

Travel Personality Typing: It’s a Good Thing For Today’s Traveler

With an overwhelming number of travel sites where to stay, play and go ⏤ and name your price competition, it’s become a paralyzing exercise. It’s exactly why I believe knowing your personality type is exactly what you need to choose wisely if your goal is self-development. If the extent of your travel interests is price and popularity, that’s COOL, but I don’t think you’ll want to hang with this traveling tribe.

I’ve developed a brand new paradigm, Unpack Your Personality Type, to help travelers pick their ideal destination, travel with types who are encouraging and supportive, and help you set travel intentions for ideal outcomes. My desire is for you to enjoy your vacation beyond unbridled consumerism, superfluous selfies, and frenetic experiences.

We ALL have a travel personality, travel perks, and travel triggers. The more you understand yourself, the more you open up to unlimited possibilities, new ways of thinking, and new ideas to fuel meaningful travel and meaningful life.

Join The Movement

Will you join me on this journey? I believe spiritual personality typing is Divinely timed. It’s a relevant new tool to assist those who aspire to ascend during the great awakening that we are all experiencing. So let me ask, are you ready to learn more about who you really are – to illuminate your true self?

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