How To Tap Into Your Divinely Inspired Personality Type

How to tap into your divinely inspired personality type starts with a new perspective on an old paradigm. Many typologists use the same language, saying the same thing. It lacks soul. I believe there’s more to it. I think many typology gurus rely on the personality paradigm of the 1950s, which is fine, but I think there’s a better way.

Spiritual Personality Typing Uber Relevant in the Age of Aquarius

Over 1.5 million people a year take a Myers-Briggs Indicator test for employment. It’s dynamically focused on matching an individual’s strengths to a career. It makes sense, right? Yet a 2019 Gallop Poll states 85% of the workforce is unhappy. A soulless aspect emerges.


No One Was Ever Great Without Some Portion of Divine Inspiration – Marcus Tullius Cicero


So what’s missing?

I believe it to be the soul’s role in personality typing, a Divine spark within us all, the soul essence or nonphysical aspect of self. Do you believe that we are not just our minds? We are human (physical, logical, rational mind, immersed in the senses). While our beingness (the nonphysical self; – the spirit mind, is Divinely inspired and engaged in the world of Divine Intelligence.

That’s It! It’s what we’re missing.

It’s the Divinely inspired aspect of our personality types. I believe the soul can’t exist without your personality type. How would it express itself in the physical world? Do we become slaves to the external world of humanness?

A Divinely Inspired Personality Is Holistic

OK, let me explain. So if you’re on board with the idea that we are human beings, why don’t we holistically use our human and beingness in union with each another? Does it not make sense that a Divinely inspired consciousness works with soul consciousness? When you let your spirit mind lead the rational mind, you enter into an enlightened partnership. When this happens – the soul takes charge, and the rational mind now relies on this higher consciousness to take inspired action through the personality type.

How To Discover Your Divinely Inspired Personality Type

Here’s the tricky part. Accessing your divinely inspired personality type isn’t always easy. We’ve inherited decades of beliefs from our family, governments, education, and religious institutions. When we rely on the false beliefs of others, we separate from our truth, our true self.

The hardest part is waking up to the idea that we are a spark of Divine Intelligence. We are worthy, powerful, and God-life beings. A healthy personality type is foundational to our life’s mission. Our best life isn’t just our intellect or logical minds. How could it? Yet, this is exactly how the vast majority of us live. It’s what we are conditioned to believe.

It Takes Courage

Uncovering all the hidden beliefs, old ideas, and behaviors that don’t serve us anymore takes great courage. For many of us, it’s a collection of ego trash we’ve let others dump on us. It’s their garbage, not ours. But yet, we hold it close without questioning it or giving it another look. That is, until life becomes unbearable or a crisis arises – is when we begin to question our life.


I Believe Personality Typing Needed to Become More Relevant, so I’ve Developed Personality Typing with a Spiritual Understanding – Nina Zapala, Founder, Spiritual Personality Typing™️.


Here’s What’s Troubling About Today’s Typology

Many typologists use the same language, saying the same thing, generalizing, or even worse, stereotyping. I genuinely believe that we, as “Human Beings,” are more than a personality type theory. We’re complicated and deeply individual. Yes, we have similarities, but with a twist. The twist is our life experiences, plus our soul’s sacred contracts, and our personalities, combine to create our realities. The idea here is to learn the difference between an ego-conditioned and Divinely inspired personality type and apply a soul-led personality type to your life. I promise the rewards will be beyond your wildest dreams.

A Functional Stack

A personality functional stack is the order in which you use your traits. It’s based on career topology from the 1940s, which is fine. But my studies and my life experiences have shown that the order is just the tip of the iceberg.

As I went through my 7-year life tsunami – a time of relentless challenges and liberating lesions, I discovered I was letting my inferior trait (4th trait in order of use) lead my life, which is the opposite of what many theories share. In fact, and I cringe, some say this trait is insidious. Ouch! d Here’s what I know and learned through self-experience. Divine Intelligence gave us four characteristics, each with gifts we need to use to support our soul’s mission in this lifetime.

My clients have also shared they’ve been relying on the tertiary trait (3rd trait in order of use). Which is not commonly discussed. I want to change how we look at our functional stack and see it as an interweaving of traits, each supporting us in some capacity.

A Rethinking

Another area I want to rethink is we only use two out of the four functions. But why? What I faced going through my 7-year tsunami revealed my inferior trait, which was crucial to understanding many of my bad choices.

In fact, once I started to realize it was unhealthy to rely on this trait, I began to get my life back on track. Again, I don’t believe Divine Intelligence makes a mistake. Our lives are shaped by four characteristics, each of which deserves our attention.


What You Think About Activates A Vibration in You – ABRAHAM-HICKS


How To Tap Into Your Divinely Inspired Personality Type

The answer to this question is easy and not so easy. The easy part is everyone has a personality type, and once you correctly identify with it, you can begin to develop a healthy relationship with all four functions.

The challenge lies in revealing accumulated ego trash, everyone else’s garbage, and believing it’s our own truth. The real work began in rethinking who we are, unraveling the old to rebuild yourself anew. We must sit with those old beliefs, values, habits, and negative behaviors and shift through each one to shed what doesn’t work and hold tightly to our values and beliefs. The ideologies that guide us into becoming our best selves.

Recap: How To Tap Into Your Divinely Inspired Personality Type

  • Rethinking the 1940s typology into the typology of the future, a new personality type paradigm that embraces the role of the soul,
  • We are human beings, correct? Our human aspects are self-conscious and logical-minded, while our beingness stems from our soul intentions – Divine Intelligence,
  • A great place to start, throw out the ego trash you’ve been collecting for decades and realize this isn’t your garbage. It’s a collection of inherited ego trash dating back to childhood, relationship experiences, social conditioning, country culture, and the influence of the media, corporate culture, and social media,
  • Start questioning everything you’ve ever learned. It’s part of the rebuilding process.

Are You Ready For A New Paradigm in Personality Typing

I hope “How to Tap Into Your Divinely Inspired Personality Type” resonates with you. I’m passionate about introducing the idea of spiritual personality typing. It took me many years to develop a relationship with my Divinely Inspired personality. I did the work (I’m still doing it) to move beyond many untruths to liberate myself to get to my truth. The challenges were seemingly relentless, yet the freedom to be me is priceless!

Spiritual Personality Is The Benchmark to You

So if you want to figure yourself out, you need a benchmark, and I believe the benchmark is a healthy personality bound by spirituality. Making decisions is easier because you know who you are, what you like and don’t. You get inspired and ready to step into another transformative day with great clarity. You exude self-confidence and courage and feel empowered to take on whatever life throws at you.


Ready to release struggle? Entering a midlife awakening, or is reinvention on the horizon? Then you’re ready to harness your true self, the truth of who you really are! Nina Zapala, Founder: The Soul’s Role in Personality Typing.™️


What Are You Waiting For?

Are these questions ruminating in your mind; “Who Am I?” “How Do I Fit Into The World?” “Why Am I Here?” “What About My Dreams and Desires?” Know you are not alone 97% of people desire to know themselves better. Here’s the thing, 97% want to change something about ourselves, yet many of us still need to learn who we are. How can you change what you’re not aware of? I want to help you discover your true self, the WHO of who you really are.

Let me introduce you to personality typing with a spiritual understanding to liberate your true self. What I know, everything you are seeking is already within you. 

I provide resources using your personality type traits infused with spiritual know-how to help you clarify who you really are; your true self. Are you ready for a community – who are eager to get clear about who they are? Those whose idea of a good life is living with meaning, purpose, and serving others. I share the liberating lessons I learned going through my life tsunami. The time is now!

Are You Ready?

I welcome you if you’re spiritually open, willing to discover yourself, and know you’re more than your struggles and fears. I’m on a mission to build a thriving community to help you rediscover your true self to be a more authentic entrepreneur or conscientious traveler. In the end, both paths lead to self-discovery.

I’m here for you, to walk you through challenges and change, to liberate your True Self. Connect with me if you desire a customized guided personality soul session to identify your spiritually inspired personality type to bring clarity, passion, purpose, and the joy you are here to share with the world.

Note: I’m a certified Myers-Briggs® instructor with an intuitive side and eager to introduce you to a new paradigm in personality typing supported by spiritual understandings.

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