What’s Really Important On The Awakening Journey?

What’s really important on the awakening journey is a question answered in part by Deepak Chopra, a famous American author and alternative medicine advocate. This quote is one of the primary pillars of Unpack Your Personality.©️ A new personality type paradigm introducing the role of the soul.

Awakening is not changing who you are but discarding who you are not.

DeePak Chopra

Here’s what I know because I’ve lived it now for more than 7-years. My 7-year life tsunami resulted in the awakening of my true self, my spark of Divine Intelligence. Know we all have a Divine Spark. It’s the soul, expressing through our personality type. What I found was I didn’t discard my personality or ask the Divine for a new soul. No, I recreated my self from the rubble of a fear-induced life. Discarding inherited beliefs, values, and negative behaviors ⏤ ego trash.

Knowing your true self is the key to everything in life. It’s an escape from conformity, mediocrity, and living in fear. Your soul self relies on your personality type to live a joyful, fulfilled, abundant life. When these two are in harmony, your true self emerges guided by Divine Intelligence. I know this to be true because it happened to me.

If a stubborn, fiercely independent me can do it, so can you! I want this for you.

The privilege

of a lifetime

is to become

who you truly are.

Carl Jung, Swiss psychiatrist, a Pioneer of Personality Typing

Where To Start On The Awakening Journey

My 7-year tsunami taught me so many things. One of the most significant was building a relationship with my personality type. I didn’t know who I was. I had to start over and build this relationship, which I now know is essential on the awakening journey. It’s the first stop to heal, transform, and undo a lifetime of ego-conditioning inherited old habits, beliefs, negative behaviors, well, basically, fear-based living.

What’s so glorious about discovering your personality type is everyone has a type. The not so easy part is that most of us don’t know our type or are confused about their traits and how they influence the everyday. It can get a bit tricky. No worries, I’m here to help. I believe discovering your personality type is critical on the awakening journey. It’s the first step.

So let me ask do you believe you’re a human being? I hear a resounding, yes. If we know this, we understand we have a human aspect to ourselves (logical, minded) and a being aspect of ourselves (the soul – your spark of Divine Intelligence). So if we know this, why in the world do we ignore the relationship between the two? We separate the human from the being.

I don’t believe the Divine meant for us to separate the two. Think about it. We are here on earth, so we need our logical minds, and since we are spiritual beings, we need the connection to Divine Intelligence. Separating the two goes against the Univeral Law of Correspondence. Meaning what’s on the earth plane is also on the spiritual plane and your relationship to it all. Fear or Love!

Why Personality Typing On Your Awakening Journey

My 7-year life tsunami taught me that a personality type points you in the direction of your greatest gifts and joys. It reveals the person you came here to be, aligning with your soul’s intentions – expressing your true self. I learned during this time that my spiritual journey needed a course correction. Why? Because I didn’t know my personality type and jumped from one guru or practice to another, never really getting what I needed.

Do you know your personality type? What’s your dominant trait? Your auxiliary trait?. Most of us, I include myself here, only see our personality types as a career tool. But it’s so much more!

We are going to dive deep into this discussion in the pages of Unpack Your Personality©️. I’m over-the-moon excited and humbled to be presenting this information that I believe to be life-altering!

We Are Spirit Beings Enjoying A Human Experience

“Everything can be separated into two wholly opposite parts, and that each of those still contains the potentiality of the other.”

Hiram Pagan

I think everyone in the world can agree that we have a soul and a personality. Let’s go a bit deeper. If our soul is here to evolve, create and expand, all of the things held in love, hell, even the word evolve, contains the word love. Yet, our personality, our personal reality, functions in a fear-based world. The opposite of love.

Why Is This?

The Universal Law of Polarity states there is an equal and opposite to everything. Nothing exists alone. Why, then, do so many of us not recognize the role our personality type plays in our lives? We see it, at best, as a career tool. This is ironic because a Gallop Poll reports that 85% of people aren’t satisfied with their jobs. A big clue that’s something is missing,

What’s missing? It’s the relationship between your personality type and your soul. This is what’s really important on the awakening journey. It’s the journey that starts within to ignites your true self, personality, and soul intentions, guided by the spark of Divine Intelligence.

How To Start The Important Awakening Journey

My spiritual journey started very at a young age. I would observe and listen in as my mom would talk to her deceased relatives on the phone with her sister. Her intuitive nature had a huge impact on my life. I’ve been a seeker ever since.

I’ve attended seminars hosted by Deepak Chopra, a renowned speaker and self-help author the late; Wayne Dyer and a leading proponent of medicine and healing, Dr. Christian Northrup. I also worked as a freelance publicist for the Edgar Cayce Foundation. And I’ve participated in an annual weekend spiritual retreat. My bookshelves are overflowing with self-help, psychological, metaphysical, and spiritual books. So, of course, I arrogantly thought I was spiritually aware until my 7-year tsunami hit me upside my head. It was then I began to think differently.

Here’s What I Want You To Learn

Your personality type has its own unique way of awakening. It’s not my way, it’s not templated, nor will you find it from reading a book or attending a seminar. Your awakening will be unlike any other.

Your spiritual awakening will present itself when your personality type has awoken. You see, your personality type has many hidden secrets to share, found in each one of your preferences. These preferences help you discover your unique path to awakening. Once you discover this, then you can embark on classes, books… because you’ll know what works for you, and you can leave the rest behind.

Here’s A Quick Recap Of What’s Really Important On The Awakening Journey

– You are not changing who you are. In fact what is needed is discovering your true self,

– Knowing your true self is the key to everything in life. It’s an escape from conformity, mediocrity, and living in fear – it’s about living a joyful, abundant, fearless life,

– The Universal Law of Polarity states there is an equal and opposite to everything, so why do we not recognize our soul and personality live in polarity – soul/love; personality/fear – this is the reckoning or awakening we all need to experience as we want to align the soul and personality in love,

– Your unique personality will have a unique journey on the awakening of the true self, don’t let vanilla spiritual speak tell you differently. I know I’m living it,

– Your spiritual awakening journey will present itself when your personality type is awakes.

Are You Ready For A New Paradigm in Personality Typing

Did you enjoy reading “How to live joyfully from your soul self?” is resonating with you. I’m passionate about introducing the idea of spirituality; the role of the soul as a component of personality typing. It took me many years to develop a relationship with my Divinely Inspired personality. I did the work (I’m still doing it) to move beyond my untruth to get to my True Self. To live from authentic me. The challenges were seemingly relentless, yet it’s been worth it. I’ve built an unshakable foundation. And when you add-in a stillness practice, and there is no other way to go but up. Days become full of joy. You exude self-confidence and feel empowered to take on whatever life throws at you. Making decisions is easier because you know exactly who you are, what you like and don’t. You’re ready to step into another transformative day with a boatload of clarity. 

Let’s Get to Know One Other

I look forward to building a community of women who are looking to rediscover their True Self. Truth Seekers, if you will, wanting to grow and learn more about their Divinely Inspired personality type and how it influences you every day; in relationships, parenting, travel fashion, etc. The idea is to fully understand your True Self, the self the Divine wants you to be. It’s time to enjoy your gifts and genius, and most importantly, to bring your unique messages and mission to the world. I’m up for whatever it takes to make this happen. 

My radio interview aired on Speaking of Travel part of the iHeart radio network with host Marilyn Ball; give it a listen here. 

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I’m here to hold space for you, to help you create a life beyond your wildest daydreams.  Contact me if you desire a personal guidance session to identify your personality type. I would be honored to know you and help you see why your Divinely Inspired personality type is essential to living a joyful, peaceful, fulfilled life. A life built on a foundation of your TrueSelf, your truth. Note: I’m a certified Myers-Briggs instructor with an intuitive side and ready to introduce spirituality into personality typing.

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