How to Live a Good Life Find Your Voice

How to live a good life and find your voice takes a look at owning, loving, and accepting your authentic voice! I know this isn’t easy. And yet, if we don’t find our voice, we lose the joy of self-discovery, the thrill of accomplishing something of our own volition, and, most importantly, harnessing the potential of who we truly are.

Even as little kids, we’ve had to hide our voices. My personality type is an ENTP, which I’ve dubbed the Inquisitive type. Questions came pouring out of my mouth faster than a cheetah running through the African Mara-Serengeti ecosystem. My mother, managing four young children under ten, would say, “you ask too many questions; go outside and play.” Not playing the blame game; just illustrating how our authentic voice gets diminished early on in life.

What’s your earliest memory of quieting your authentic voice? Leave a comment below.

In order to discover our true selves, we must allow the unconscious to have a voice. – Carl Jung, Founder of Analytical Psychology

Cliff Notes and Video Highlights: How to Live a Good Life Find Your Voice

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It’s that inner voice that comes from your creative energy, asking you to make changes and take on new challenges – Carl Jung, founder of analytical psychology

What Stops You From Finding Your True Voice

So much of life’s programming, schools and religious organizations, societal norms, and even our country’s culture bombards us daily with external messages promoting the ideology of seeking validation externally. We often hear; be like them to succeed, work hard, get all the stuff, compete, change ourselves to be successful… Slowly and steadily, these messages seep into our minds, wearing us down over time – quieting the authentic voice. Here are some of the ways these messages may have shown up in your life:

– You’ve been taught to meet another’s expectations, basically copy others – be it a parent, sibling, an influential somebody…

– We’ve been told to compete to win. Yet, you’re one in a million, so basically, you’re competing against yourself. Because how do you rival an original masterpiece? This a question to ponder.

– The voice of conscience, what parents, schools, and society have taught you, is the voice that overrules or silences the voice of the soul, the voice of truth. I believe the soul self is your eternal being. It’s a spark of Divine Intelligence, here to experience life as a human being – this is your authentic voice – your truth.

Often enough, they hesitate to listen to the voice – Carl Jung, founder of analytical psychology

Steps To Live A Good Life

To live a good life, you must intentionally commit to finding your voice. Doing so will change your life. Realize over time, your voice evolves. It gets wiser, and it becomes more discerning and more powerful. It’s like a fine wine. Over time, it just gets better and better. Come back and read this blog. It augments what you’re learning here.

  • Finding your voice begins with understanding who you are, what inspires you, and knowing your values and beliefs. It’s how you see yourself and your future aspirations – your potentiality. I sound like a broken record, but you must become your own map maker. I can only provide a roadmap and compass and point you in the right direction.
  • Begin by questioning everything, including childhood beliefs, educational beliefs, and societal norms – all of it – because, for the most part, it’s not your truth. And know, another’s voice which overrides your own, starves your soul. A starving soul calls forth a life lived unhappily-ever-after.
  • Do you know your personality type – knowing your type traits is vital to understanding yourself as it helps you focus on what you value, your beliefs, and what’s important to you? 7 Detours on the Road to Knowing Your Personality Type is a great place to begin exploring your persona.

Journal Prompt: How to Live a Good Life Find Your Voice

Have you forgotten you are a unique human being, assigned a sacred personality and a soul with a cosmic blueprint? Remember this because it is at the very core of your authentic voice. It’s what you came here to share with the world and how you express yourself in life.

A few questions to ask yourself:

  • Think about this question, and then write about the habits that don’t serve your sacred persona and soul voice.
  • Again, ponder and write about the decisions in your life that wreaked havoc on you and your loved ones. Remember, you make decisions using thinking traits or feeling traits. Are you aware of these traits as it relates to your personality type? If not, dedicate time to understanding them.

Recap: How to Live a Good Life Find Your Voice

– Diminishing your voice starts early in life

– What stops you from finding your voice

– Steps to finding your voice

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