Is Your Life Up in the Air?

Is your life up in the air? How do you take care of yourself when this happens? It all comes down to FOCUS, staying grounded in your personality type, and using the tools from your spiritual practices. I know this isn’t easy, but when your move away from focusing on your truth, you invite worry, distractions and fear. A recipe that keeps your life up in the air.

Is Your Life Up in the Air?

So is you’re life’s up in the air? Is it a career dilemma, a pending relationship breakup, or you’re entering into uncharted territory. What to do? Ask yourself, “what’s one inspired action I can take this week that will make my life easier or what one thing I do to eliminate unnecessary distractions?”

I swear to you, this question became my mantra going through my 7-year life tsunami. When you get hit from all sides; loss of a parent, divorce, health scares, job loss, while becoming a single parent, you start getting laser-focused after realizing that staying busy and ignoring what life is showing you isn’t working.

It’s All About Taking Small Steps

It’s about taking small steps, and here’s why. When we busy ourselves taking gigantic steps, they usually aren’t helpful because they aren’t in portion or balanced. Taking small steps helps you focus by actioning small steps; you’re mitigating fear as you take action and move forward. Your brain can focus on one thing and do it really well, or you can choose to do many different things, but often they aren’t as effective. Don’t just take my word; come back and read more about why multitasking isn’t always the best path.

Find the quiet, calm space where your mind can move from distraction to clarity

The Daily Good

Moving from Distraction to Clarity

Focus also taught me to get clear on who I really was. I had been so distracted by the external promises of the world; I somehow lost my identity in the process. I become someone else, a version of what others expected me to be. So, of course, I was unclear and unsure, so life remained up in thin air. I couldn’t pinpoint the WHY of it.

My 7-year life tsunami taught me the WHY of it. For decades I had let everyone else be my north star. Hell, my Divine spark of intelligence grew dim. I was grinding it out year after year, going through the motions without purpose, passion, or meaning, yep, slowly losing my identity.

After a full two years of trying to handle all of my problems at once (we’re taught by society that instant gratification is the answer). Yet what I believed to be a highly gratifying life was a big fat lie. Again, it’s a dedicated focus on how you got there, an awakening and questioning everything you know. You’ve come to a fork in the road, make a big, life-disrupting decision to move you forward, or stay asleep and live life looking in the review mirror.

It’s not an easy time. But it is time to focus, do the work, and resist instant fixes no matter how tempting they are. Because you can’t become you without understanding your truth, the who, of who you really are.

When you go as small as possible, you’ll be staring at one thing. And that’s the point.

The One Thing, a book authored by Gary Keller

So How Do You Take Care of Yourself When Your Life is Up in the Air!

When you reach this stage in your life, please recognize it’s not a time to blame yourself. And please take these questions off the table. Why didn’t I see what was happening? How could I let myself get so far down the rabbit hole? All these are good questions, but time, healing, and loving yourself will reveal the answers when you’re ready to hear them.

Taking care of yourself is about getting to know who you are from a place of appreciation, love, and gratitude. Take one small step every day to understand your personality type. Obviously, I’m going to suggest you also incorporate one small spiritual step; pray, allow for 15 minutes of stillness or take a meditative walk to settle your up in the air mind. These small inspired steps are practical ways to gain clarity and are relatively easy to manage.

Clarity brings understanding, while understanding brings truth. Things start to fall into place once you begin to live life, fueled by truth. No, this isn’t easy peasy. It’s hard. It’s figuring out your personality triggers, those ugly truths, and the unhealthy aspects of your personality traits. Triggers are old habits and beliefs that keep you stuck and separated from your true Self. You need to explore, examine and excavate them to reveal your authentic Self.

Is Personality Typing With a Spiritual Understanding Resonating?

I hope you’re beginning to see how spiritual personality typing can significantly impact your life. I’m passionate about introducing the idea of relevant typology. It took many years to develop a relationship with my Divinely inspired personaI’my. I did the work (I’m still doing it) to move beyond my untruths to arrive at my true Self, the authentic me, to live my truth.

Today, I’ve built an unshakable foundation. I’ve added spiritual practices and now know there is no other way to go but up. Most days are now full of joy, and others not so much, but I bless them all.

I feel self-confident and empowered to take on whatever life throws at me. Making decisions is easier because I know exactly who I am and what I like and don’t like. I get up, ready to step into another transformative day with a boatload of clarity, confidence, and courage.

“What Will the Future Bring? If you align with purpose, grace and and joy your future will bring to much of the same. It’s all about keeping your vibrational energy in alighnment with your desires” Nina Zapala, Your Guide to Spiritual Personality Typing™️

Join The Movement

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