A New Perception You’re More Than Your Personality

A new perception: you’re more than your personality type. What? No, I’m not crazy; here’s why. Your personality type is a set of traits, indicators, characteristics, attitudes, and behaviors – it’s how you show up in the world. Yes, of course, your personality type influences you. In fact, it infiltrates every aspect of your life. We already realize its effect on career choices, yet it seems to stop here in Western societies. Typology is an expansive theory that moves beyond career typing and into spirituality. It affects how you travel, what you wear, what your home looks like, how you parent your children, your romantic life, and most importantly, your spiritual awakening.


Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves – author, transcendentalism – Henry David Thoreau


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The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases. Carl Jung, Swiss Psychologist


You’re More Than Your Personality Type: Extrovert, Introvert, Sensing, Intuition…

I love this saying by Jung, a shoe that fits one person pinches another. That holds true for personality typing. All INFPs aren’t alike? Why? Self-experiences influence their lives as much as their personality type, add in spiritual beliefs and you have a recipe for individualization, some similarities, but an individual soul print nonetheless!

Extrovert, introvert, sensing, intuition, feeling, thinking, perceiving, and or judging are traits, patterns of behaviors, and predictive characteristics, that indicate how you show up in the world. Each of these traits impacts you and influences life experiences. And yet, you are more than a limiting trait.

Here’s what I mean. Traits are classified as standards of behavior, agree? And yet, we are eternal beings attached to a sacred soul self on a mission to co-create with Divine intelligence here on earth. We’ve convinced ourselves to live by the ethos; you need to fit in, comply, and play society’s games to be successful.

Who made these rules?

Is their idea of success relevant to yours?

Have you defined what you’re best life looks like for you?

If you don’t know who you are, you’ll depend on someone else to define YOUR extraordinary life. A common belief that has many of us heading down the wrong road – I know I relied on this stinking thinking for years. Because I believed it to be the right way to think and behave to achieve success, boy, was I wrong!


“Its behaviors and ways of thinking I’ve used to protect myself from being hurt.” author Brené Brown


A New Perception Explores the Idea of  Spiritual Personality Typing

Brené Brown says, “95% of us protect ourselves from being hurt using armor”. I did this for years, and so have the hundreds of travelers I spoke with over the years. Many travelers hid behind the armor of superficial issues to avoid what was really troubling them deep down; bad marriages, soul-sucking careers, and families in crises… Worst of all, when I asked what they truly desired, they couldn’t answer.

Today we see the dark side of rampant consumerism and technological advancements that tether us to 24/7 connectivity. We are so attached to the external world that we’ve cut ourselves off from our Soul center. The inner light of love, the nonphysical, unseen aspects of ourselves. The spark of Divine intelligence connects us to others, mother nature, and most importantly, to our sacred, internal beingness that truly knows what we long for.

A few important reasons we falter are found in the dark side of personality typing.


The Dark Side of Personality Typing

The dark side of personality typing is twofold. First, we’ve been brainwashed to believe in oversimplified, biased, stereotypical assessments of our personalities, seeing ourselves in a negative light. Secondly, the dysfunctionality of believing answers to life’s most essential questions are found in the external world is wrong. I mean, look at the world. This type of thinking separates us from our sacred souls.

This thinking is prevalent due to the daily barrage of fear-based messages, which distract us from moments of stillness – time spent connecting to the Divine. We see this happening around the world. Many have become mentally unbalanced. Illness of every kind is rising daily. Mental health issues, suicide, chronic anxiety … and addictions surface to help us escape the barrage of endless desires for material wealth.

To what end?

When do I retire?


Who makes up these rules?

Why not live every day with success in mind? And I’m not speaking of monetary success. I speak of success related to “ordinary everyday moments.” The many beautiful travelers I conversed with said, “I just want to be loved, recognized, and acknowledged for who I am.” This pure human desire happens in ordinary moments, not chasing after the car, home, or 5-star vacation…


“If you understand your own reality, then that of the rishis and Masters will be clear to you. There is only one Master and that is the Self. author and Indian Hindu sage, Ramana Maharshi


A New Perception You’re More Than Your Personality Type

Are you beginning to see a new and expanded perspective around personality typing? Personality typing is an exciting tool, a doorway into how your mind works, but as I profess, you’re more than your mind. You are a physical and nonphysical being. And no, I don’t have hard evidence, but I have experienced metaphysical phenomenons that can’t be explained logically – and I bet you have too!

Can you accept how limiting it is to think of yourself as a trait or bundled traits that comprise your personality? In my opinion, restricting yourself to believe you fit a standardized definition is a subjective and inadequate truth of who you really are, a sacred soul experiencing itself in human form.


Recap: A New Perspective You’re More Than Your Personality Type

– You’re More Than Your Personality Type,

– Building on the idea of the Soul’s Role in Personality Typing,

– The Dark Side of Personality Typing is Twofold.


More About Spiritual Personality Typing

Did you find; A New Perspective You’re More Than Your Personality Type eye-opening?

I’m here to share a new philosophy, spiritual personality typing. I want to get you excited about your sacred personality type. It’s much more than a career construct; it’s a beautiful tool to support your soul on this earthly journey. I hope you begin to see your personality as a magical tool, realizing its importance in a purposeful, passionate, and meaningful life.

Make understanding your personality type a priority; it’s the best relationship you can cultivate in this lifetime.

I hope you realize the only way your soul, the higher self, can express itself is through a healthy, sacred personality. As this realization sets in, a profound awakening emerges, moving you closer to your truth and unshackling you from a purposeless existence into a new reality of unlimited possibilities. You’ll be ready for any occasion, situation, or event — travel, relationships, career, and most importantly, a meaningful life.


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