Best Road Trips To Make Your Personality Happy

Over the last few years, air travel has become tricky for many Americans. A return to a classic vacation is trending: the American road trip. It’s the perfect way to explore your own backyard and hidden gems in other states, plus you can pick up and go whenever you like. What’s better than a classic American road trip? Taking a road trip that ideally aligns with your personality type! 

Who doesn’t want a vacation to stimulate dulled senses and prompt serendipitous moments full of joie de vivre? I know I do, but like most things in life, it’s going to involve some work. You’re going to have to unpack your personality. Yep, which entails leaving life’s daily baggage behind and wandering into yourself, just like you did when you were a kid. To travel happier, it’s essential to understand yourself and, just as vital, let your inner guide be your travel guide.

Did You See It Said the Heart to the Eye” – Anonymous.

The Best Road Trip for Your Persona

Did you know your personality type influences vacation outcomes? It goes to reason if you don’t know your type; travel can be quite the kerfuffle. It’s easy to think you know yourself in your day-to-day because you are focused on the business of life. And honestly, most of us are on automatic pilot, not giving much thought to our personality type. 

Ahh, but travel is a whole different set of circumstances; it’s unknown, unexpected, and unfamiliar. When you don’t know your personality type, vacations tend to exacerbate unhealthy aspects of your persona, causing travel triggers that lead to stress, overwhelm, and emotional outbursts!

Here are a few tips:

  • Before planning a vacation, write down a few intentions: things about yourself you want to work on, meditate on it, and zero in on an intention. Write it down, journal on it, then surrender it. See what unfolds.
  • While on a road trip, embrace the detours, step outside your comfort zone, and stay present.
  • When traveling with others, consider sharing your intentions and see if they want to share theirs. Communicating pre-trip creates happier outcomes. 

We travel to open our hearts and eyes and learn more about the world than our newspapers will accommodate. – Pico Iyer, author, speaker, travel writer, and essayist.

Why Typing When Road Trippin’ Happiness, Of Course…

How do you know where you want to go if you don’t know who you are? Have you ever taken a trip and returned home saying, I need a vacation from my vacation? Have you ever been so excited about a getaway, and it turned out to be oh-hum at best?

Here’s what I know. I’ve been marketing and branding destinations and hoteliers worldwide for decades. And I’ve come to know that every city has a personality; the people give it its unique character and flavor. For example, I’m an ENTP, a Curious traveler, and I’m just fine sparing with the locals in Paris. In fact, I enjoy it even though I don’t understand half of what they’re saying. Tee-hee. My personality type relishes lively conversations, as ENTPs love a good debate. It’s how we learn and grow.

But if you’re an ENFJ, the Harmonious traveler who seeks connection and harmony, Paris might not be your first choice. Yep, even when the tourism machine is touting its “the” place – trust your inner guide and let it be your tour guide! It goes to reason that “a place” can’t be perfect for everyone! OK, I’m not saying Harmonious travelers won’t enjoy Paris, but there are other places, say, Belize, which offers a melting pot of people, ideal for ENFJs as people are their muse. It’s how they learn and grow.

Travel is a gift not to be taken for granted. It is not cheap, and time is our most precious commodity, so travel self-aware. And please, plan a trip you’re personality type will fall in love with.

Are you starting to see why choosing a destination based on your personality type is a good thing? Not only for moments of happiness but for self-discovery – an unforgettable BOGO! – Nina Zapala, Unpack Your Personality

Road Trips: Unpack Your Personality Type

This is a brief list, but stay tuned as my book is coming out soon, Unpack Your Personality: Let Your Inner Guide Be Your Travel Guide: which will offer many more details, but for now, this post should get you started.

Road Tripping with Sensing Perceiving Types: (SPs)

Sensing perceiving types truth in travel: artistic, adventurous, and adaptable — AAA. Expect (SP) types to chase new and different in the here and now — improvising at will with a desire to please the senses. A spur-of-moment traveler who makes unplanned road trips likely.

  • Spirited Travelers (ESTP) 
  • Active Travelers (ISTP)
  • Playful Travelers (ESFP)
  • Abstract Travelers (ISFP)

– Spirited Travelers

Hands-on, practical, observant, physically inspired, intentionally focused, and pragmatic. A few road trip suggestions – it’s off-roading that makes them joyful. Think Land Rover off-roading, Calico, California, a kitschy recreated silver mining town or Michigan’s Upper Peninsula; rivers, lakes, and the second-largest waterfall east of the Mississippi, Tahquamenon Falls.

– Active Travelers 

Active travelers relish road trips packed with extreme sports activities; think Mission Impossible experiences, hands-on experiences, and learning from the environment. Mohab, Utah, for an unforgettable ATV trip. Drive Molokai Forest Reserve Road, Hawaii replete with stunning views, including waterfalls and plunge pools, sea cliffs, and Waikolu Canyon.

– Playful Travelers

These types are happiest when they have the space to explore trend-on adventures. With a live-in-the-moment vibe, they jump in, charge the eclectic car, and may head to Miami with a stay at the SLS Brickell Hotel in Miami, a trend-on all-inclusive, and continue on to Key West, revealing in the mind-boggling 42 bridge crossings that get you to: Everglade National Park and the nation’s first underwater park, John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.

– Abstract Travelers

Abstract travelers long to commune with nature, often with a pet in tow. The 12.8-mile Munro Trail in Lani, Hawaii, is a one-lane dirt road that offers a ride through the rainforest and panoramic views of Hawaii’s neighboring islands, Maui, Molokai, Oahu, and the Big Island. It culminates at Lanaihale, the island’s highest point at 3,370 feet. Or take a road trip to a state park with your pup in tow. Bring Fido is a great resource. Traveling with a pet makes you happier! 

Road Tripping with Sensing Judging Types: (SJs)

Sensing judging types truth in travel: exact, traditional, and advising: ETA. Expect (SJ) travel types to book budget-friendly, practical stays adhering to schedules with everything in its proper place and everyone doing what they’re supposed to. 

  • Attentive Travelers (ESFJ) 
  • Kindly Travelers (ISFJ)
  • Dutiful Travelers (ESTJ)
  • Grounded Travelers (ISTJ)

– Attentive Travelers  

These travelers are vacation orchestrators, often getting everyone on board. The picnic baskets will be packed, boogie boards stowed, and the car fueled up for an iconic trip along California’s Pacific Coast Highway, a trek to a national park, or a relative road trip. What’s essential for these types are social interactions.

– Kindly Travelers

Expect Kindly travelers to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner at scheduled times while away. If they visited national parks or the Sunshine State (Florida, U.S.) as a child, these destinations are likely on their bucketlist as adults. Plan a one-tank trip to a national park, with stops along the way at a favorite diner or pack up the family and drive to your favorite childhood stay. You’ll be happy you did.

Dutiful Travelers

Dutiful travelers have a take-charge attitude and live in the moment. They relish traditional travel holidays such as July 4th, spring break, family reunions… Take a road trip to experience some of the grandest July 4th celebrations in the U.S., book a resort for a family gathering, or pack up the car for a lakeside retreat. For Dutiful travelers, happiness is all about gathering with loved ones.

Grounded Travelers

With a taste for luxury and tradition, these detail enthusiasts will have the packing, reservations, and planning done on time and to the letter. A road trip to a posh resort with all the extras; golf, spa, pools… Twin Farms, Barnard, Vermont; White Elephant, Palm Beach, Florida; The Lodge at Blue Sky, Auberge Resorts, Wanship, Utah; San Ysidro Ranch, Santa Barbara, California…Conventional, luxury, and attention to detail put you in your happy place!

Travel Brings Power and Love Back Into Your Life.– Rumi

Road Tripping with Intuitive Feeling Types: (NFs)

Intuitive feeling types truth in travel: abstract, flexible, and transcendentalists – AFT. Intuitive feeling types are introspective travel types, creative, enthusiastic, and user-friendly, who readily look for ways to help others feel good about themselves. Here are a few road trip suggestions to make your personality type happy!

  • Harmonious Travelers (ENFJ)
  • Insightful Travelers (INFJ)
  • Expressive Travelers (ENFP)
  • Seeking Travelers (INFP)

– Harmonious Travelers

With a desire to learn and be inspired running deep within you, learning vacations are inevitable and delight you to no end. A one-tank trip to experience a local cooking class,  Terranea Resort in California is one to consider as is; the renowned Blackberry Farms, Tennessee, and since this type is a novelty seeker New York’s Inns of Aurora, the resort’s Director of Serenity, leads customized tea sessions at the property’s wellness space, The Loft. A road trip to see a friend or explore a farmers market is highly likely.

– Insightful Travelers

Insightful travelers are intuitive and instinctual, the rarest of all types. When traveling with them, heed their warnings and trust what they say, even if it doesn’t make sense. They’ll naturally road trip for self-betterment and will likely enjoy a solo escape to a local B&B. B&B Finder is a good resource or book an Airbnb. Solitude is key to happier escapes, yet Insightful travelers love 1:1 with others; it’s the wise teacher in them coming forth, and it gives meaning and context to an everyday road trip.

Expressive Travelers

Expressive travelers want to dine and mingle with the locals, eager to understand the culture of a place. They’re quirky, highly individualistic, and more likely to travel than others. Curious travelers come in a close second. Spot them at a local artesian market, avoiding the tourist spots and chit-chatting it up with the locals at a beloved diner. You’ll have a hard time spotting Expressive travelers as they embed themselves in the local culture and make friends everywhere they go. Ahh, your happy place!

Seeking Travelers

Spontaneous road trips, fueled by feelings, romanticism, and intuition, are their travel style which may have them staying at a farm to wander through lavender fields, daydreaming of an idyllic life. They may script a fantasy-style road trip: investigating a haunted house or exploring a cavern. Remember to stop along the way and take time for stillness. It makes your soul happy.

Road Tripping with Intuitive Thinking Types: (NTs)

Intuitive thinking types truth in travel: experimental, cerebral, and objective ECO. Look for these travel personalities to be very interested in the ‘why’ of a place. You’re theoretical, a storyteller at heart who loves to talk about what you see. 

  • Assured Travelers (ENTJ)
  • Inventive Travelers (INTJ)
  • Curious Travelers (ENTP)
  • Ingenious Travelers (INTP)

– Assured Travelers

These travelers are uninspired by leisure vacations –work is their fun. But they can be persuaded to take a vacation if it supports a business or wellness trip. There is a good chance they’ll plan a road trip and head to a luxurious Grand Dame, their place of peace and happiness. A few suggestions, the Sanctuary at Kiawah Island, South Carolina; the American Club, Kohler, Wisconsin; Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, California.

– Inventive Travelers

One of the best contingency planners on the planet, especially if you’re determined to get from point A to B quickly. Please put these types in charge. They are excellent navigators. Tip; they may be happier planning a trip than the road trip itself. Spot them at a luxurious wellness resort; Miraval, Omega, or Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa, Miami, Florida.

– Curious Travelers

These travelers enjoy lively, storied conversations with locals while immersing themselves in the local culture. They may find Saugatuck, Michigan, known for great food, to be a fun trip. Another option is Albeline, Kansas, which is history, architecture, and a surprisingly discoverable small town. Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin, is a gorgeous nature escape, which makes these types oh-so-happy.

– Ingenious Travelers

Ingenious travelers are minimalists and care more about the people than the journey. Micro-group road trips suit them just fine. A one-tank road trip to enjoy restaurant-hopping with friends, a trip to learn about an elusive artist at the Walter Anderson Museum of Art, Ocean Springs, Mississippi, or gather with a few friends at an Airbnb.

Finding your true self is one of the grandest adventures of your life. Nina Zapala, Unpack Your Personality

How to Choose the Right Road Trip for You?

What’s the goal for your road trip? Connection, soul-searching, problem-solving, trying something new? Whatever it is, take time to visualize it, intend it, and then surrender it. You’ll be surprised at what awaits you around the corner.

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