How to Engage Your Travel Personality On Vacation?

How to engage your travel personality on your next vacation is a passion of mine that I want to share with the world. How many of you are super excited to travel? I know, silly question, right? Many of us plan for months. We Google the best places to stay, eat and play. We’re eager to discover new places, people, cultures, activities, etc. Or we just want to read a few books and enjoy some downtime. Either way, introvert or extrovert, many of us can’t wait to hit the road or get cleared for takeoff.

But What If…

What if we used that same enthusiasm, energy, and excitement to unlock certain aspects of our personality while away? These aspects are why I believe travel to be a fantastic time to tune into personality typing. We can talk about wanting to change, but change takes disruption from routine. Change needs to come from real-world experiences.

Habitual Patterns

We’ve all done it, freaked out, gotten stressed, or withdrawn due to a vacation situation. As a travel industry professional, I’ve seen how unhealthy habitual patterns sabotage vacation happiness and personal joy.

Let’s say you’re on vacation, and one of these unhealthy habits arises, aka travel triggers. Do you flip out and start heading into a downward spiral, or do you recognize these unhealthy patterns of thinking, feelings, or vacation-wrecking behaviors when they’re happening? These freak-outs are almost always related to an out-of-balance aspect of your personality type. Note; they can also arise due to dramatic external disruptions in weather, terrorism threats, and other unforeseen circumstances.

Wouldn’t it be better to awaken to the knowledge that when you make a new choice, you reprogram your brain to create a more enlightened way of being in the world, specifically aligned with your personality type? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about!

For Example

I’m the Inquisitive Traveler, more on the other 15 travel types coming soon. Anywhoo, I rely on extroverted intuition (Ne) as my pilot, aka my dominant way of being in the world. My least conscious trait is the Air traffic controller, aka inferior function; introverted sensing (Si), when unhealthy, causes travel triggers; while on vacation, and in my daily life. Another way to see it, my (Si) function, sits on the opposite end of (Ne); it’s the duality of a functional pair. I’ve also found the inferior traits to be a primary reason many people mistype themselves.


Often we pick opposites in our romantic partners and friends. We believe they have something we don’t, and more often than not, this is partly true. They don’t really have something; what’s happening is they bring a different perspective, approach, or awareness to our attention. This new perspective can help us balance our “functional stack” our personality traits in order of use. That’s what makes them so captivating. But, when these opposite functions occur within us, all hell breaks loose. Let’s look at the Inquisitive traveler’s functional stack; ENTP – Myers-Briggs®.

  • Pilot/Dominate Function: Extroverted Intuition (Ne)
  • Co-Pilot/Auxiliary Function: Introverted Thinking (Ti)
  • Gate Agent/Tertiary: Extroverted Feeling (Fe)
  • Air Traffic Controller/ Inferior Function: Introverted sensing (Si)

Wahoo – just look at all the opposing traits. It’s a philosophy of duality that is evidenced in life. Let’s begin with extrovert and introvert assignments. We get into this and more in the book I’m currently writing, Unpack Your Personality: Let Your Inner Guide be Your Travel Guide©️. Stay Tuned.

If we look at the Inquisitive travel types Pilot (Ne), the overriding aspect of this function is to explore, create, express ideas, associate, and seek possibilities. Now let’s look at this traveler’s Air traffic controller introverted sensing (Si), which BTW offers a duality to this functional pair (Ne) and (Si) being the pair. The function (Si) focuses on retaining information, recollection, past experiences, routines, and traditions. It also helps us understand the body as felt from within, sensations: pain, hunger, thirst. It’s worlds away from (Ne), yet it can also bring new perspectives and understandings to what’s already understood.

How to Engage Your Travel Personality On Vacation

So how does this play out on vacation? Instead of my happy-go-lucky self, I think about my childhood vacations or cultural traditions. As an opportunity to explore something new arises, I’m might say, “No, I didn’t do that as a kid, or this isn’t a go-to vacation activity, I’ll pass.”

What ends up happening is I’m fighting myself. I want to remain attached to my childhood traditions while longing for something new. And I become the person who returns home from vacation saying, “I need a vacation from my vacation.”

Another way I conflict with my pilot function (Ne) on vacation is overconsumption. When I’m unbalanced, I go into overload—overeating, drinking, shopping. The symptoms are related to an unhealthy Pilot. My extroverted intuition is wreaking havoc. Not pretty!

What If I Fully Engage My Travel Personality On Vacation

What if I’m on vacation and see these travel triggers popping up left and right? Yep, this is just one example on the path to personality enlightenment. 😏

First, this isn’t just a logical, intellectual thing; it must become a spiritual practice. Yes, intellectually, I realize an out-of-balance personality trait shows up, letting me know it’s time to change. To become unstuck, I need to learn the behavior, aka unhealthy habit, accept it, recognize it, and work through to let it go.

Instead of doing the work, I would try to numb it away. Over-consuming was my go-to. But then I’d return home still stuck. I just missed a real-world experience to transform. UGH! Challenges are essential to personal growth, new life experiences, and enlightenment.

When you become spiritually aware, you’ll recognize old patterns. You’ll understand negative behaviors will show up no matter where you go or who you’re with until you take responsibility for them.

You may even witness another traveler doing what you do; seeing another traveler’s unhealthy behavior may trigger a judgment. This is a behavior loop that needs addressing. Stop and think about why the situation irritates you. It’s usually related to a hidden aspect of your personality. #journalprompt

How to Engage Your Travel Personality On Vacation

How to engage your travel personality on vacation can be a fantastic way to launch a personality transformation. Would you be excited to discover more than just a new place to eat, stay, or shop? Are you longing for more but don’t have a clue as to which way to turn?

I can confidently state that getting to know your personality type is a gateway to your sacred life purpose. It will help you gain clarity in a world that’s upside down and right side up. I mean, how many gurus claim to have the answer. Yet, when you take their masterclass, webinar, or whatever, you feel worse than when you started. You think to yourself, “I must be really screwed up. What they taught made no sense.” Yeah, it’s probably because their course didn’t resonate with your personality type. Not your fault or theirs.

After a seven-year tsunami and years of reflection and learning, I now understand that spirituality doesn’t come in a pre-labeled box. It comes from your higher self wrapped in your personality type. Many don’t recognize that personality dictates your spiritual approach to life, just like it now dictates your travel choices, fashion style, and career. I hope that sharing this awareness will spark a movement for positive change.

Craving Clarity and a Sense of Purpose

We all crave clarity, a sense of purpose, and a meaningful direction in life. So why not tap into what you were born with, your DIVINE personality type?

Think about it.

A daffodil isn’t born to be a tulip. And like a daffodil, you weren’t born to be somebody else. You were born to follow your life path led by your higher self with the support of your personality. That’s why I believe spirituality and personality typing is a dynamic duo!

Personality typing is inspired by the true Self, while spirituality embraces Divine intelligence. Together they help you Unpack Your Personality©️ in all its glory. To know yourself is to embrace your authentic self. Remember, an original is always more valuable than a fake!

Engage Your Travel Personality On Vacation?

I hope you found How to Engage Your Travel Personality On Vacation? to be an eye-opening read. I’m here to share a new philosophy, personality typing with a spiritual understanding to get you excited about your persona. Your persona is the magical tool that supports your soul Self. Also, Also, when you begin to realize the essential role it plays in your life, your life will dramatically improve!

Of course, you’ve gotta focus on what you want in life to start manifesting. You need to take responsibility and make personality typing with a spiritual understanding a daily ceremony. Do you even realize your personality can’t exist without your soul Self and vice versa? WOW, this is HUGE!

When you realize this, you’ll be ready to meet life head-on. It doesn’t matter what challenges you face; relationships, travel, career – your sacred life path will steer you confidently and with clarity. I know this to be true. I used spiritual personality typing to unshackle myself from a purposeless existence into a meaningful existence.

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