7 Simple How-To Joy Habits For Your Spiritual Personality Type

 7 simple how-to joy habits for your spiritual personality type are incredible practices for you to consider. You’ll find joy energy to be intoxicating as you begin to experience the habits listed below. May I suggest you start with one habit and then build upon whichever joy – feelings of goodness – resonate with your soulful personality type. 

Know, there is no right or wrong way.  Says me, the person who is a committed personality geek, hell bent on living a true self lifestyle, aka living from the REAL me. And never mind what the world says. Everyone has an opinion.  I say trust your gut, your beautiful inner guide within, and listen to what it tells you. Isn’t the point of it all to feel good?

When you feel good, you show-up in goodness.

It’s contagious.

It’s joyful living. 

You’ll be amazed at how other’s vibe with your joy consciousness. 

Remember, to do you!

Be who you really are.

Live your truth – your true self in action.


Everyday is a new opportunity to begin again. Remember, everyday is your birthday.- from; The Book of Joy, Lasting Happiness In an Ever Changing World.”  – The Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu


Joy Is A Fear Repellent Embrace It To Develop A Healthier Spiritual Personality Type

Joy negates fear and acts as a fear repellent.  It’s a highly conscious energy which knows no fear so it doesn’t attract it, nor can it be of it! Is this why some people don’t get stuck in the malaise of life? Have they committed to finding joy in the everyday? I truly believe that finding joy comes from facing fear. What I know for a sure is  joy is on the other side of the emotional traumas that we experience in life.

Trust me I’ve navigated this theory for years.

Experienced it.

Witnessed it.

Face it.

Today, it’s now an earned wisdom.

Click here to learn more about how I faced my fears

How many of us enter adulthood and overlook the daily pleasures in life? A quick joy pick-me-up could be looking out your window amazed by the seasons. Or give yourself a minute to observe the magic in candle gazing. It’s cathartic. 

Do you have a pet? 

Have we forgotten how wonderful their joy is when we return home. Their bodies shake with excitement and happiness. My Oliver’s tail is a whirlwind of joy. The problem is that we’ve become so busy adulting that we’ve stopped noticing that joy is all around us.


Why Joy Habits Are a Byproduct of Knowing Your Spiritual Personality Type

I won’t go on any further without claiming a fierce belief that one of the greatest joys in life is being who you really are. Want to learn more about living from your true self? Book a call here.


Your joy journey begins when you:

Live from truth.

Your truth is your true self manifesting in the world.


There is so much freedom in this. 

Beyond the gazillion of other benefits; unearthing your full potential, knowing your purpose, living in grace and gratitude, experiencing healthy supportive relationships, your dream job… You naturally radiate more joy than those who live life through someone else’s narratives. Why? Because you don’t lug around suitcases of false beliefs? Such as:


7 Simple How-To Joy Habits For Your Spiritual Personality Type

We live in a world that tells us who we should be. Yep, I drank the Kool-aid and believed in these culture theories and my life was a hot mess because of this. It was void of meaning, purpose and joy! 

My tsunami taught me many things, and one of the best lessons I learned was how to befriend myself. We all need to give ourselves the joy we deserve. Here’s the catch. We need to give this to ourselves, nobody or nothing can plant the seeds of joy within you. It’s an inside job!

Trust me your persistent, all knowing and graceful inner-guide, will be grateful, as you attune yourself to HER energy frequency. Be patient and watch the magic begin to flow in your life.

And please, I don’t want to hear, I just don’t have the time. I challenge you with this exercise. Every time you begin scrolling, use a timer. You’ll be shocked at how much time is invested in mindless scrolling. And the ugly side effect is we often feel worse about ourselves. I know I felt this way. So see, you do have time!


To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man. – Shakespeare


A Few Examples of 7 Simple How-To Joy Habits For Your Spiritual Personality Type

1. Flowers bring happiness. Their colors, aromas, their fascinating blooms and the memories they trigger. Weddings, first dates, birthdays… Yes, there are times when flowers are used for sad occasions. If they remind you of a sad occasion pick something that makes you feel good.


2. Daydreaming when you were a kid, did you spend hours fantasizing? I would spend many afternoons sitting in a tree. My mind would wander the time away. I’d ask myself, what would it be like to fly like a bird, to buzz like a bee or jump from branch to branch like a squirrel. I tried that last one and it didn’t go well.

When was the last time you gifted yourself an hour to daydream? When you realize your purpose in life is to decide, decipher and discover who you really want to be, wouldn’t daydreaming about life be a fabulous way to spend an hour or two a week? 


3. I truly believe, knowing your true self is your life’s purpose. Often when we don’t know ourselves, we tend to beat ourselves up, to operate from fear, and speak to ourselves in negative waysWhat if you focused on joy spotting starting with your own life.  Your quirks, isim’s, superpowers; kindness, thoughtfulness, wise, supportive… All of these beautiful attributes that make you, you! These are your blessings. Count them all and be grateful for each and every one. 

#Journal Prompt: Turn inward to your inner-guide, the master joy maker. Go to HER daily and ask her how-to help you bring more joy in your life. This is a beautiful journal prompt, one that I highly recommend.


4. Nature is the ultimate joy activity. Listening to the ocean, sitting in a field watching the world go by, hiking, walking, feeling the rain upon your skin. Observing wildlife, a majestic mountain or the colorful display of wildflowers as they dance with the wind. Nature is a joy elixir often delivering peace, contentment and relaxation.


5. Pick something you really enjoy and build a practice around it. I love tending to my plants. Plants bring me Zen moments of joy in knowing that the Creator made these beautiful green, blooming, aromatic living beings for me to nurture and grow.


6. Reading a physical book is better than a screen for many reasons, I list a few here.. First it improves brain function. Reading keeps your mind sharp. Science says reading fiction helps you become empathic and compassionate towards others. Studies show reading before bedtime improves sleep versus screen time. Screens stimulate the brain instead of relaxing it.

May I suggest you carry a packable paperback in your tote bag, and pull it out during downtime instead of a smartphone. Wow, way to show up thinking differently! A shameless plug for my debut book; a packable paperback found on Amazon: Unpack Your Personality: Let Your Inner Guide Be Your Travel Guide, may fit perfectly in your tote. Just sayin.


7. Making the everyday cozy. The Dutch call this, Gezellig. A word that’s not easily translated but in essence it means “consciously cozy”. A joy that offers a lasting effect as it breaks the patterns of a busy mind.

Remember the scene with Julie Roberts in Eat. Pray. Love. She’s sitting on the floor with a plate of olives, eggs and asparagus? It made me want to join her, and I don’t even like asparagus. 😉

Well guess what, we don’t have to be in Italy. We can bring Gezellig to our front porch, the back yard or a favorite room in the house. I’m a huge fan of charcuterie boards. Right now I’m feasting on fresh strawberries, sesame crackers drizzled with honey and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. It’s a small joy that I look forward to.


If you serve others as fully as you can, what you do will be a source of inner joy. – Dalai Lama


Joy Is Everywhere: A Few Joy Insights For Your Spiritual Persona 

Below are a few ideas to get you started on your joy-journey for your Myers-Briggs personality type with a spiritual POV!  


SJ TYPES – Your Personalities Superpowers- Exacting. Traditional. Advising.

“The world is better off as SJ types are indispensable, the doers, the systemizers. Those who  take control over the tedious tasks the rest of us typically aren’t capable of or don’t want to do.” A quote from page 108 in my debut book Unpack Your Personality,, a guide to empowering yourself to your fullest potential, purpose, and of course, joy.


Dutiful Types: ESTJs take ownership, are bold, and are determined to contribute what you know, knowing it’s  important and needed.

  • Joy for you is often found in the small details of tradition. Sunday morning breakfast with the entire family, weekend fun with loved ones or friends. Everyday joys come naturally to you. Tip: look for the unexpected things in life which heighten your joy receptors.

Grounded Types: ISTJs are calculating, stoic, strategic, and a person who keeps their emotions close to the vest; a critical thinker in a crisis situation.

  • Joy comes to you through accountability and quality. In knowing what to expect. It brings you a sense of peace and freedom. Running in nature is a wonderful joy practice for ISTJs to release your mind from daily accountability. 

Attentive Types: ESFJs embrace adventure, and tradition, which slowly and powerfully rules your world. You have an appreciation for art, entertainment, and business.

  • You find great joy in being socially inclusive; an encourager of goodwill and a paradigm of warm-hearted goodness. Joy comes naturally to you. Relish the fact that joy is one of the best aspects of being true to you! Be mindful and spend time listening to what your heart genuinely desires. Is it a day spent at the park flying a kite?

Kindly Types: ISFJs are selfless and courageous with an innate sense of kindness. Yet you command respect. And you’re not afraid to defend the defenseless.

  • You are warm and reassuring, nurturing and kind. There are just a few ways you naturally express joy, and often share these lovely energies with your loved ones, friends and co-workers. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself. Make time for play; painting, dancing… or perhaps a walking meditation in nature?


SP TYPES – Your Personalities Superpowers – Artistic. Adaptable. Adventurous.

People with personality type traits of sensing perceiving (SP) will chase the new and the different and are ever present in the here and now. These types will improvise at will with a desire to please the senses. A quote from page 67 from my debut book Unpack Your Personality, a guide to empowering yourself to your fullest potential, purpose, and of course, joy.


Spirited Types: ESTPs are radical, adventurist, unorthodox, and unpredictable. Your bold actions may seem random but you always strike gold, trusting your instincts, and very aware of others who oppose you. 

  • For you joy is found in experiencing the world focusing intently on all of your senses in the moment. Cultivate a daily joy habit, stopping long enough to look-up, take another route, in essence explore the possibilities of daily life instead of getting stuck in a routine. Because conformity is likely to lead to a joyless existence. 


Active Types: ISTPs are adventurous, charming, curious, and reverent, you are a history maker, a serious-minded problem solver, straightforward and direct.

  • Joy is found in experiencing the world, relishing spontaneity and actively participating in it all. A spontaneous fishing trip, making a go-kart the whole family can enjoy… Joy for you is doing. Becoming rigid in life brings about lifelessness, the antithesis of your persona!


Playful Types: ESFPs jump into new opportunities actively participating in the world. For you it’s all about absorbing new experiences and approaching each situation with a positive attitude.

  • Joy, for you, is exuberance and comes in a variety of ways with the idea of never experiencing the same thing twice. Where’s Waldo could be your everyday joy practice; spotting things you’ve not noticed before. Slow down a teensy bit to embrace the detours.


Abstract Types: ISFPs are a rare and fascinating, quiet type with strong beliefs, while always feeling a steady pressure from within. Struggling to find your purpose is not a big concern, you struggle with a practical sense of inner belonging. 

  • Pleasure and joy for you is often aesthetic, and artsy in nature. Be on the lookout for patterns in life that bring a sense of beauty and consistency to what is. Walking, and hiking in nature are wonderful ways to explore symmetry. Be aware these inclinations sometimes make it hard for others to understand you, as you live your life from the inside out. It’s a gift!


NF TYPES – Your Personalities Superpowers – Abstract. Flexible. Transcendentalists.

Intuitive Feeling types (NF) are introspective, creative, enthusiastic, and user-friendly. They have a fire in their belly for personal growth and development for themselves and others. A quote from page 149 from my debut book Unpack Your Personality, a guide to empowering yourself to your fullest potential, purpose, and of course, joy.


Harmonious Types: ENFJs are socially conscious, often on the forefront of a revolution. You have a daring capacity for action, while also being empathetic and caring, and yes, instinctively harmonious.

  • A joy habit for you could be nurturing yourself. Think; a nightly bubble bath, creating a special dish or Gezellig. Creating a consciously cozy spot to unwind, journal, or read. This is highly recommended. Indulge in a daily practice, your life will be all the better for it!


Insightful Types: INFJs wield great power, stemming from a deep calm within, actioning on persuasive ideas, with persistent but gentle convictions. You often know others better than they know themselves. A big responsibility, and a wonderful gift.

  • For INFJs joy can be found by focusing upon learning a new intuitive art; tarot, astrology, or color therapy. You need this down time to be still and understand yourself in new and abstract ways. This deepens your insights about yourself and others as well!


Expressive Types: ENFPs walk the talk and live your life often breaking the taboos of your native culture and shifting social norms. You’re highly individualistic.

  • Finding joy in all the unconsidered places is so you. You may spend the day wandering around looking up mesmerized by the clouds. When traveling you study shadows and their impact and influence on our world. Keep things spontaneous and fresh, It would behoove you to develop a joy calendar, to keep you on track.


Seeking Types: INFPs are inspirational and idealistic, eccentric and free-spirited. You always find a way to champion greater freedom and accomplishments for others.. 

  • You’re a dreamer and naturally imaginative, often finding joy by going within. Let your dreams guide your physical desires which may be painting, writing, crafting or reading a good fiction book and imagining yourself to be one of the characters! 


Intuitive thinking personality types (NT) enjoy autonomy and the benefits of technology, and they are theorists at heart, dreaming of the day they finally understand how the world works.” A quote from page 191 from my debut book Unpack Your Personality, a guide to empowering yourself to your fullest potential, purpose, and of course, joy.


NT TYPE –Your Personalities Superpowers – Experimental. Cerebral. Objective.

Assured Types: ENTJs are stoic, command attention and know what to do with it using a rare combination of creativity, instruction, and  resolve. 

  • You can’t shut down your analytical and methodical ways so look for joy in things in your life that are out of place. This activity will intrigue you. A fabulous daily activity to induce more creativity and imagination in your life.

Inventive Types: INTJs influence the influential with calm, precision, and a vision toward innovation and imagination to inspire your visions.

  • Joy, gives you a reprieve from your tunnel-vision drive. You may want to indulge in a creative joy-habit; puzzles, painting, sculpting, dancing things that make you color-outside of the box! 

Curious Types: ENTPs are endlessly curious, who thrive on multifaceted perspectives. You’ll eagerly investigate patterns, things, and people, inspiring new ideas to make the ordinary extraordinary.

  • Joy for you is awakening others’ intellectual curiosity from their insular views through lively conversations or challenging the status quo. Joy also comes from new experiences; traveling, food, books,  museums… As do the small details in life if you slow down long enough to see them.

Ingenious Types: INTPs are thirsty for knowledge and have a unique combination of precision and creativity that gives you the incredible capacity to be a true visionary. 

  • Playfulness comes naturally to you and it’s a joy not to be overlooked. Be it gaming, chess, tennis or whatever your inner-guide leads you. Minimalism also brings you joy!


A Few How-To Tips For 7 Simple How-To Joy Habits For Your Spiritual Personality Type

  1. Be patient with yourself.  You’re learning something new, just keep at it!
  2. Grab a journal and write down what you brought you joy as a child. For me it was the joy of joy of climbing trees and sitting for hours daydreaming the day away.
  3. As I advised the ENFP, create a joy calendar as an ongoing monthly organizer to sustain, and  your joy-habits.
  4. Make time for joy. The calendar resource is a good way to keep this habit fresh and moving forward.
  5. Remember you don’t have to go-find joy, it’s typically right under your nose!


It’s Always My Intention

It’s always my intention to help you think differently about yourself. To inspire you to show up in the world better than you were the day before. Every day is a gift. You’re a gift. A gift with great potential and purpose; without limitation. 

I believe it’s why the Universe assigned you a distinct personality type. Your traits are the supportive tools your soul uses to express itself into your reality and take daily inspired actions. 

Think of your soul as scared and brilliant — the wise, higher conscious you. 

Did you know your personality type is one-of-a-kind, that gives rise to the voice of your soul? 

You’re here to remember who you really are, and share your Divine gifts with the world.

What I know now. After a ten-year life tsunami, coupled with years of reflection and learning, I now know, on a soul level, that spirituality doesn’t come in a pre-labeled box. It comes from your heart-centered self — where the spirit mind take up residence. Remember, your spiritually guided self, impact and influences your personality; just like it influences your approach to life; relationships, career, travel…


More About Spiritual Personality Typing

I hope you found, 7 Simple How-To Joy Habits For Your Spiritual Personality Type. I’m here to share a new personality type paradigm, Spiritual Personality Typing™️ to help you think differently, get unstuck and get you excited about your sacred personality. Let’s rethink Myers-Briggs® typology beyond stereotypical memes and see it as the supportive tool your soul uses to express itself in the wold to inspire a life of unlimited potential. 


Make understanding your personality type a priority. It’s the best relationship you can cultivate in this lifetime. Nina Zapala, Founder of Spiritual Personality Typing.


Of course, with all good things in life, it’s about doing the work, take responsibility, and make personality typing with a spiritual understanding, a daily practice. Your rewards will be great. Once you do, you’ll realize the only way for your higher self to express itself is through a healthy persona — it’s a heavenly partnership. Literally.

It’s a profound awakening, moving you closer to your truth, and unshackling you from a purposeless existence into a new reality of unlimited possibilities. You’ll be ready for any occasion, situation, or event – travel, relationships, career, and most importantly, a meaningful life.

I know this to be true because this is precisely how it works in my life. Book a guided session to learn more about your personality’s superpowers


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Your true self is calling. 

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The world needs YOU! Not some version of you… It’s time to Discovery Spiritual Personality Typing it’s Myers-Briggs on a spiritually led detour.

Peace, Love and Light!



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