15 Inspirational Journal Prompts to an Awakened You!

Aah, 15 inspirational journal prompts to an awakened you were crafted to help you explore you, examine old wounds, and dare dream. Wondering where to start, I’ve got you covered. Review the 15 thought-provoking questions below. Grab a pen and paper and dig in.

Recognize we live in a dualistic world, so as you start your self-discovery journey, believe me when I tell you this, NO ONE on the planet is perfect. Many of us admire, a friend, a celebrity or successful business person, and think, “wow, they have it all. I want that.” Well, guess what my friend, you have all it and more! Most people, even the most successful, don’t have a perfect life. It’s not possible because of the duality of the planet. Yet, without contrast, how would we know what we want? How would we grow?

Why I love journaling

Journaling is part of my spiritual practice, and I also use it as a tool to help you Unpack Your Personality. Journaling is relatively easy (especially if you’re ok with writing) and, it’s an inexpensive way to get in touch with you, quiet the mind, and spend time in reflection. Please, you don’t need a fancy journal. A lined notebook and a pencil, and viola let the journaling begin. For me, I layer journaling with a meditation and dream practice. Let me explain.

My Meditation Practice

WhenI meditate, I usually go into it asking a question. I then put my timer on for 20 minutes and envision what I call GOD GOOP. Yes, it’s rays of pink, white and golden light that pours over me. I see fireworks within my body, lightening me up from deep within, helping me to remove toxins. As the toxins leave my body, their black and goopy, I ask that these toxins be used to fertilize the flowers of the Earth.

As my meditation comes to a close, I quickly pick up my notebook and start journaling. This way, I don’t forget any thoughts that may have entered. I don’t force journaling, if two sentences appear, great, if three pages appear great. I write in a channeled way and what comes up, comes up. Sometimes it makes sense, and other times I’m like WHAT? Usually, over the long run, the WHAT turns too, oh, now I see. Another way I meditate is going with a dream sequence, future casting my life as I want it to be. Journaling is just another way spirituality shows up in my life.

Keeping it real here, I don’t meditate formally every day, but I practice reflective thinking on my morning walks every day. I then write down something I’ve envisioned, a new idea, or a realization about my self. Often it turns into gratitude journaling.

15 Inspirational Journal Prompts

  1. Ask yourself this question, are you looking for acceptance, or are you accepting?
  2. Go to a mirror and say, “I see you.” Write what you see – beyond labels: wife, mother, sister…
  3. I’m very unfocused, so I love to take “meditation” walks. I ask, the Universe, show me. Then for the rest of the walk, I look for signs (I’m very visual). Do I see a feather, a butterfly that follows along, meet a new person? I’m mindful of what’s been put in front of me. Then I ponder it all; no detail is too small. Then I journal. Trust what comes up during the journaling process.
  4. Set a timer for 20 minutes, or whatever you’re comfortable with, aim for at least five minutes. Concentrate on breathing and set your intention: a peace-filled day, a day without drama, a day with less pain…
  5. Concentrate on your favorite moment in or around water. What did it feel like? What would it feel like to be in the constant flow of life? Note; even in nature, the jagged rocks become worn and smooth, as you will too.
  6. I’m not a fan of this thought, “you need to change.” No, you do not. What I’d like to ask of you is to accept you in your totality. Know that what you think is a weakness is actually waiting for your acceptance so that it can support you in your totality. Look at yourself and ask, what are my perceived weaknesses? See them in a new light. Now envision them supporting you?
  7. What role does doubt play in your life? How would you feel if you replaced doubt with trust? Trust in knowing what you want will appear? Journal the feelings using doubt and then journal the feeling using trust.
  8. To know something is fabulous, but to bring your purpose to light, you must experience it. What do you know that you need to experience?
  9. What if your golden rule was to say yes to you, to your higher self, your Divine self – your quintessential personality type? What would your life look like? Spend at least 30 minutes on this. Then spend another 30 minutes or more answering these questions; saying yes to your Divine self in relationships, as a parent, as a friend, as a co-worker,
  10. What are the three things you can let go of today? How can you practice letting go of unnecessary things? (I will no longer go to the grocery store three times a week. 🌻)
  11. Can simplicity open a new door to freedom? Remember, every day is a choice. Will you choose the simple joys? Or will the drama of complication take over? Some situations are very complicated, but if you start breaking them down, they become bite-size – journal ten ways to reduce complicated situations in your life.
  12. How can you practice letting go of unnecessary things?
  13. Use this mantra; I’m wonderful. How does it make you feel? Embrace it. Live it repeat it often.
  14. What do you desire? Write it down. See #7; now trust that the Universe will deliver beyond your wildest dreams. This is a dream sequence meditation. I do this once a week for at least 30 minutes.
  15. If you’re stuck in your home, take a minute to look out the window and observe nature. Or if you’re lucky enough, take a walk or bike ride. Witness the playfulness among the animals. How can you create a playful spirit within the confines of your home?” Journal ten ways to play indoors?
  16. Ask yourself, “Who am I when I’m at my best?”
  17. Trust in your DIVINE guidance – make it a habit.

Clarity is Never Easy Journal Prompts Help

As you read through these 15 inspirational journal prompts, start with the ones that resonate with you. If one that jumps off the page, start there. This is your DIVINE self letting you know; it’s time to get clarity on this. Then tackle the next one. I don’t suggest you do all 15 journal prompts at once. This list is not a ‘to-do-list’ exercise. (I’m speaking kindly to personality types with a “J” trait 😘.) I suggest you journal one question a week and come back to this question each day, over seven days. You’ll be surprised at how different your answer becomes. It’s because our ego-conditioned self, what we perceive to be real, answers the question on the first day. By day seven, your soul is speaking.

15 Inspirational Journal Prompts to an Awakened You!

It’s always my intention to help you realize different aspects of yourself. To inspire you to show up in the world better than you were the day before. Every day is a gift. You are a gift, with great potential. It’s why the Universe assigned you a distinct personality type and embellished your soul with your own brilliant DNA blueprint. You’re here to remember and share your beautiful self with the world. We are all different.

After a ten-year tsunami, and years of reflection and learning, I now know on a soul level, that spirituality doesn’t come in a pre-labeled box. It comes from your higher self. What many don’t realize is your personality dictates your spiritual practice, your approach to life ⏤ just like it dictates, your travel style, your lifestyle, your romantic interests, and your career.

Stay Tuned 

My radio interview aired on Speaking of Travel part of the iHeart radio network with host, Marilyn Ball. Give it a listen here. Please know I’m also working on 16 guidebooks on the subject matter of Unpacking Your Personality. It’s a new hybrid of personality typing supported by spirituality. I’m working on finishing up the books, and will then need to get a printer, develop a Podcast, and so much more. All new things for me, but I’m excited, exhausted and a bit overwhelmed. 😇

I look forward to building a community of seekers—individuals who want to know their truth and shine brighter in the world. We will become a positive force in the world. And I’m up for whatever it takes to make this happen.

For now, I’ll be sharing on: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and would love your feedback, comments, and thoughts.

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