How To Nurture Yourself on Your Next Getaway

How to nurture yourself on your next getaway is a new way to happier vacation. What if you began to see vacations as times of nourishment for your body, mind, and soul? Yet how many of us really nurture ourselves on vacation? Isn’t their great irony in this? We travel for health and wellness, yet most of us ignore our own well-being while away.

Ready for a new way to nurture yourself on your next getaway?

Hint: It’s traveling from the inside out.

Have you set a travel intention? It’s vital for joyful journeys.

You must nurture the force within you. You are the only person that can behold the divine force for your divine purpose – inspirational writer, author – Lailah Gifty Akita.

How To Nurture Yourself on Your Next Getaway Cliff Notes?

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Now back to the story.

A New Path to Nurture You

What if we slowed down instead of being influenced by headlines encouraging whirlwind vacations: “24 Hours in… or “Quick Getaways to… We are bombarded with travel headlines instructing us on how to plan a trip: where to visit, stay, and play. Why not leave behind third-party influences? Who knows you better than you? Ahh, you do – and no offense to the random travel writer- I was one. 😏

One of the best ways to get to know yourself is to be intentional about vacation outcomes. A few ideas:

  • Slow down to fully appreciate what’s right in front of you – be in the moment versus rushing off to the next thing, #soulful_moments
  • Monitor inner self-talk – is it positive or negative?
  • Practice gratitude for where you are, the people, culture, food, and natural surroundings

Intentions make room for soulful learning while embracing more of who you really are along the way. Shifting into new behaviors can make a world of difference while away, and of course, pack up these new behaviors and continue to enjoy the benefits in your daily life.

We must nurture tolerance, collective wisdom, and democracy – anti-apartheid and political leader – Nelson Mandela.

What Benefits Us All

In my opinion, I genuinely believe we will always have moments of frustration, negativity, and overwhelm, but we can shift our consciousness – from negative scripts to positive ones. Why not create a self-talk practice that mimics talking to a best friend? We would never speak to a friend as we speak to ourselves. So STOP it! Use loving and kind words without judgment. A more encouraging framework for self-talk. Do you believe this new approach would be nurturing while uplifting your mental health? Yes or no? Comment below.

16 Personalities: A Shift Toward Nurture for Your Type

Inspiring Introverts To Acknowledge More Joy While Away

Grounded Travelers ( ISTJ)

  • Traveling with like-minded others to explore the histories, customs, or traditions of others,
  • Stay grounded in the here and now
  • Be intentional with your choices

Unassuming Travelers (ISFJ)

  • Take time to daydream while away
  • Experience other spiritual traditions
  • Practice gratefulness

Insightful Travelers (INFJ)

  • Observe your surroundings
  • Be in the moment
  • Practice random acts of kindness

Inventive Travelers (INTJ)

  • Enjoy working with others to accomplish something of substance
  • Slow down and be aware of the now
  • Reflect on the details in the moment

Assuming Travelers (ISTP)

  • Attending retreats to explore yourself further
  • Be appreciative of another’s kindness
  • Speak honestly to yourself and others

Dream Travelers (ISFP)

  • Schedule time for solitude and stillness
  • Boundaries with others, to not overlook the self
  • Understanding your spiritual views

Seeking Travelers (INFP)

  • See beyond your own idealism
  • Take quiet time to journal, write or be alone in nature
  • Read and be encouraged by others who’ve led heartfelt lives

Impartial Travelers (INTP)

  • Be mindful of your words
  • Take time for self-awareness
  • Read, research, and debate to analyze your belief systems

Don’t nurture a sense of guilt; rather, nurture a sense of responsibility married with a sense of humility – a Swiss Muslim academic, philosopher, and writer– Tariq Ramadan.

Inspiring Extroverts To Acknowledge More Joy While Away

Magnetic Travelers (ESTP)

  • Mother nature is an ideal time for inner-reflection
  • Don’t overschedule; take time for reflection
  • Be grateful for others who share in your spiritual beliefs

Playful Travelers (ESFP)

  • You can’t be everything to everybody; it’s exhausting
  • Schedule time for quiet reflections
  • Looking beyond the five senses to the nonphysical – Divinely inspired side of life

Versatile Travelers (ENFP)

  • Spend time in nature; long walks in the forest are ideal
  • Practice discernment daily
  • Don’t jump from one spiritual trend to another; sticktoitiveness is best

Inquisitive Travelers (ENTP)

  • Digest metaphysical practices and study what’s most effective
  • Take adventures with others to celebrate authentic selves
  • Realize competition is not effective

Dutiful Travelers (ESTJ)

  • Dedicate, study, and explore the rich symbolism of your beliefs
  • Don’t become immersed in so many activities that you forget to listen to intentions and ignore serendipitous moments
  • Be wise to, and experience the love of others without questions

Attentive Travelers (ESFJ)

  • Volunteer or cause cations help build compassion and gratitude
  • Put others first; this promotes positive growth
  • Join others in spiritual celebration in natural settings

Magnetic Travelers (ENFJ)

  • Meditation
  • Build relationships to share dreams, desires, and hopes
  • Keeping the peace while losing yourself

Assured Travelers ENTJ

  • Take time for awe-inspiring natural wonders
  • Participate in volunteer or give-back getaways
  • Looking at others to provide a broader outlook on life

People who continue to nurture long-term and new friendships as they grow older are more likely to enjoy health and vitality – Indian-American Author and Alternative Medicine Advocate – Deepak Chopra.

Electronics Mess With Your Energy!

One more thing, instead of being attached to your phone, scrolling your day away, why not try a more disciplined approach? Use your phone 2-3 hours a day instead of 24/7.

And did you know the electronic energy a phone emits messes with your magnetic energy field? Translations it interferes with your intuition, as your higher self can’t receive messages from Divine Intelligence – it’s terrible. Your intuition is your inner travel guide, bolstering even more joyful adventures while away. If you let it, it always directs your personality type to the next grandest adventure!

One Last Thought

As you think about your next adventure, intentionally choose to be 100% present. Fully take in the world around you. Enjoy the variety of people waiting in line with you. Smile at a stranger, and remember to appreciate those who serve you. Be grateful for the delicious plate of food that sits before you, the gorgeous guestroom that awaits your stay, or the bleached white sands that squirt between your painted pink toenails!

Recap: How To Nurture Yourself on Your Next Getaway

  • How to nurture yourself
  • What Benefits Us All
  • 16 Personalities – What’s Your Path to Nurture
  • Inspiring Introverts to Acknowledge more Joy While Away
  • Inspiring Extroverts to Acknowledge more Joy While Away
  • Electronics Mess With Your Energy
  • One Last Thought

More About Spiritual Personality Typing™️

I hope you found How to Nurture Yourself on Your Next Getaway eye-opening. I’m here to share a new philosophy to get you excited about your personality. I hope you begin to see your persona as a magical tool and realize its importance to a meaningful life.

Make understanding your personality type a priority. It’s the best relationship you can cultivate in this lifetime.

Of course, with all good things in life, if you do the work, take responsibility, and make personality typing with a spiritual understanding, a daily ceremony, you’ll reap the rewards. Once you do, you’ll realize the only way for your higher self to express itself is through a healthy persona – the two can’t exist without each other.

It’s a profound awakening, moving you closer to your truth, unshackling you from a purposeless existence into a new reality of unlimited possibilities. You’ll be ready for any occasion, situation, or event – travel, relationships, career, and most importantly, a meaningful life.

I know this to be true because this is precisely how it works in my life.

Find out what it is that touches you most deeply. Pursue it, learn about it, explore it, expand on it. Live with it and nurture it – actor, Leonard Nimoy.

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