Would Your Personality Type Love Chattanooga?

Would Your Personality Type Love Chattanooga, Tennessee? Maybe the better question is, does your personality type flow with the city? For so many of us, we get so busy doing, planning, and Googling we leave ourselves out of the travel equation.

Big Mistake.


I think food, culture, people and landscape are all absolutely inseparable. Anthony Bourdain, author, travel writer and documentarian.


Do you believe this quote from Anthony Bourdain? Here’s a thought to ponder which will help you answer my question: would your personality type love Chattanooga, Tennessee? The local people of Chattanooga give the city its vibe. So I believe the food, culture, and people are inseparable – it’s the personality of a place.

Will Your Personality Type Love Chattanooga Tennessee

Chattanooga, Tennessee, is a charming small town. The vibe is local artists, boutique art galleries, and a fun foodie scene. Plus, it’s walkable and friendly. I found myself visiting Rembrandt’s Coffee House – Bluff Art District every morning. It screams a local vibe, the food is excellent, and the coffee is delicious.

Bluff View Art District Walking Tour

The Bluff View Art District was my vibe, which makes sense as I’m the Curious Traveler (ENPT), lots of artsy Mom & Pop shops; and galleries abundant in stories of local artists. Even the people I meet. The curator at the Houston House used to work in the fashion industry in NYC as a purse hardware designer. She was fascinating so was the gallery. 

Rembrandt’s Coffee House, 

Cocoa Asante

Maclellan House

The Houston Museum of Decorative Arts 

River Gallery

Bluff View Bakery, 

River Valley Sculpting Garden 

River Valley Pasta Kitchen 

Ok, if this sounds like you — Harmonious (ENFJ); Expressive (ENFP); Seeking (INFJ), Kindly (ISFJ), Spirited (ESTP), and Abstract (ISFP)travelers, then yes, you’ll love Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Why you’re likely to love it? 

Because the area resonates with either your dominant or auxiliary traits, which tend to be artistry with a love of high-end, quality-made goods. You are typically interested in, or you, yourself, are a creator, crafter, or digital entrepreneur. One of your traits may even bend toward tradition and history. Some of you are also innovative and curious, eager to learn more about the place, its people, and its culture.


I think that somehow, we learn who we really are and then live with that decision. Elenor Roosevelt, former first lady, U.S.  


Chattanooga’s Riverfront Will Your Type Love It?

To be fair, I’m not one to visit an Aquarium, which is the heart of the riverfront, but if you’re an Attentive (ESFJ), Dutiful (ESTJ), or Grounded (ISTJ), you will love the area and the Tennessee Aquarium. The riverfront is walkable, offering a shopping district, we ducked into Warehouse Row, but our trek to an estate sale past Harrison Lake, into the boughs of suburbia, had so much cool stuff. Jackpot! Anywho back to the riverfront area,  Chattanooga Ducks boat tours, and Southern Belle Riverboat tours, are great ways to see the city from a riverfront POV. A popular place stop and nosh is  Scotties on the River, didn’t go. Still, I looked at the menu, which was reasonable, and Scotties offers seatings for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, kid’s fare, and more. Be aware parking is provided at the hotel. Pay before your nibble! 

Again, the area resonates with your dominant or auxiliary trait: traditional, conventional, and expected travel attractions; it’s what you love.

Ready to Fall In Love With Coolidge Park?

Coolidge Park is located on the city’s North Shore. It’s the perfect spot to overlook the meandering Tennessee River and is also part of the 13-mile-long Tennessee Riverwalk that runs from the Southern Belle Riverboat to Chickamauga Dam. It was a lively area with kids playing in an interactive water fountain, with lots of people walking or biking across the world’s largest pedestrian bridge, the Walnut Street Bridge. Plus, there’s rock climbing, a picnic area, and plenty of open green spaces. The site is also home to a 100-year-old recently restored antique carousel. I had to visit it. It’s stunning, and the craftsmanship is exquisite. My soul told me, Nina – you need to play more– you must go… Good thing I listened. It was a trip highlight.

The Coolidge Park area will resonate with Playful (ESTP), Active (ISTP), Playful (ESFP), Abstract (ISFP), Expressive (ENFP), Harmonious (ENFJ), Kindly (ISFJ), and Curious Travelers (ENTP) because it taps into the energies of your dominate or auxiliary function. For these types, it’s about curiosity, hands-on sensory experiences, aesthetics, activities, play, and community; travelers coming together to experience nature and fun stuff!

The Coolidge Park area has a lovely energy, and when I learned that Peace Grove was added to Coolidge Park in 2007, I thought, wow, honoring Mother Nature, you have to be cool. It’s a circular landscape of trees planted to represent each of Chattanooga’s Sister Cities while celebrating the city’s global friendships around the world. Just lovely.


One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. – Henry Miller, American novelist.


Have You Fallen In Love Yet?

I can’t forget to mention The Dwell Hotel, a storied, landmark hotel dating back to 1909. The prior owner was an avant-garde designer sourcing vintage, deco, and one-of-a-kind pieces from Marketplace, Etsy, grandmother’s garage sales, and of course, sketchy storage units across the country. A complete renovation in 2016, some say it’s haunted (it’s not), nothing is level, and you can rent out the entire building for $15000 for your private event! Think of the possibilities.

Personality types who would book: Abstract (ISFP), Expressive (ENFP), Harmonious (ENFJ), Kindly (ISFJ), Curious Travelers (ENTP), Ingenious (INTP), Seeking (INFP), Attentive (ESFJ), and perhaps the Kindly (ISFJ) for the love of oddities that bring back familiar childhood memories. And I’m thinking of Playful travelers (ESFP) who would enjoy a hotel buyout!

If you visit Chattanooga, what will you choose to explore? Are you eager to devour the beautiful stories behind the local artists? Wander the riverfront thinking of all those who’ve come before you. Or visit the local crafters and food artists who make your trip oh, so delightful!

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Photo Credit Nina Zapala: Rembrandt’s Coffee House, my favorite place!



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