Personality Typing: A Tool On the Path of Transformation

A look at personality typing as a tool on the path of transformation will help you understand a revolutionary new approach: personality typing with a spiritual understanding. This new paradigm helps you to answer life’s most pressing questions. It brings you clarity and illuminates your life potential. Your sacred personality will dial you into the best spiritual practices for your type.

I believe your personality type and soul self fit together perfectly to help you find YOUR way back to your life’s calling. You’re True Self. Would you agree that finding your purpose is about engaging with your innate self, nurturing self-love, and becoming self-aware? I believe personalty typing coupled with a spiritual practice is the perfect way to reveal your eternal essence: your soul Self, to reach your highest potential. It’s the motivation behind Unpack Your Personality.

Personality Typing a Closer Look

For those who follow me, you know I’m writing a book, Unpack Your Personality, with the premise of personality typing with a spiritual understanding. I’m passionate about this topic. It’s priceless. We all have an individual soul signature that aligns with our divinely inspired personality type, yet how many of us even know anything about our type? Yes, we can probably rattle off the ambiguous four-letter archetype with little understanding, or we state I’m an extrovert/introvert, Virgo, or a number 5… Many know more about a trending Netflix drama than our personality types. This makes me sad.

An Example of Modern Personality Typing in Action.

For the past two weeks, I’ve been pushing hard to finish the outlines of my book. And as a writer, this isn’t easy. Writing isn’t an on-demand art. Especially for a person who has dyslexia, really bad⏤hence the typos. SORRY! Pushing for a comprehensive outline was making me anxious and, to be honest, angry. I’ve learned that pushing breaks the connection, and separates me from the spirit mind, my eternal essence. Today instead of pushing, I stepped away and rearranged my living room, which I love. When I got back to writing, I had the best time. I channeled a paragraph that I believe will change the dynamics of the book. It was a lightbulb moment.

The Lesson Around Personality Typing as a Tool

I know better than to force. I know it’s always better to stay in the flow, and if the writing comes great, and if it doesn’t, great. But I convinced myself that I had to meet deadlines. Why? The books will come when they come. It’s all about Divine timing and trusting your spirit mind knows better than your ego or some constructed fear-based construct. I understand I need to complete projects. But if I hadn’t stopped, that wonderful paragraph wouldn’t exist. Old Nina would have been okay with getting it done, checking it off the list, and proud she finished. Yet, unaware Nina would have never written the book-altering paragraph.

How Many Times

I can’t count how many times I’ve done this in life, not giving myself the time or space to be. I was too busy competing, always wanting to be perceived as better-than or a hard worker. I’d use whatever labels and wore the masks I needed to be accepted. WOW, how many paragraphs were never written, ideas lost, or time getting to know somebody missed because I was too busy being somebody I wasn’t?

When I think back, I feel sad. I feel sad because I feel guilty, and I feel guilty because I’ve lost precious time with myself and others. I didn’t nurture myself. In doing this, I was not sharing truly creative things inspired by my highest potential; my intimate self. I’ve realized that whatever time is needed is the time it will take for awareness to arise.

Today’s Path of Transformation

Pushing. Competing. Comparing. Doubting. The list is long and stems from the fact that I didn’t understand myself, so I relied on my ego-conditioned self. The self that grabs for answers externally relies on somebody else to do it for them and listens to this person and another person without going within to listen to my spirit mind. I would mold myself into what I thought I should be. I’d look to everyone else to find myself. What I found was an unhappy, disconnected faux Nina. UGH!

Today, I’m on a path of embracing my personality in its totality, enhanced with a spiritual practice. The goal is to unpack and leave behind the baggage I no longer use and accept the rest ⏤ the good and the bad. But some days, like this past week, my ego-conditioned self came roaring back. Just so you know, fears never disappear; they diminish. The key, for me, and I’m guessing you too, is to keep from spiraling out of control.

When I ignore the liberating lessons learned during my seven-year life tsunami, acceptance, trust, and relying on the spirit mind, a downward spiral ensues. Nowadays, when I find myself pushing, competing, comparing… I now know I have to let go, trust, believe, and stay committed to my daily spiritual practices. I realize, that I will have days when I will stumble and fall. But I also know I will get up and start again.

Personality Typing: A Tool On the Path of Transformation

Can you see why I’m excited about using personality typing as a tool on the path of transformation? I’ve developed Unpack Your Personality as a guidebook to your spirit mind. It’s practical, spirituality-oriented, and built on the foundation of personality typing.

This journey began more than a decade ago working with a spiritual psychologist Dr. June Lee Nix. I asked myself, why is personality typing only focused on the mind? Yes, I know our minds are important, but our soul, the real WHO of who we are, is even vital to a meaningful life. Deep down into the rabbit hole I went, and while I was there, I stumbled into research that revealed in the 1800s, Greek philosophers believed the psyche was of both the mind and soul. I brought this revelation to Dr. Nix’s attention. I said to Dr. Nix personality theory of the 1940s seems one-sided. It focuses heavily on the mind and the external, material world and lacks an understanding of our spirit mind ⏤ the essential role of the soul. She looked me dead in the eyes and said, “Nina, if this question arrived in your psyche, it needs to be explored, and your findings are to be shared.” I’ve been studying Carl Jung, Myers-Briggs,® David Keirsey ever since.  

Why I Now Believe Personality Typing is the Tool For Transformation

I believe your personality type is sacred and is assigned to you for your life here on Earth. It’s sacred because it supports your eternal soul essence, which is tethered to Divine intelligence. I envision a modern-day personality process, one that’s supported by spirituality. My dream is to teach people through my life experiences, through the lens of sacred personality typing while sharing practical, actionable soul-lutions to merge spirituality with personality typing to meet the demands of the 21st Century. For those who can’t wait for the books, I now offer coaching sessions for those who seek self-development and want to know themselves from the inside out.

It’s Always My Intention

It’s always my intention to help you realize different aspects of yourself, and I hope your found Personality Typing: A Tool On the Path of Transformation inspiring. Every day is a gift. You are a gift with great potential. It’s why the Universe assigned you a distinct personality type and embellished your soul with a brilliant spirit mind. You’re here to remember and share your beautiful self with the world.

Liberating lessons learned going through my seven-year tsunami, life experiences, and years of letting go, trusting, and accepting have put me on a journey of knowing my eternal essence at a soul level, realizing spirituality doesn’t come in a pre-labeled box. It comes from your spirit mind. What many don’t realize is your personality is the expression of soul intentions, your eternal essences enabling you to live a Divinely inspired life. I can honestly say it’s a beautiful world.

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