How to Remove the Mask Using Spiritual Personality Typing?

Removing the mask using spiritual personality typing takes a daily commitment. Yet it can lead to meaningful soul-centered living, grace, and a pure potentiality. A giveback life overflowing with your heart’s desire. If you’re reading this blog, your heart is calling you to read on! If you want more, visit my YouTube channel.

Why We Hide Behind The Mask?

This question seems obvious, but for many, we remain unconscious about why we live our lives behind a mask. Even more frustrating many use personality typing to point fingers, avoiding solutions.

Introverts may hide behind a mask because they may feel insecure and overwhelmed. Why? Because introverts rely on inward expression first before they step into the world – a world where everyone wants a quick answer. Yet introverts, for the most part, are contemplative thinkers reflective and prefer to conserve energy.

Extroverts also wear masks for very different reasons. They may use a mask to falsely express themselves, even if it means becoming a pleaser or playing small, as they strive for sociability driven by a need for outward expression.

So let’s look further…

The mask is an illusion, remove it to find your truth.Nina Zapala, Founder of Spiritual Personality Typing


Removing the Illusion, Means Removing the Mask

So how does one remove the illusion of the mask?

First, you must recognize you have unconscious aspects that eagerly support wearing a mask. These unhealthy aspects are often illusionary, perpetuated by old beliefs, life experiences, and unhealed wounds –– fear and ego at work.

Here’s the rub, there is no formulaic way to remove the illusion because each of us is different, and our life path is unquestionably our own, so it’s impossible to take a templated approach.

And yet, I do believe I have an answer. It lies within knowing your personality type from the inside out. It would be best to study your personality type because it illuminates your superpowers, your meaningful aspects that are uniquely yours, and the beautiful things you are here to share with the world. We are all here with a Divine purpose, and if you insist on wearing a mask, your purpose won’t be revealed.


Do They Love You or the Mask You Put on Everyday? Shimika Bowers


How to Slowly Remove the Mask to See Who You Are?

Three steps begin to help you rewire your brain and stop hiding:

  1. Acknowledge that you wear a mask for a reason. Please know that the cause is usually found within your Essential Self, a primary personality function, the trait you use the most. Typically, this trait is unbalanced and defensive as you’ve become stuck in your viewpoints, unwilling to see others.
  2. Decide right NOW that the world needs your wisdom, and be ready to fully step into who you are, regardless of what your parents or society expects of you. I know this is hard work, and it takes courage. But you’ve got to acknowledge that you are powerful, a Godlike eternal being, with a remarkable purpose here to serve humanity and your soul-self. Oh, and it’s not about accumulating wealth, material goods, or a grandiose plan you’ll arrive at someday in the future. It’s about living in the moments and building a relationship with your soul-centered Self so you can live your truth, purpose, and passion.
  3. Figure out what you stand for and start speaking up and showing up in small ways. Here again, what you stand for can be found within your personality type if you go deep and study your traits from the inside out. You can’t show up through another person’s narrative of who you are or strive to meet another’s expectation to gain approval which you may believe will bring the ultimate happiness. When I tell you, external seeking to find yourself is never the answer.

Is Personality Typing With a Spiritual Understanding Resonating?

I hope you see how spiritual personality typing can significantly impact your life. I’m passionate about introducing the idea of relevant typology. It took many years to develop a relationship with my Divinely inspired personality. I did the work (I’m still doing it) to move beyond my untruths to arrive at my true Self, the authentic me, to live by my truth.

Today, I’ve built an unshakable foundation. I’ve added spiritual practices and now know there is no other way to go but up. Most days are now full of joy, and others not so much, but I bless them all.

I feel self-confident and empowered to take on whatever life throws at me. Making decisions is easier because I know exactly who I am and what I like and don’t like. I get up, ready to embark on another transformative day with clarity, confidence, and courage.

What Will the Future Bring? If you align with purpose, grace and and joy your future will bring to much of the same. It’s all about keeping your vibrational energy aligned with your desires Nina Zapala, Founder of Spiritual Personality Typing

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