Overwhelmed By Unexpected Personality Triggers on Vacation

Overwhelmed By Unexpected Personality Triggers on Vacation. Let’s get real, you pack your personality right along with the sunnies and the sunscreen, so it goes to reason your personality can and may get triggered while away. Realize unexpected personality triggers can and do reveal aspects of your personality that aren’t in line with who you really are. They offer you insights into behaviors, beliefs, or habits that need to change.

Maybe It’s Time To Do Something New

Honestly, triggers aren’t easy, yet they pop up like weeds on a sidewalk while we’re on vacation. I believe it’s because we’re removed from life’s daily rituals, giving ourselves permission to open up a bit.

Triggers are tricky regardless, but while exploring a new place, you often look at things with fresh eyes and see yourself differently.

Here’s the good news. If you have a mini-meltdown, you’re amongst strangers, which is a little relief. More good news, if you allow yourself to experience what’s triggering you fully, face it, and get on the other side of it, you’ll come home a bit more enlightened. Way cooler than a tchotchke.

Realize travel triggers may cause stress, anxiety, overwhelming feelings, and even anger. Know you’re not alone; everyone on the planet has had a travel trigger or two.


We are ALL a work in progress. 

A few examples for you to review are below.  Please note; that triggers are a good thing.

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If you think you need fixing or need to change its what you will attract. A vacation is as good a time as any to run into the Law of Attraction? –– Nina Zapala, Founder Spiritual Personality Typing™️



Do You Believe Personality Triggers Inspire Personal Growth 

I must ask a few important questions before I go on any further.

Do your beliefs shape your personal reality?

Yes or No?

If you repeatedly think the same thoughts, do you believe you’ll have the same experience?

Yes or No?

Do you believe your personality holds the keys to your true self, the truth of who you really are?

Yes or No


If You Had Yeses Keep On Reading

If you answered yes to all three questions, keep reading. All no answers are indicators that this post may not be your cup of tea.

Over the years, I’ve spoken with hundreds of travelers; many had similar stories to my own. They leave home and arrive at their destination, thinking the vacation will be uber blissful, believing the TV commercial, travel magazine editor, or influencer. These women believed travel was the elixir that would fix their lives. I know this to be true. I lived it, plus I spoke with hundreds of women, who shared eerily similar stories of discontentment, emptiness, and careers that were sucking the life out of them.

So many of us assume that our quiet partner will be the life of the party, our non-stop talking BFF would slow down and want to read by the pool, or our reflective friend would somehow love being dragged around a ginormous festival.

Just not happening.

Wondering why so many of us become completely disenchanted with our travel mates?

Read on…


How Is Unexpected Personality Triggers Are Possible? 

You leave home with the same thoughts, beliefs, old stories, and habits, believing you’ll be a different person upon arrival. That’s what we read and what the travel marketing, influencers tell us. 

Are these marketing promotions faux news or the real deal? Honestly, I think it’s a bit of both. Here’s why. We don’t know the personality type of the writer who is writing the story. And as a travel writer, I was often told what to include and not include; as editorial — story articles are driven by advertisers. So to keep them happy, ya do what they say.

Most people want to believe there will be some huge, transformative shift taking place as they fly over the ocean, and upon arriving at their vacation destination, they’re somehow transformed. Wish it was that easy, but we all know personal transformation isn’t about waving a magic wand. The idea you can change, transform, or evolve without doing the work is the definition of insanity.

In fact, those who desire to change themselves will find, instead of evolving, they actually initiate a fight within themselves. It’s true. You’re an eternal soul with an eternal soul mission. It’s highly unlikely you’re going to change that, especially when your soul path is a direct creation of Divine intelligence. It’s why I believe we all have a spark of Divine intelligence within us. This spark is our soul’s map of creation and provides the directions for our life. I believe. Do you? 


Questions Hundreds of Travelers

What I found through questioning hundreds of travelers is they didn’t get the concept that you choose your personality type. It was assigned to support your soul’s mission here on earth, not fight it. But fight it, we do. We think the rational mind has all the answers when in fact, it’s our spirit mind, the mind tethered to Divine intelligence, that should always be in the driver’s seat. Unfortunately, it’s often in the back seat or, worse yet, in the trunk! Yikes!

Many believe taking a vacation heals what ails you. Research paints a different picture. Vacationers are happier planning a vacation than while on vacation. I discussed the topic here. But I believe it can help with self-development if you travel intentionally. More on that in my upcoming book: Unpack Your Personality.


Experiencing Unexpected Personality Travel Triggers For Personal Growth

Do you believe your thoughts stem from inner knowing?

Are positive thoughts your authentic self, letting you know you’re on the right path?

What about negative thoughts do you believe they are your soul telling you your authentic self is offline? Do you agree with this logic? If so, can you also agree on the premise that a vacation without soul-centered intentions is not the elixir that can change the direction of your life?


How Unexpected Travel Triggers Can Awaken You?

A trigger helps you awaken to unconscious thought patterns that no longer serve you. Triggers are undeveloped aspects of your personality that you may not be aware of. A primary personality trait that is being dictatorial without regard to another’s opinion can cause triggers. So can secondary, tertiary, or inferior functions that feel awkward, so you tend to ignore the messages they feed you.

For example. If you’re an American driving a car in the US is fairly automatic, but if you drive a car in the UK, it can be stress-provoking. Why? Your conditioned brain is like, no, this is wrong, without giving a second thought to the idea that outside of the US, people have different driving protocols. One is not better than another; they are just different. Once your brain brings a new conscious thought to the experience, driving on the left isn’t so bad. Agree? (Remember, we learn through experience. Period.)


When Overwhelming Travel Triggers Inspire Self-Awareness

Can you see in this example how we perceive things as wrong when in fact, they aren’t wrong, just different? Driving on the left-hand side of the road is true for those who live in the UK. For those of us living in the US, it’s not, so do we perceive it as wrong or accept the difference?

The car example shows how we keep our personalities locked into beliefs that are narrow-minded. We’ve become habitual, which is likely to keep us from exploring new thoughts, people, and places. Even worse, we see others’ unlikenesses as wrong — and begin judging what we don’t really understand because we’ve not experienced it! 

Usually, when we oppose another’s differences, it’s likely caused by an opposing personality trait. Ok, I get it. And it’s exactly why I’ve interconnected personality typing with spirituality. 

An understanding may arise if you believe we are all connected through Source, a universal loving, abundant, and co-creative energy. We can now see this person as different from us but also connected to us through Source. If you believe.

Do we let our differences be the reason why we experience gloomy getaways?


Can Unexpected Travel Triggers Inspire Happier and More Self-Aware Vacations

Triggers can reveal aspects of a personality type that we are out of touch with. Often triggers stem from recycled, conditioned, unconscious thoughts and responses. As said, triggers can be road trip saboteurs but can be tremendous gifts, too — presenting micro-moments to pivot and change. 


Examples of Travel Triggers and How They Inspire Self-Awareness

What if you’re on vacation in the middle of a large crowd when suddenly, you become overwhelmed by the enormity of it all: the noise, commotion, odors, people, and chaos?

When this happens, do you:


Freak out?

Get angry?



These triggers are telling you a personality trait is overwhelmed and out of balance. It is an opportunity for self-growth and self-examination. Try not to dwell on the physical if possible, and instead, take a moment to go within and think about what’s causing the triggers:

  • What’s your real-world take on the situation?
  • Do you make your own choices, or do you rely on someone else’s? 
  • Do you receive stimulation and energy from the physical world, or does it drain you?
  • Note: If you’re an extrovert, the outer world is YOUR comfort zone; if you’re an introvert, your comfort zone lies in YOUR inner world. 
  • Do you feel boundaries have been crossed – this falls under a spiritual practice but is necessary for positive mental health.

Again this vacation situation is just part of the story. It’s also about your childhood, life stories, habits, your relationship with yourself, social conditioning…

Are you stuck in fear and ego-consciousness, letting others make decisions, giving your power away, and forgetting who you are, and instead, you ignore yourself to make everyone else happy…


Levels Of Consciousness

It’s about your level of consciousness vs. unconsciousness. Many of us continue to recycle unconscious thoughts brought about through parental, societal, and cultural conditioning.

When we don’t rely on innate personality traits that guide us to make the best decisions for us, are we applying another’s expectations (future choices) to our lives, embracing them as our own truths?

You need to ask questions. Is this my thought, my mom’s, my dad’s, my boss’s, or a religious, medical, or governmental belief? Fear-based thought conditioning is deep and vast, and it creates false beliefs. It creates unease when you think about it a single letting you know you’re headed in the wrong direction.


Embrace Questioning Moments To Bring About Self-Growth

Triggers can present questioning moments on vacation, on the job, or at home. Thoughts pop up like, 

“why doesn’t that person stop talking, 

“you’re suspicious of another traveler because they are uber complimentary, 

“your partner questions and pushes so hard you cave and say OK when it’s not OK.

Stop. Ponder the situation, and think, are these my thoughts? Yes, this takes work, but if you long for self-discovery, you need to do the work. You alone are responsible for your thoughts, actions, and deeds.

Maybe it’s why many vacations are unhappy ones. Many travelers expect the physical aspects of a place to transform their core beliefs, or they play the blame game and expect other people to change. Trust me; it ain’t gonna happen!


Back to the Example

Triggering moments of overwhelm can shift into self-awareness.

What triggered you? Is it yours to own and heal from, or is the trigger a teachable moment allowing you to express a boundary that has been crossed?

Was it your inability to say no to an invitation or attend a crowded event, knowing you don’t do crowds?

How can triggers teach you that no is a good thing, realizing no has the power to protect your integrity and truth?


A Pivotal Moment 

This is a pivotal moment. It can lead to a realization that you need to set personal boundaries. You may also have a need to please, so for you, yes answers come easier than no’s.

Did you have a frank conversation about your inability to be in a large crowd?

Did you discuss your need for alone time if you do decide to say yes to a festival?

Maybe you realized your travel mate, who is a talker is irritating to you because you are not fond of chit-chat for the sake of superficial conversations. You may prefer to be with people who use fewer words to express themselves or like to have deep, meaningful conversations. Differences surface like seashells on the beach.

Take a moment and think, why is this person so annoying, is it because their conversations are always focused on themselves? Are they negative? Or it may be as simple as you are changing and now you have nothing in common. 

Maybe, in this case, your trigger was caused by a lack of ability to voice what you really desire because you are changing. And that’s OK, now you know better. Please don’t get mad at yourself because you held yourself back from expressing yourself, self-expression and learning who you are is a life-long practice. Be patient with yourself.

Another Pivotal Moment

You now understand that your natural way of being in the world is more reserved and intentional, be happy with this knowing and realize it’s exactly what your soul needs to express itself in the world. Here’s another benefit. When you do speak, people listen because you aren’t talking to hear yourself talk. When you communicate it tends to be thought-provoking. Embrace YOU.

Do you believe that everyone who gives you a compliment is a suspicious character? Again, this is a sweeping generalization, and it may be a person who sees overtly complimentary people as distrustful. It’s OK to be cautious around people, especially on vacation. But what’s not good is applying this belief to everyone who is complimentary, because we both know that would not be true.

Vacations: The Perfect Playground for Triggered Learning

My wish is to help you see triggers as a path to inspired self-growth. To find your truth in a challenging trigger is to discover more clarity, confidence, and courage to be yourself. Classrooms, conferences, and masterclasses have their place, but I believe real-world experiences are the best teachers.

I also think we are more open-minded when we travel. Ready to explore new places, cultures, and ideas –to shift old patterns that no longer serve us? 

Intentional travel is the perfect time to plant seeds of transformation.

Recap: How Personality Travel Triggers Inspire Personal Growth

– Do you believe your personality is, in essence, your personal reality?

– When traveling from point A to point B do you believe you or your spouse will change on the flight over?

– Do you believe the way you think can change your experiences?

– Did you know there are ways to reveal hidden aspects of your personality using travel triggers,

– Can travel triggers ignite micro-moments of change and self-awareness?

– Are you more open, aware, and excited about new possibilities when you vacation?

– Most importantly, are you on a journey of self-awareness, growth, and change?

More About Spiritual Personality Typing™️

I hope you found Are You Experiencing Travel Triggers on Vacation? eye-opening. I’m passionate about introducing the idea of spiritual understanding as a component of personality typing.

While the career personality type of the 1950s model is great, as we awaken to our spiritual needs, we must incorporate the gifts of a healthy personality type to align with our spiritual side, our spirit mind. When we do this, we express higher frequency energy through our persona, enabling us to take Divinely inspired action in all we do. As a result, we show up in a world full of joy, passion, and purpose.

Going through a life transition: becoming a parent, empty nester or doing through a divorce or major career change? Mastering your spiritual personality will give you the calrity, confidence and courage to take on your new world! Nina Zapala, Spiritual Perosonality Typing.

Nina Zapala, founder: The Soul’s Role in Personality Typing©️

Are You Entering or Going Through a Life Transition? 

Are you going through a life transition? Maybe you are entering into a marriage, becoming a parent for the first time, or the kids are leaving the nest. Do you find yourself going through a divorce or a major career change? These are times when critical decision-making skills are necessary. It’s not time to rely on someone else. When you do, then they become the author of your impending new life.

If you want to be the author of your next life chapter, you need to be fully in charge and capable of seeing yourself from your truth. This is a season in life that can be challenging and full of self-doubt, struggle, and pain, so know who you really are and what you want for the next chapter of life.

It’s vital.

I know I experienced it during my 7-year life tsunami. It was during this time I mastered my spiritual personality type, which took me through many life transitions; divorce, relocation, career change, single parenthood… It was a life-saving “soul-ution” that I didn’t know I even needed, but boy did I ever!


You Are Not Alone

Are these questions ruminating in your mind; “Who Am “I?” “How” Do “I Fit Into The World?” “Why Am I Here?” “How Do I Fulfill My Dreams and Desires?” Please know you are not alone 93%of people want to know themselves better.

Here’s the thing, 97% want to change, but many of us are so separated from ourselves, our truths, that we often live a life based upon false beliefs or another person’s expectations, and many of us have followed into the trap of living our lives driven by the external world, totally ignoring our spirit mind which is so much greater that our logical minds! I know this to be true, I lived this life for decades, and hundreds of travelers admitted they did or are living a life led by a narrative that’s not their own. I want to help you discover who you really are! 

Join The Movement

I’m here for you to walk you through the pain of divorce, and career disruptions — feeling lost and alone. Some are even afraid to ask questions because they don’t want to know the answers. Here’s the thing once you take the first step, it becomes empowering, powerful, and one of life’s grandest adventures. Don’t you want to create a life beyond your wildest dreams? And yes, it is possible, I’m now living it, but it took me breaking myself down, and rebuilding my life. If I can do it so can you! If you’re so inclined know that I offer mentoring sessions. I share the tools of spiritual personality typing that helped me navigate my unraveling to reinvention. Here’s a tip it all starts with identifying your spiritually inspired, sacred personality type to bring you clarity, courage, and confidence. 

This new personality paradigm gets you ready and prepped to share your most joyful, passionate, and potential with the world.

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It’s time to Discover; Spiritual Personality Typing ©️ – Nina Zapala, the Curious Type, ENTP.

Note, I’m a certified Myer’s Briggs through the Myers-Briggs® Foundation.

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