Extroverts and Introverts Get Stressed Because of Energy Flow?

Extroverts and introverts get stressed because of energy flow. And in these pandemic times living under one roof for extended periods exaggerates the differences. Stress may become a driving force in the everyday. If you’re living with an opposite, an extrovert with an introvert, or an introvert with an extrovert, which is often the case as opposites attract – then read on as I believe you’ll find tips below uber helpful.

The Extrovert and The Introvert

When discussing personality typing, extrovert and introvert terms are very popular but often misunderstood. Carl Jung, a trailblazer in psychology, doesn’t define extrovert and introvert traits as functions. Jung’s thinking on these traits relates to how we welcome energy in the world. In spiritual terms, I think of them as energy flow to determine human stimulation that works in your favor. Do you welcome stimulation from within (introverted) or externally (extroverted)?

Many of us are familiar with the terms extrovert and introvert, but do we really understand how these traits work in our lives? Additionally, many of us don’t consider the two inner functions of our persona, our cognitive functions – how we gather information (Sensing: Si, Se or Intuition: Ni, Nie) and make decisions (Feeling: Fi, Fe or Thinking: Ti, Te).

Do you understand that these preferences have an extroverted or introverted energy direction? Can we then say we are both extroverted and introverted? Understanding this concept of personality traits can dramatically impact how we think and relate to each other.

A Brief Look at Extroverts and Introverts

Extroverts respond to being around people, directing energy outward toward people, events, and possibilities. They absorb copious amounts of information and tend to be active, talkative, and desire connection. They usually may even be oblivious to distractions.

Introverts prefer introspection, peace, and quiet. They’ll need time alone to focus and can become lost in their thoughts, ideas, feelings, sensations, and intuitions. Introverts don’t have to fill a conversation lull with a comment like extroverts tend to do. Their supreme powers of concentration may help them tune out the TV, noisy kids, roommates, and conversations.

Every human life contains a potential. It that potential is not fulfilled, that life was wasted. ― Carl Gustav Jung, Swiss Psychologist and the first to introduce typing.

In Extraordinary and Ordinary Times, Stress Triggers Happen

As you can see, the nature of our energy stimulates each of us, in different ways, just like stars in the sky. In these pandemic times, stress levels may be running rampant. Anxiety can also be triggered during vacations, family celebrations, annual holidays, etc. Stressful times bring anxiousness and an exaggerated version of ourselves. A spiritual practice can help us remain calm and centered during these times.

Extroverts and Introverts Stressors

Here’s a look at how stress may affect extroverts and introverts during high-stress lifestyles. Be aware that each other’s triggers provide opportunities for growth, solutions to daily dilemmas, and a deeper understanding of one another.

How Extroverts Get Stressed During the Current Pandemic:

  • Not enough external stimulation – solution Skype calls or video chats.
  • Feeling cut off from social circles – arrange a happy hour or morning coffee call to catch up with family or friends. Or try a social distancing get-together – if you must, you can even purchase a social distancing blanket. Yep, it’s a thing.
  • Missing group dynamics – digital is not the same as in-person, but group videos do fill a void. You may suggest one of the group members, if they are less restricted, shoot a live outdoor video, and the rest of the gang can join them.
  • Feeling a void, you may need time for introspection and a more profound query to go within.
  • No travel on the horizon – why not plan a vacation or join a digital museum tour and invite your friends to tour together? A wonderful way to connect until you feel comfortable traveling.

How Introverts Get Stressed During the Current Pandemic:

  • The 24/7 family time can be overwhelming – you’ll need to carve out alone time.
  • Family chaos, kid/roommate noise, dogs barking – schedule adult time-outs; take a walk, read, or journal. Remember to set boundaries.
  • Friends and family insist on daily video chats – reassure family and friends that you’re OK. If they insist on daily communication, keep it to texting.
  • You may need to stand firm and direct in your communications if you want your partner or roommate to pay attention.
  • Introverts can grow tired of listening to everyone’s worries. Set up one-on-one chats if you have an urgent concern or want to be heard. Scheduling in itself is committing to listening to one another. (My bestie is an extreme introvert, but I must remember she also needs to speak, and I need to hear.)

Were it not for the leaping and twinkling of the soul, man would rot away in his greatest passion, idleness.” ― C.G. Jung, The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious

When Extroverts and Introverts Get Stressed: Spiritual Practices May Provide Answers

The current Myers-Briggs® model is heavily focused on one’s career. While I believe personality typing to be foundational for understanding one’s distinct behavior patterns, I’m also convinced a spiritual practice is essential in finding one’s true north star. We are so much more than our ego-selves. We’re beings on a life mission ⏤ to create, grow, and learn here on earth.

What’s needed is an integrated approach using personality preferences to support our spiritual path aligning with our soul self. Extroverts and introverts will approach spirituality or religious practices based on their distinct personality type. In fact, some may not have a practice at all, but your personality will express your spiritual needs leading to learning and self-growth.

Journal Prompts For Extroverts

For extroverts, this can mean stopping and being still. Yes, quit with the busyness, talking, and action. Reflect on how it feels to remove yourself from your social circles. Do you feel lesser than and anxious, or do you have FOMO? What do these social circles provide? Love. Worthiness. Self-Confidence. Acceptance. Ask yourself why you need external validation for who you are, what you’re doing, how you look, etc. Maybe you’re missing an aspect of self-love. Is there a “pleaser” in you that needs addressing? When you seek external validation, you may be giving your power away. I know I did. Sometimes we want someone to give us what we think we lack. In reality, wanting is an unconscious part of ourselves that requires acceptance to become healthy. The above questions may require reflection and journaling.

Journal Prompts For introverts

An introvert will need an outward approach to connect to the physical world to become a better version of themselves. You’ll want to become socially present ⏤ meaning becoming aware of what’s happening in your current environment to respond to the situation from a real-world viewpoint. OK, what I’m saying here is to get out of your head. I know this is hard. But if you never challenge yourself to do this every once in a while, you’ll stay stuck and stressed. You may also need to get your thoughts out in a firm manner. Not just wishing the other person would read your mind and stop interrupting. You must communicate it. The above questions may require journaling and discussion with a trusted loved one.

‎The sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being. ― Carl Jung, Swiss Psychologist

Reinterpretation of the Self

Please know I’m not saying ignore your extroverted or introverted self – it’s part of your persona’s DNA. I suggest that you look beyond your old ways of thinking and bring a new perspective into your life, becoming inspired by your spiritual self first. Express yourself from your soul self; this happens when your personality type becomes less fearful and more connected to who you are. It’s not easy. I don’t know many people who want to look at the unattractive aspects of themselves.

Understanding these unhealthy aspects, those undiscovered parts of yourself, are the doorway to enlightenment. ― Nina Zapala, Spiritual Personality Typing™️.

Many of us tease and criticize each other about being an extrovert or an introvert, which is ironic because we actually exhibit both traits. I do find this online behavior judgy. The only good I see that can come of this is if it triggers something within you. If this happens, it’s the soul self telling you it’s time to explore this negative energy.

Translation, if you’re an extrovert, you’ll need time for reflection and stillness, inner energy qualities. If you’re an introvert, you’ll need to welcome outer world energy, paying attention to what’s going on around you in your current situation. When you come into balance with your favored energy flow, you’ll neutralize and limit stress. When we don’t do the work, we become locked in self-sabotaging behaviors. UGH! Been there. Done that! It’s no way to live.

Extroverts and Introverts Get Stressed Because of Energy Flow?

It’s always my intention to help you realize different aspects of yourself. To inspire you to show up in the world better than you were the day before. Every day is a gift. You’re a gift, a gift with great potential. That’s why the Universe assigned you a distinct personality type; it’s your soul’s “earthbound” support system. It’s part of your brilliant soul blueprint. You’re here to remember and share your beautiful self with the world. And since no two souls are alike, your mission is unique.

Without you, the tapestry of the collective is torn, which means somebody else is going to have a harder time bringing their gifts into existence because they needed your magic. ― Nina Zapala, Spiritual Personality Typing™️.

Join The Movement

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Updated: March 13, 2023

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