How to gain clarity through personality typing is a topic I will be discussing in great detail in 2021 and beyond. Why am I so passionate about the topic? It’s been a thorn in my side for a very long time. The Divine gifted me with a book premise, Unpack Your Personality©️, based on personality typing. Sent to me because I was repeating negative life experiences that I just couldn’t figure out. The book centers on discovering self truths, ahh you teach what you’ve learned.

What I neglected to figure out, and trust me, the Divine has been patiently waiting for me to get a clue, is to gain clarity on the topic to support the people who need this message the most. I did what I believe so many of us do, we get a glimmer of a Divine idea, listen a bit, then go on our merry way. Without vision or intention from our soul selves, ignoring the Divine, and without the support of our personality type failure is fated. What happens is we execute a plan based on ego-drivers versus aligned actions inspired by the Divine.

Well, well, that isn’t how you gain self-truth. Self-truth comes through clarity of understanding oneself. What’s happening is your ego takes the lead, which doesn’t work, BTW. It may work for a while, and then it comes back full circle, bringing up the same feelings of unfulfillment, of something missing or joylessness. Has this ever happened or happening to you? I experienced it for many years.

What works best is when you tap into your Divine calling in partnership with your personality type to create what best for you and those you are here to serve.


Why Clarity Is So Important

When you gain clarity and a deeper understanding of your type, it will provide you with an aligned vision. Decisions go from good to fantastic. It births confidence and empowerment, as you’re no longer guessing. You know. You release the idea that everyone is a competitor. How can they be? They don’t have your unique personality type or soul blueprint. You’ll be aligned with the truth of your self and connected with your Divine being. Another important advantage is you more easily accept the difference in others. This is huge!

Personality Typing Moving Beyond the Career Model

Yes, I’m saying with confidence your personality type moves far beyond a career model. It’s foundational to who you are. It distinguishes the truth of you. In her ultimate wisdom, the Divine assigned you a personality type to support your soul mission here on earth.

What I’ve been learning over the past seven years is how important clarity of personality typing is to everything you do in your life. It keeps you in your truth in the everyday. Your personal style both your home interior and your fashion sense is influenced by typing. You have a specific parenting style, and it determines how you show up in relationships with friends, family, and lovers.

How To Gain Clarity Through Personality Typing

So how to gain clarity through personality typing isn’t a formulaic process. Every personality type is different. It’s best to rely on your dominant trait, which is always supported by your auxiliary trait. I suggest you look very closely at your inferior trait (the one that causes the most confusion and disruption) to gain clarity. If you don’t know all of your traits, stay tuned as I’ll be going into great detail about traits in 2021. A side note; you must also consider your upbringing, life experiences, and country culture as they have a prominent role in your personality behaviors, values, and characteristics.

In general, I believe it will be a bit easier task for introverts to gain clarity than extroverts, it’s more aligned with who they are. I’m going to be so bold as to say, introverts will be coming into their own as we enter the new age of Aquarius. I’m an extrovert, and it took a few years for me to realize that all of the busyness, doing, pleasing, forcing, controlling, competing… wasn’t working. I need to commitment to a new practice of:

  • Stillness go to a place of quietude,
  • Reflection, journal, draw, paint, dance – get in touch with me,
  • Non-doing – refrain from being busy 24/7
  • Stop pushing and rely on Divine timing,
  • Listen to what the Divine is telling me as opposed to what the world is telling me

Can you see how this might be easier for introverts, as they tend to seek quietude, reflection, and rely on inner mind energies versus outer mind energies?

Clarity Through Personality Typing

The good news is once you set up this practice by using a few or all of the steps above, you’ll reap ginormous benefits:

  • You’ll know your truth
  • Your visions and dreams become super clear
  • Diving timing is a way of life so there is no need to push, strive and compete
  • You’ll laugh at the idea of too old, too young, too late or too early, the Divine has a plan, and you’re in step with it,
  • Clarity provides a clear life path, especially when coupled with an understanding of your personality which is always in step with your DivineSelf.

Hope You’re Inspired To Gain Clarity Through Personality Typing

I’m reimaging and rebirthing personality typing into lifestyle typing. It’s a whole new way to use personality typing beyond the confinements of a cubicle or corner office. This article is a sneak peek of what you’ll learn when reading Unpack Your Personality©️. Getting uber clear on your personality type is vital to living a life of purpose. It’s who you are. It’s how you show up in the world, make decisions, and take in information. If your unclear, then chaos, crisis, and catastrophes are likely in your future. I’m saying this because it happened to me.

Let’s Get to Know One Other

I look forward to building a community of lifestyle type seekers—individuals who want to grow and learn more about their personality type and how it influences your truth in the everyday, in parenting, spirituality, fashion, travel, and more. The idea is to understand yourself, to enjoy your gifts, and love you for who you really are, a beautiful, intelligent soul with a life mission. I’m up for whatever it takes to make this happen.  

My radio interview aired on Speaking of Travel part of the iHeart radio network with host Marilyn Ball; give it a listen here. 

Feel free to contact me if you want a personal reading to identify your personality type correctly. I would be honored to get to know you and help you see why you should celebrate your personality type, and introduce you to the many gifts you bring to the world.

Join The Movement

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Happy travels – Nina Zapala, the Curious Traveler

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