How To Be The Authentic Introvert Think Traits

How to be the authentic introvert think traits. WHAT? Yes, I know you’ve been told to believe you are just an introvert, but you’re not. I know it’s a new way to think, but I want you to know you are not just an INTROVERT. You do, however, possess definitive introverted cognitive functions. These patterns, indicators, and behaviors are how you show up in this ridiculous noisy world!

Do you think I’m crazy? Yes, this is a radical new way to think about yourself, but I’m telling you my TRUTH. Join my community if you want to recreate yourself anew, or schedule a preliminary call to explore spiritual personality typing.

The world tells you, you’re an introvert if you’re shy, quiet, don’t like crowds, and prefer to be alone. An oversimplification that makes me cringe. It’s a stereotypical description stripped of any real connection to who you really are, a spark of Divinity, here to experience itself through your personality, your personal reality. Do you agree? Leave a comment below, as I’d love to know your thoughts.


How Can I Inspire Other’s When I’m Hiding – From the highest paid showrunner in television Shonda Rhimes: Excerpt from Elle’s Women Hollywood event.


Choose to Be the Authentic Introvert

In a world where introverts are stereotyped into the black hole of sheepdom, it’s understandable that you want to hide. We see it all the time in memes: I can’t raise my hand; what would I say? If I speak up, what will others think? I’d rather stay home than go to a party, too many people.

OK, some of these thoughts have some truth behind them.

To consistently be bombarded with beliefs that ALL introverts are alike is bullshit. It’s just not true.

And if you believe this about yourself, you’re lying to yourself. Ouch, I know that might hurt, but I want you to get real with yourself.

Furthermore, all of these memes are directly related to traits, but for some reason, we take them as a personal roadmap to who we are. It’s all a LIE! You are not a trait. You are a powerful being, who can create – manifest whatever you want in life, but we’re not taught to do things. We’re taught to live a fear-based life, not a love-filled life.


I’m Awesome – From the highest paid showrunner in television Shonda Rhimes: Excerpt from Elle’s Women Hollywood event.


Authentic Introvert Traits With Spiritual Understandings

Remember, I use the aspects of the Myers-Briggs as the basis of spiritual personality typing, with a twist. The twist is I employ the dualistic nature of cognitive functions. Remember, your functional stack is simply the order in which you use your cognitive abilities. Cognition is the process of acquiring and processing information and making decisions. Of course, it’s more complicated since we are multi-faceted human beings, here to merge our physical and spiritual selves layered with abundant life experiences to gain wisdom and evolve our souls. 

  1. Your Pilot is your dominant,  defining, conscious, cognitive function; spiritually it’s your North Star. Your soul relies on it as a tool to complete its soul mission of remembering the Divine consciousness within, your Divine spark. When you align with your true self, you experience a life filled with joy, fulfilling relationships, and unending self-awareness.
  2. Your Co-pilot is your auxiliary or secondary function, typically conscious; spiritually it’s harmonious and emotionally supportive of the pilot. When healthy and balanced, it intuitively knows what’s best for the pilot—working in harmony instead of fear. 
  3. Your Gate agent is your tertiary function, spiritually an expansive cognitive ability, arriving at midlife, the dawn of many new beginnings—Divine timing at play. Its natural abilities can expand the co-pilot, offering differing perspectives resulting in brand-new insights to increase self-awareness. 
  4. Your Air Traffic Controller is your inferior function, generally unconscious because of its lower position in your functional stack. It’s paradoxical, which gives rise to type misdiagnosis. When you become fully aware of its cognitive abilities, you realize its contradictory nature is challenging. Remember, spiritually when you see challenges as manifesters of self-awareness, you’ll embrace the next challenge. It is important to remember the pilot is always in charge, but the air traffic controller can shed light during a rough landing! 


Be The Authentic Introvert: Own Your Personality (TRAITS) 

Here are a few ways to start reframing what you believe to be true about yourself. It’s time to shift your mind from belittling statements of who you are into a mindshift of magical SUPERPOWERS.

Do you realize everyone on the planet is here to share their unique gifts? I need yours you need mine… It’s how a healthy, happy, and abundant collective population works together as – UNITY CONSCIOUS.

Can you see the irony in stereotyping introverts when we all come from a Unity conscious – we are all beautiful, deeply connected BEINGS of loving energy? It’s time to ignite a quiet revolution to change how you see yourself and how you engage in the world. When you embrace your superpowers, you’ll see how positively the world responds to your authenticity.


Demanding what you deserve can feel like a radical act. From the highest paid showrunner in television Shonda Rhimes: Excerpt from Elle’s Women Hollywood event.


10 Introvert SUPERPOWER Traits

Embrace your introvert trait SUPERPOWERS. View this list as progressing from unhealthy and stereotypical to healthy and poised with a spiritual perspective. Please take what resonates and leave the rest. These are general statements made to ignite MINDFULNESS.

Remember, you are not an INTROVERT – you’re a BEAUTIFUL SOUL who uses introvert traits to experience YOURSELF.

1. You are not shy but a keen observer of people and your environment.

2. It’s 100% OK that you’re not a talker; as they say, talk is cheap: actions matter.

3. You’re not antisocial; you recharge from spending time alone; it’s a form of self-love.

4. Large social gatherings are typically not your thing; you’d prefer to gather with a small group of friends. These are essential boundaries that keep you mentally healthy. A lesson we could all learn.

5. Because you think before you speak, people misunderstand that you prefer to think things through: know you don’t owe others an explanation.

6. Being quiet and reserved is a beautiful superpower; you observe your surroundings instead of feeling a compulsive need to engage unthinkingly.

7. Often, you’re soft-spoken, which is a gift because when you speak, others listen; you’re not competing to raise the noise level in a noisy society of noise, TG!

8. While overstimulating situations are today’s cultural elixir, you find them exhausting, preferring peaceful surroundings: a gift to teach extroverts.

9. Don’t be afraid to speak; if you keep your fabulous ideas to yourself, nobody wins – Shonda Rhimes exemplifies this through her successes.

10. I honestly believe introverts will be sought after to share their ways and thoughts as we move into the Age of Aquarius: Said to be introspective and spiritual,  less about doing and consuming.


Lose your judgments of who someone is based on what you’ve heard or what you assumed. Shonda Rhimes, An Excerpt from Elle’s Women in Hollywood event.


Be The Beautiful Introvert You Are Meant To Be

Right here, right now, I challenge you to take ownership of your introverted TRAITS using the intense quiet strength that makes you, YOU.

I encourage you to embrace your authentic self, understand, respect, and fully embrace your traits. No more being ashamed of aspects that are part of you; resee them as your superpowers.

One last thought. Many articles about introverts reference and blame extroverts or society for lack of confidence instead of guiding you into your true Self.  These messages wreak of stinking thinking powered by fear-based conditioning. Moving on…

The lesson here is to stop looking externally for validation, positive or negative. And start questioning beliefs that may or may not be in your best interest; support who you want to be. 

Become your fabulous self. You’ll attract other awesome people, extroverts and introverts alike, who open you up to incredible new ideas and help you rethink yourself to become a better version of yourself. And, of course, “the confident introvert,” no matter how noisy and chaotic the world gets!


Embrace their “awesomeness” to enjoy and celebrate the power of fellow women – From the highest paid showrunner in television Shonda Rhimes: Excerpt from Elle’s Women in Hollywood event.


Recap: Be The Authentic Introvert In A Noisy World

  • Understand you’re not an INTROVERT,
  • Don’t be afraid to own your introverted superpower TRAITS
  • 10 superpowers to rethink life using your powerful type traits
  • Be the beautiful INTROVERT You Are Meant to Be


Ready To Get to Know Yourself? 

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More About Spiritual Personality Typing™️

I hope you found How To Be The Authentic Introvert Think Traits eye-opening. I’m here to share a new philosophy to get you excited about your personality type. I hope you begin to see your persona as a magical tool and realize its importance to a meaningful life.

Make understanding your personality type a priority. It’s one of the best relationships you can cultivate in this lifetime.

Of course, good things in life come if you do the work, take responsibility, and make personality typing with a spiritual understanding a daily ceremony. You begin to realize the two can’t exist without one another. This profound awakening moves you closer to your truth, unshackling you from a purposeless existence. You’ll be ready for any occasion, situation, or event – travel, relationships, career, passion, purpose, and meaningful life.

I know this to be true because this is precisely how it works in my life.


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