10 Ways to Hug Mother Nature For Mindful Travel

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Ten ways to hug mother nature for mindful travel this summer for you and your family. With overtourism on the rise, plastic pollution at an all-time high, and 2.0 billion people set to take to the skies this year, Mother Nature could sure use a hug! The billions upon billions of items of plastic waste […]

Is Melissa McCarthy’s Personality Type Driving Her Successful Career?

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Is Melissa McCarthy’s personality type driving her successful career? Her latest success is God’s Favorite Idiot, now rated number two on Netflix. Are you not loving this new show? I find that most of Melissa McCarthy’s work is stellar, and who hasn’t watched Bridemaids like ten times? Hell, I still watch the hit TV show […]

The Best Wellness Retreat For Your Personality Type

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Here’s a delicious idea, let’s mandate the best wellness retreat for your personality type. Life has been a bit of a struggle for us all. The good news is travel is opening up, so we can take a well-deserved vacation. A much-needed respite from the chaotic world? Is everyone saying YES to a wellness retreat? […]

Can Couples Who Fight on Vacation Return Home Happy

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Can couples who fight on vacation return home happy. What? How? Why? Nina, this makes no sense. Actually, it does, and let me help you gain a new perspective on the art of fighting. Entertaining, lively discussions can be a healthy part of your relationships. As an ENTP, the Inquisitive traveler, I’ve elevated the idea […]

How to Avoid Travel Stress for Your Personality Type

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How to avoid travel stress for your personality type? In today’s day and age of never-ending travel rules popping up daily around the world, I believe travel and stress are becoming synonymous. Now is the best time to realize our stress buttons in an attempt to control what we know and deal with the rest […]

What Happens When We Refuse To Make Liberating Personality Shifts?

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What happens when we refuse to make liberating personality shifts? We remain asleep, stuck, and unhappy. Life becomes burdened by others’ expectations, desires, and needs. You live your life authored by another. And you’ll never truly understand you’re part of Divine intelligence, an eternal, abundant, and uber-creative Source. I believe many are overwhelmed during these […]

Bridgerton Kate Sharma’s Personality

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INTJ’s Function Stack, the order in which this type uses each trait Ni-Te-Fi-Se  Brilliant. Ingenious. Perfectionist. Is Bridgerton Kate Sharma’s personality dictating her romantic life choices? Are you watching Bridgeton Season II – who isn’t? Are you getting to know Kate? What do you think? Do you believe unhealthy aspects of Kate’s personality type ruling […]

Is Your Personality Type Into Spring Fashion Trends?

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Is your personality type into spring fashion trends? Do you eagerly await the top fashion fads by searching magazines, podcasts, and blog posts? Are you like meh, don’t bother me, or do you have an IDGAF energy surrounding your style choices? Can we please have fun with fashion and not take it so seriously? Again, […]