Many Reasons To Be Grateful For Your Personality Type?

Many reasons to be grateful for your personality type a post about how fabulous you are. The time has come to awaken and see yourself from a new perspective. When you let your logical mind rely on your spiritual senses, you have access to the infinite possibilities available within. Remember who you are – a physical manifestation of Divine Intelligence – a powerful creator, birthed with an individual soul song. It’s a magical reality!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I believe Divine Intelligence assigns each of us a specific personality type for our soul’s mission here on earth. Ponder this. What if your all-knowing higher self intentionally chose your personality to support your challenges, struggles, and traumas? To bring out your many unique talents and gifts into the world.

Have you been trying to figure yourself out for decades?

Are you ready to stop looking to the world for answers and instead embrace the truth within you?


Gratitude Turns What We Have Into Enough — Melody Beattie


Be Grateful For Your Personality Type

I suggest you start a gratitude process focused on your beautiful personality type from this day forward. Realize when you embrace spiritual personality typing, you are opening yourself up to a new paradigm that focuses on the soul’s role in typing. You’ll begin to tap into SOUL-TUIONS, t0 map out the blueprint for your life plan. To help you live a life you love, the grandest adventure of all!

Before I go on, if you don’t have time to read Many Reasons to be Grateful for Your Personality Type, no worries, click here for a recap, or if you prefer watch my 30-minute YouTube video as I explore this topic in great detail.  Are you interested in learning more about the fears that hold you back from stepping into your pure potential? Please know, that I offer private mentoring sessions to help individuals and business owners alike discover their empowering true selves. What really matters!


Let’s Stop the Nonsense Around Personality Typing

I’m on a crusade to stop all of the nonsense around typology. I know people poke fun at introverts and extroverts making memes or videos that project a particular image or way of being in the world. When you watch something like this, do you insert a laughing or a thumbs-up emoji, yet deep within, you’re hurting?

There’s a problem with these social commentaries their impact can be harmful if you don’t understand yourself.  If you are aware of yourself you can laugh at them and not be affected because you realize these memes are focused on ego and fear. Even better, you don’t give a poop 💩 what people think of you because you know you’re part of Devine design, a powerful creator who manifests your reality without the need for another’s influence. You are devoted to building a life path that is all your own!

What I Know For Sure

I’ve come to realize how fabulous each personality type is and the many magnificent gifts each one of you can share with the world. My primary reason for writing this book is to offer you the liberating lessons I gained going through my 7-year life tsunami.

Lessons that blessed me with a new way of being in the world. I had to tap into my spiritual senses, the unseen aspects of myself, while relearning how my physical mind, aka my personality type, influenced my reality. Tapping into the Divine mind enables you to live from your highest SELF. To live a life you truly love a life that matters.


Wear Gratitude Like a Cloak, and it Will Feed Every Corner of Your Life. – Rumi


A Sneak Peek Into My New Book 

Unpack Your Personality is a modern-day approach to typology; spiritual personality typing – a soul-focused approach to Myers-Briggs®. You’ll discover why travel is one of the best ways to begin a journey of self-discovery and how making time for a stillness practice based on your type is one of the simplest ways to understand yourself.

Dedicated chapters spotlight what makes each of the 16 personality types unique and different, offering travel tips with a twist. It reveals the illusions of consumptive travel while exploring the benefits of intentional travel to encourage awakening journeys that empower the true self. What really matters.


What You May Find Interesting

The book also helps you begin to see your personality type as the sacred and the genuine treasure it truly is. I believe we choose our personalities to support our evolving soul’s journey here on Earth School, it’s makes me sad when  I hear people want to change themselves. Why? Your spirit mind, (your higher conscious self that is tethered to Divine Intelligence) knows exactly what you need to successfully navigate this Earth School journey.

Here’s a tip: be proud of yourself for choosing the perfect type for life’s trials and tribulations. And let’s not forget you are ONE out of eight billion people on the planet. Each of us has been seeded with a unique soul mission that only we can create, develop, and share with the world.

  • Being grateful for the knowledge that you are “one of a kind,” created from Divine Intelligence, pregnant with a spark of Universal energy to create and contribute to the world in individualistic ways. Sit with this knowledge and give thanks for who you are.
  • Introverts show the world the extraordinary power of stillness and reflection, how to be a good listener, and naturally bring thoughtfulness before speaking into every conversation. These gifts are admirable and need to be applauded. Be grateful for the introverts in your life, or yourself for that matter as you bring so many gifts to the world.  
  • Extroverts show others to speak up, share truths, and maybe even speak on behalf of others who can’t do so, gifts the world needs, especially now. Let’s show appreciation for the extroverts in the world who are speaking up. And we must remember to be grateful for the extroverts in our lives and for our own beautiful extroverted nature.


16 Personas: Reasons To Be Grateful For Your Personality Type


ESTJ: Dutiful – Determined, captivating, and uber reliable, these are the guideposts that steer your reality – your lively energy can light up a room – numerous people are grateful to know you.

ISTJ: Grounded – You have an excellent memory weaving things from the past into the present. As an observer, you rarely miss something. Happiness for you is intrinsically connected to a moral duty, what truly matters. People are grateful for your sense of responsibility.

ESFJ: Attentive – Affectionate with a celebratory vibe that is attractive to many. You have charismatic energy that fosters and connects due to your sensitivity, and understanding of the nuances between people while encouraging cooperation. Those who you touch are forever grateful.

ISFJ: Kindly – A person who honors commitment, is empathetic, and is highly social, a rarity for an introvert. You’re genuinely concerned with the welfare of others integral to your spiritual awakening and a generous gift you give to the world.



ESTP: Spirited – As an enthusiastic thrill-seeker with a vibrant personality, you tend to be a jokester. People are attracted to your risk-taking ways and your persuasive and encouraging energy. Life is lived in the present moment; adaptive and flexible, admirable gifts appreciated by many.

ISTP: Active – Self-confident, adventurous, and a rule breaker. You tend to be guarded, detached, and practical, with superb listening skills. Your positive outlook on life is appreciated by plenty of people.

ESFP: Playful – Enthusiastic and an attention seeker who nurtures an optimistic attitude. You fascinate many. What people don’t readily see is your insightfulness into what is right and wrong. You require respect and you are respectful to others, an excellent lesson, and we are all grateful for your integrity.

ISFP: Abstract – You tend to be warm and approachable, yet you are hard to get to know. Most people never know your beautiful, inventive mind – yet your imagination often makes a big impression on the world. We are forever grateful for your creativity.


There is a Calmness from a Life Lived in Gratitude, a Quiet Joy.Ralph H. Blum, author the Book of Runes



ENTP: Curious – Is uber curious and unconventional. Lively banter and heated discussions are how you learn. You’ll inspire many with your ideas – changing something for the betterment of humanity. Oodles of folks are grateful for your unorthodox new ways of being in the world.

INTP: Ingenious – Highly imaginative, literal, and ingenious with a mind full of abstract ideas and concepts – which eventually make their way into the world. You tend to be a predictor and an explainer of human consciousness, driven to find the truth. The masses are grateful for your ingenious mind and your unbound creativity.

ENTJ: Assured – You thrive in social situations. You’re friendly, engaging, and motivated by ambition and determination. Deeply moral, you believe everyone should have the freedom to realize their unique talents. Many are grateful for your unwavering beliefs.

INTJ: Inventive – Ambitious, goal-driven, and a transformer. You’ll struggle to win, to make sense of it all, to make your future-oriented visions a reality—a mountain of gratitude for your visionary mind, tenacious energy, and intuitive mastery.



ENFJ: Harmonious – Often, you become a great leader inspired by justice for all. You’ll work endlessly to fight for equality, using a deep understanding of the human psyche. So many people are grateful for your unstoppable energy to fight for justice.

INFJ: Insightful – You’re highly empathic, possessing a unique talent for understanding how people express their emotions. You overcome the worst of things offering a fresh perspective, relative insights, and crucial points to know. So many of us are grateful for your insightful views on overcoming struggle.

ENFP: Expressive – Enthusiastic, introspective, and idealistic inspires all you do. Tolerant and highly unlikely to believe hierarchical societies benefit individuals. You dare to be who you are at all times. Leading by example gives hope to others – so grateful for your shining example.

INFP: Seeking – Idealistic, sensitive, loyal, and gentle on the surface. Most don’t see your intensity in the causes you believe in or the people you care for. It is common for you to express and reveal your intense feelings through literature, music, painting, philosophy… The world is grateful for your artistic ways.


Journal Prompts: To Be Grateful For Your Personality Type?

  • Take a walk in nature or walk in your neighborhood and appreciate the beautify that’s in your backyard

  • Make a phone call, send a text, or better yet, write a handwritten note telling a family member or friend how grateful you are to have them in your life.

  • If you don’t have a gratitude journal, I suggest you start one and use a notebook, tablet, journal, or yellow table. What you use doesn’t matter. What counts is making a habit of what you are grateful for every day. Start with one thing, and if the mode strikes, add more.

If our religion is based on salvation, our chief emotions will be fear and trembling. If our religion is based on wonder, our chief emotion will be gratitude. Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology.


Recap: Many Reasons To Be Grateful For Your Personality Type?

  • Being grateful for your personality type is an exploration of who you really are.

  • It’s time to start a daily gratitude ritual wrapped around your personality type – be grateful, proud, and honored to be you.

  • Let’s stop the careless and disparaging social media memes that depict specific personality traits as negative.

  • I’ve come to know each personality through writing my book Unpack Your Personality, and I can’t wait to reveal the liberating lessons that I share within these pages. I hope through my example to give you hope that you will find light, walking through the darkness.

  • 16 Personas: Reasons To Be Grateful For Your Personality Type

  • Journal Prompts


More About the Spiritual Personality Typing™️

I hope you found Three Reasons To Be Grateful For Your Personality Type eye-opening. I’m passionate and intentional about introducing the idea of personality tying with a spiritual understanding to help you find yourself. The career personality typing model of the 1950s is just fine. Yet, if we want to know who we are and find ourselves in this crazy and chaotic world, we must tap into our Divine, spirit mind, which brings unlimited potential, happiness, and abundance into our lives. What truly matters. Our higher self relies on a healthy personality to express our unique sacred stories, prompting us to take inspired action in all we do. Our higher self speaks through our persona – exuding joy, passion, and love.


Don’t Change Yourself. Find Your SELF.  Nina Zapala, Founder of Spiritual Personality Typing, teaches the soul’s role in personality typing


A Discovery of Personality Typing With a Spiritual Understanding

According to Psychology Today magazine, 93% of people want to change something about themselves. Which begs the question, why change yourself? Or, more importantly, how does changing yourself help you find yourself?

Do you realize you come from the MIND where ideas never end? Is it foolish to think we can create a better version of ourselves? If you come from the stars, what makes you think you can’t be a star? The Spiritual Personality Typing™️ helps you understand yourself and helps you realize the spark of Divinity within (your spirit) can lead you down an extraordinary, new life path.

Do you agree that critical decision-making skills are an absolute must in times of confusion, change, and chaos? The choices you make today can alter your tomorrows.

I’m sharing the liberating lessons and soul wisdom I learned going through my transitional 7-year life tsunami. – to guide you through your life transitions. 

Are you ready to commit to fully knowing yourself? To live thoughtfully, question everything, and love completely. 

You may not find this journey to be an easy one. Still, you will find it enriching, beyond your imagination, a fascinating discovery of personality typing with a spiritual understanding. 


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It is Time to Discover Spiritual Personality Typing ™️ — Nina Zapala, a Curious Type, ENTPI am a certified Myers-Briggs® instructor with an intuitive side ready to introduce you to a new paradigm in personality typing supported by a spiritual understanding.


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Entrepreneurs guided by spirit will be empowered to embrace the tools, tips, and creative resources designed to explore their true calling. 

Travelers who want to travel for self-discovery will enjoy exploring their travel personality types from a sprititual POV.  Plus, you’ll discover the the best places to stay, visit, and play – tailored to your personality type

-Together, we discover what it means to live a true self lifestyle. Exploring the profound aspects of life through real-world situations, journaling, and learning to ensure you remain focused on your purpose.  

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