Step 1: How to Realize Your Potential

Step 1: How to realize your potential is a big topic, but you gotta start somewhere, so why not here! Realizing your potential is the gateway to an exciting new future. You’ll boldly become the map-maker of your life. You step into a world full of unlimited possibilities and self-expansion, tuning in to new pathways that lead to self-actualization –– who you aspire to be. It’s an extraordinary way to live.

The Soul Purpose of Human Existence is to Kindle a Light in the Mere Being of Darkness –– Founder of Analytical Psychology, Carl Jung

Analytical Psychology Takes into Consideration Future Aspirations

What I love about analytical psychology, founded by Carl Jung, is it includes the idea of human beings having aspirations to be better than we are today. Analytical psychology, according to Jung, is about individuation, being present, folklore, mythology, and cultural influences. I believe Jung’s style of psychology is, yes, analytical, but it’s also imaginative, creative, diverse, and oh-so-spiritual in nature. It’s probably why I love typology, as Jung inspired the Briggs and Myers indicator.

I believe in being present with yourself as it helps bring forth your greater self. When present, you often live a life guided by the spirit mind while realizing the rational mind plays a supportive role. Or another way to look at it, the physical (human aspect — logical mind) is in partnership with the nonphysical (internal being — eternal soul self). Spiritual personality typing sheds a new perspective on the understanding that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. 

Cliff Notes and Video Highlights: Step 1: How to Realize Your Potential

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I’ve talked a lot about my 7-year tsunami sharing the liberating lessons this life season taught me, one of which was realizing my potential. As you journey through your awakening life season – moving out of the darkness into the light, the challenges are what evolve you into a new you. It’s how you can take enlightened steps on your new journey. I exclusively spotlight personal stories and life lessons (lessons are the blessings) in Nina’s Newsletter. Click here to join.

The World Will Ask You Who You Are and if You Don’t Know it Will Tell You –– Founder of Analytical Psychology, Carl Jung

Realize Your Full Potential

First and foremost, if you want to realize your full potential, you can’t let others define you. Not an easy task because we’ve been programmed to believe we should be someone else, starting in childhood. The teachings continue throughout higher education, religion, business… It’s cultural, societal, and never-ending.

Our logical voice perpetually tells us to emulate successful people, copy the celebrity or influencer, or the exalted guru. Nope, not the way.

It’s so evident. Just spend a few minutes scrolling on social media. OMG, it’s like swimming in the “sea of sameness.” How many coaches use the same catchphrases; Get high ticket clients, change your life in 30 days, post on social media… OMG Really? And this isn’t just in the coaching industry. Authors, businesses, artists, and even travel writers all seem to use the same messages. Copying one another appears to be how people do business.

Do you believe it’s a sign of patriarchal programming? Wanting to fit in so badly, we give our souls away in the process. Have we as a society become deceived by a cultural illusion? Confession, I did.

HOW? External programming overrides our internal soul-feed freedom of expression, individualism, and independent thinking. We’ve lost the art of  trusting our intuition and our imaginations, and we’ve forgotten how to listen to the wise, soul whisperings. 

No, No, No, it is not how to live your life. Lucky for you, you’re reading this blog, which I hope will shift a perception or two!

How To Realize Your Potential

Have we become so programmed to live according to someone else’s narrative, expectations, and beliefs that we’ve stopped imagining, dreaming, and being creative? I think it has to do with instantaneous information. Google something, and within seconds, you have an answer or, at the very least, a beginning understanding.

OMG, I sound like my father, but here it is…I remember a time when researching, reading, questioning, and discussing topics with others or even traveling to new places to gain a first-hand experience — is how realizations came to be. Now it’s like, put on your AI glasses, and you’ll get it. No, you won’t! 

Here’s what I believe. We, as humans, cannot fully learn a concept until we experience it. Yep, I read hundreds of spiritual books, took classes from well-known gurus, and guess what? I was spiritually bankrupt. My story. It might not be yours. Or maybe it is!

How I’m untangling myself from manipulative people, the patriarchal matrix, and complex algorithms is to question everything. I went back and researched my past, looking for repetitive patterning. Call me old school, if you will, but it’s working. If you want to realize your potential, start questioning everything, oh, and most importantly, know your personality type and listen to what your inner voice wants to share!

In each of us there is another whom we do not know –– Founder of Analytical Psychology, Carl Jung

It All Begins By Knowing Your Personality Type

Do you know your personality type and its sacred role in supporting your soul mission? Do you even know your type beyond “career typology?” I highly recommend you take a personality assessment and start to educate yourself about your persona. The Myers-Briggs Company is a good place to start, or choose The Center for Applications of Psychological Types. I obtained a certificate from this organization, and the teacher was top-notch. I believe them to be a trusted source. Both options are paid for, but you can also use Personality Max for a free assessment.

Here’s why knowing your type is critical. We’ve been programmed as children, young adults, and adults. It never stops, regardless of life stage, age, or gender. I’m in a mid-life stage, and if I hear one more person say, have you hit the “crisis” yet? I’m going to scream. It’s like they’re planting seeds in my mind, and I will not have it! We are told who to be, how to act, and what to do daily. Is it a form of mind control?

May I suggest you focus your mind using positive mind control? Wondering what I’m talking about? Let’s get to it.

Focus Your Mind to Reach Your Potential

What do I mean by this? What if you become uber-intentional, focused on what you feed your mind, filtering out the garbage of fear, programming, and others’ opinions, and keeping your aspirational goals front and center?

As Carl Jung says, the world will choose for you if you don’t know who you are and where you’re headed. Focusing the mind helps you remove yourself from external mind control and puts you in a position to develop positive internal mind control   by applying focused intentions. This step lets you concentrate on the aspirational aspects of who you want to be.

Ahh, yes, tapping into the unlimited potential of yourself, the soul, your eternal beingness, which always has the answers if you listen. Know you are an infinite being, and the phrase the sky’s the limit is true. Please don’t put yourself into stereotypical 4:4 personality squares. They only offer biased and oversimplified information. Again, programming that’s all WRONG!

The World Will Choose for You If You Don’t Know Who You Are and Where You’re Headed –– Founder of Analytical Psychology, Carl Jung

Why Aspirational Goals Help You Reach Your Potential

Can you begin to see why having aspirational goals of who you want to be is vital to your mental well-being, your success in life, and how you feel about yourself? 

Aspirations about yourself are uplifting, positive, and forward-thinking. You may desire to be a better person, more kind and compassionate. Become a wealth creator to contribute to the causes that touch your soul. This list is endless, and only you can decide. You may want to read 33 Ways to Love Your Personality for inspiration.

Understandably, if you stay disconnected from your soul self, you turn off the light of consciousness and move toward darkness. You’ll become susceptible to fear, bigotry, hate, and anger — believing your way is right and those who are different are wrong. It’s how manipulative programming works. It puts you in a box with a tight lid so the light of unlimited potential, joy, and love evades you.

I don’t want that for you because I believe you’ll live in misery, fear, and sadness, which is inescapable if your mindset is veiled in a fear narrative. Sadly, I know this to be true; it happened to me.

I Am Not What Happened to Me, I am What I Choose to Be  Founder of Analytical Psychology, Carl Jung

Journal Prompt: Step 1: How to Realize Your Potential

Get out the journal — pen/pencil and paper. It’s better to use organic materials to journal versus the energy of a computer — just saying. Anywhoo, if you don’t know where to begin, start with identifying your personality type. If test results are inaccurate, click the button below. I’ve studied typology for decades and received a certification as a Myers-Briggs instructor. I can help. Bonus, I layer your assessment with spiritual insights…

  • Make a list of your three top values, more if you desire, and begin to question them. Ask yourself, is this value in line with your true Self, your truth? Your personality type provides insights into your values which is helpful for this exercise, oh yeah, and in life! 

  • Also, ask yourself, is this a family, a cultural, or a societal value that I picked up along the way to fit in, be loved, and be seen… These are crucial questions that need answers.

  • This journal prompt exercise demands you question yourself. Leave no stone unturned. If you’re feeling unease, flutters in your tummy, or you get agitated. This is good news. It’s your body telling you it’s time to examine an existing belief or value system.

Recap Step 1: How to Realize Your Potential

Here’s what you’ll learn on this week’s blog:

– What is Analytical Psychology,

– Step 1 Realize Your Full Potential

– How Do You Realize Your Potential?

– It all Begins by Knowing Your Personality Type

– Focus Your Mind to Reach Your Potential

– Why Aspirational Goals Help You Reach Your Potential

– Journal Prompt

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