I Will Tell You The Truth About Personality Typing and Vacationing in the Next Five Minutes?

The truth about personality typing and vacationing is fascinating. I believe the destination you choose directly reflects your personality type. What’s even more interesting – is what if the destination you choose mirrors back areas of your personality that need to be explored to become healthy and whole?

Think back, have you traveled to a destination that completely unnerved you? What if the place triggers things you need to become aware of in your life? This scenario happened to me when I visited Las Vegas. At the time, my life was very chaotic, and Las Vegas, a chaotic, buzzy city, was not a good fit. Honestly, I was overwhelmed.

Back then, I didn’t understand my vacation stress. I didn’t realize how detached I had become from my true Self: an unhealthy personality and my soul Self had no way of communicating through me. Fear and ego were front and center! Ahh, the psychology of you on vacation.

What if a destination is challenging, hard to get to, or you find drama around every corner? Do these obstacles mirror places in your life where you’re stuck? Is chaos reflecting a chaotic lifestyle, one that needs a considerable overhaul?


A Five Minute Read: Personality Typing and Vacationing

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Your Soul Can’t Express Itself Without a Personality, Nina Zapala, Founder Spiritual Personality Typing.™️


Why I believe Destinations Are Like People

I believe every city has a personality, a soul, and an authentic way of being in the world. Marketers refer to it as a brand. Let me share a fascinating insight.

A place is authentic until human beings change the “soul of the place,” branding it to become the next “it destination.” A few examples of humans manipulating destinations: Nashville, TN; Croatia, Asheville, NC: Venice, Italy, and Austin, TX; plus just about all areas in Florida and California, to name a few. Greed moves into town and shapes a place to fit a bank account, sometimes over-focusing on Mother Nature’s precious gifts and overwhelming local businesses and residents who bless a place with unique vibes.

I’m just saying … overtourism!!!


How the Psychology of You Is Mirrored Within the Destination

How your psychology is mirrored within a destination becomes evident if you take the time to look. Just like a destination, we are “branded” to be something different from who we really are. We believe if we meet societal expectations, our lives will become successful. False truth, false truth, false truth…

Can you see how introverted children who grow up with extroverted parents or vice-versa become brainwashed by their parent’s ideologies and maybe even think there is something wrong with them?. Society, a country’s culture, governments, religion, and social media all fill our heads with external expectations, pushing us further away from who we are.


A New Travel Paradigm Thought

As I said, branded destinations heavily influenced by human interference often don’t look or feel like what they used to. Then can we say travel destinations reflect what happens to us all? Can you see how a destination you choose can mirror aspects of yourself, healthy or unhealthy?


And if travel is like love, it is, in the end, mostly because it’s a heightened state of awareness, in which we are mindful…Pico Iyer, Author


We All Have Challenges Even The Most Pristine Place On Earth Do

Can you agree that every place on the planet has challenges; hard to get to, overtourism, crime? And yes, we all have challenges to overcome in this lifetime. But what if we begin to look at vacation challenges as our souls gently showing us it’s time to examine unhealthy personality traits?

Are you eager to make your personality type a priority? I hope so because it’s literally the tool your soul uses to express itself here on earth.

Do you agree you’re more open-minded, willing to try new things, and more relaxed while on vacation? Wouldn’t this be an excellent time to set intentions for transformative travel?

As a tenured travel professional, I know we all experience travel triggers on vacation. So why not pack the attitude that triggers are a good thing leading to an inner exploration of Self, a time to examine traits that need a tune-up; a release of ego and fear.


The Truth About Personality Typing and Vacationing; Travel Triggers Are Real

Travel triggers are unconscious aspects of your personality pushing their way to the front of the line, to be seen, heard, and unpacked. They can cause vacation anxiety, unhappiness, stressful times, overwhelm, and for many, unfortunately, this saying has become all too familiar, “I need a vacation from my vacation.”

My idea is to use travel as a classroom to help you become aware of your travel triggers, to explore them and your true Self. Walking in your truth encourages your soul Self to take Divinely inspired action to make better choices, and of course, you’ll take fabulous vacations each time.  

An in-depth blog on the topic of travel triggers if you want to explore more.


Personality Typing While Vacationing

Are you a list-maker, or do you love spontaneity? Do you love big crowds or prefer an intimate group setting? Are you overwhelmed by too many lights, loud noises, or unfamiliar foods?

Have you ever wondered, “Why am I so different?” You’re not; your personality type indicates patterns of behaviors that fuel your reality and your vacation activities. Ok, so you are different from the 15 other personalities who don’t share your type. But remember, it doesn’t make you good or bad. It just makes you, YOU!

Your personality type is a tool to help you gain clarity about who you are and how you engage with the world. I guarantee you won’t pick a vacation that nourishes the soul if you don’t know your personality type.

You see, your personality type offers a distinct set of indicators that identify preferences related to:

  • introvert/extrovert – do you welcome the outer world or inner world,
  • sensing/intuition – how you gather information,
  • thinking/feeling – how you make decisions,
  • judging/perceiving – do you organize your world in a structured manner or are you more flexible?

These traits greatly influence your vacation decisions, what activities you choose, your ideal accommodations, restaurants, and more. Here’s another blog you may want to read on the topic.


Recap: I Will Tell You The Truth About Personality Typing and Vacationing in the Next Five Minutes

  • What if the destination you choose mirrors back areas of your personality that need examining?
  • My experience with Las Vegas taught me a place that reflects the psychology of you.
  • Do you believe a destination can mirror personality traits that need an overhaul?
  • Personality typing while vacationing is an exciting way to observe your traits in action.
  • Travel triggers will show up while away; why not see them as gifts for self-improvement?


Leave a Comment Below About Personality Typing and Vacationing if this Post Resonates

I hope you found the truth about personality typing and vacationing eye-opening. I’m here to share this new philosophy to get you excited about your personality type. I also want you to start seeing your persona as a magical tool and the essential role it plays in your life.

Make understanding your personality type a priority. It’s one of the best relationships you can cultivate in this lifetime.

Of course, with all good things in life, if you do the work, take responsibility, and make personality typing with a spiritual understanding a daily ceremony, realizing the two can’t exist without each other, you’ll move closer to your truth. You’ll be ready for any occasion, situation, or event – be it travel, relationships, career, or your sacred life path. Even better, it unshackles you from a purposeless existence.

I know this to be true because this is precisely how it worked in my life.

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