Is Your Personality Type Into Spring Fashion Trends?

Is your personality type into spring fashion trends? Do you eagerly await the top fashion fads by searching magazines, podcasts, and blog posts? Are you like meh, don’t bother me, or do you have an IDGAF energy surrounding your style choices?

Can we please have fun with fashion and not take it so seriously? Again, who makes the fashion rules? Are they made with you in mind? Are they realistic? Practical? Are you relying on a designer who doesn’t know you or a friend who doesn’t share your personality type’s energy?

Why not become your own fashion guru?

To do that, you’ll have to know yourself and then choose the designs that make you want to “be your own kind of beautiful.” Does this make sense? Do you believe it’s time for you to embrace rule-breaking moments? I’m not saying dye your hair purple, but if you want to do it. What I am advocating is to take a small step, add a pop of color, and pin a pin in unconventional places. Who says we can’t use fashion as a wonderful tool to express who we really are?

Why Fit In When You Were Born to Stand Out

Anna Wintour, Vogue (the Spirited Type, ESTP)

Cliff Notes: Personality Type Spring Fashion Trends

Don’t have time to read about your personality type’s fashion style right now? Click here for the cliff notes, and may I suggest you bookmark this page and return to it later? I believe learning about your fashion style is always in Vogue, my 2¢! If you’re a fan of video, view my Pinterest stories or Instagram reels, or find me on YouTube.

Are You A Fashion Trendsetter or a Trend Skipper

We live in a world where Instagram exemplifies lives that aren’t actually real. Anna Delvey’s Insta account is the perfect example. Who is Anna Delvey? Read about Inventing Anna’s personality type and how her fashion style opened doors. Fashion matters. But I believe what’s more important is your relationship with fashion. Agree? If you’re having fun with fashion, this energy will radiate forward and affect how you show up in the world. I know it’s happened to me on numerous occasions. Oh, the stories I could tell …

Isn’t it refreshing to see people willing to take fashion risks? Do you remember when Sharon Stone, the Enthusiast personality type ENFP, showed up at the Oscars in a Gap t-shirt? She made red-carpet history. Subsequent interviews revealed the outfit was a last-minute decision because of couture gone wrong. Two years go by, and Stone shows up in a crisp, white button-down Gap shirt with a Vera Wang skirt—tapping into her “true Self.”

Embrace Your Style

Do you agree that people gravitate to you when you genuinely embrace your fashion style and get many more compliments? Is it because you’re comfortable being yourself? You feel good in your clothes because they reflect who you really are. We don’t always get it right, but isn’t it fun to try?

My desire for you is to follow your soulful fashionista  senses, with the realization that Spirituality is Always in Style.

Nina Zapala, Founder Spiritual Personality Typing (the Curious Type, ENTP)

Is Your Personality Type Into Spring Fashion Trends?

Listed below, and of course, this is my 2¢ on each type’s fashion sense. Since I don’t personally know all of you intimately, I can’t possibly predict if my style suggestions are even close. However, I have spent the last ten years studying typology, so hopefully, I’m at least hitting the target. Here again, take what you love and leave the rest. Happy shopping!

What’s Your Fashion Personality Type? Are you a trendsetter, a trend hunter, or do you have IDGAF attitude? Let’s look and see.

NF Personality Types: Is Your Personality Type Into Spring Fashion Trends?


Enthusiast Types (ENFP) You’re an original with a dramatic sense of style that comes naturally. And yes, it’s driven by your dominant personality trait, extroverted intuition (Ne). Carly Rae Jepsen, singer; Gwen Stefani, singer-songwriter; and Sharon Stone, actor and activist. These women have a fierce fashion style and don’t follow the trends they set them!

Spiritually Is Always In Style. You’re a lover of individuality. Your life mantra; “Be who you really are, and let others be who they are.

Seeker Types (INFP) You’re highly individualistic and soulful, willing to express yourself. You aren’t judgemental about another’s fashion choices. In fact, you see fashion as a form of self-expression — fashion icons Audrey Hepren, actor; Chloe Sevigny, actor; and fashion designer Mary-Kate Olsen, co-founder of The Row, are all Seeker types.

Spirituality is Always in Style. You often create a sense of purpose, inspiring those around you in subtle ways while bringing about a sense of individuality, enhancing whatever you touch! You’re likely to set trends!

We Are More Than Our Dresses

Reese WitherSpoon, Founder of Draper James Fashion (the Harmonious Type, ENFJ)


Harmonious Types (ENFJ) You’ve got a charismatic personality matched by your bright and festive fashion sense. You’re not afraid to stand out. People are naturally attracted to your cheerful disposition –– ahh, your dominant trait, extroverted feeling (Fe) in action. A few Altruistic fashionistas. Kate Winslet, actor; Jennifer Lawrence, actor; and fashion designer Reese Witherspoon, founder of Draper James. Trendsetters!

Spirituality is Always in Style. You tend to be quite the visionary with a strong sense of direction and a well-defined knowing of how things could be. You’re all in if a trend makes you happy or feels harmonious!

Insightful Types (INFJ) Your style mantra is simple, relevant, and practical, with an eye on conscious consumerism, which directly illuminates your dominant trait, introverted intuition (Ni). You’re likely to focus on ethical and sustainable brands tied into idealism. Cate Blanchette, actor; Cary Mulligan, actor; and Michelle Pfeiffer, founder of one of the first ethical perfume brands, Henry Rose, are a few Insightful types. You’re likely to enjoy trend-on sustainable brands!

Spirituality is Always in Style. You have an innate ability to see people for who they really are beyond the veils of ego and fear. Gut instincts and intuitions are strong in you. 

My Life is Full of Drama And I don’t Have Time to Worry About Something as Petty as What I Look Like

Adele, Singer-Songwriter (the Assured Type, ENTJ)

NT PersonalitityTypes: What’s Your Personality Types Take on Spring Fashion Trends?


Assured Types (ENTJ) You enjoy taking charge and organizing the world around you to achieve a goal, a predictive behavior radiating from your dominant trait, extroverted thinking (Te). You’re uber-conscious of how clothes influence the opinions of others, making you likely to leverage trends to reach a goal. Here are a few real-world examples of Assured types, Katharine Hepburn, actor; Adele, singer-songwriter; and Tea Leoni, actor. Overall your type has an IDGAF approach.

Spirituality is Always in Style. You are profoundly moral and care deeply about individual rights, a belief that tends to remain hidden as you can be emotionally unexpressive. 

Inventive Types (INTJ) You may wear a uniform fashion style. Why? Because you’re too busy focusing on solving problems and remaining integral to yourself. Understanding your intellectual curiosity drives you. For example, Jay Z’s multiple clothing lines aim to bring urban communities into the light. The Row; “Don’t conform to what others are doing,” says Olsen, co-founder of The Row with her sister Kate—Ahh, a healthy dominant trait, introverted intuition, guiding the success of their fashion house. Inventive types are trend hunters and can have an IDGAF approach.

Spirituality: Despite another’s opinion, you’re willing to stand alone, transforming the world around you according to your designs and desires. 


Curious Types (ENTP) You’re an eccentric and playful person who likes to have fun with clothes leaving convention behind. You may gravitate to boho styles or prefer a classic pairing of a traditional blazer with a pin in an unexpected place. Karl Lagerfeld, the former designer house of Chanel, is a Curious type with an IDGAF attitude and a trendsetter illuminated by the dominant personality trait, extroverted intuition (Ne)

Spirituality is Always in Style: A curious, nonconformist, freedom-loving persona who desires to change convention using unorthodox ideas, your fashion style excuses your persona.

Actualists Types (INTP) You’ll have an easy-going, straightforward, and low-maintenance relationship with fashion. It’s because you’re hyper-focused on being revolutionary, figuring out the truth, or creating an ingenious new product. Diane Lane, actor; Ben Stein, writer and TV host; and Tina Fey, comedic mastermind. Tina Fey, “Do your thing and don’t care if they like it.” Actualist types will probably pass on spring trends, characteristic of their dominant trait, introverted thinking (Ti). IDFAF approach!

Spirituality is Always in Style: You are a truth archaeologist, seeing how things can be improved while finding potentialities within everything.

Tall, Thin, Curvy, Short. Whatever You Are. You Are.

Scarlett Johansson (the Active Type, ISTP)

SP Personality Types: Is Your Personality Type’s Fashion Free-Flowing or Uniform?


Magnetic Types (ESTP)  You are a dynamo, the life of the party, social and self-assured. Your fashion sense is constantly changing and adaptive. It’s related to your ability to change a plan on a whim, a characteristic of your dominant trait, extroverted sensing (Se)—a few Spirited types and how they channel their fashion sense. Taylor Swift, Angelina Jolie, and Lady Gaga – are trendsetters in every sense of the word.

Spirituality is Always in Style. You have a free-flowing, explorative approach to life, following your impulses while capitalizing on opportunities as they cross your path.

Active Types (ISTP) You’re highly independent and aren’t afraid to break the rules and go your own way, fueled by your dominant trait, introverted thinking (Ti). Your fashion sense tends to be uniform because you’re often action-oriented and adventurous, so logically, a practical fashion approach makes sense. A few fashionistas with Active type persona traits are; actor Emily Blunt, actor; Scarlett Johansson, actor; and Melania Trump, former first lady. Trends can go either way.

Spirituality is Always in Style. You are fearless and self-assured, typically in motion, never hesitating in the face of opportunity or obstruction. 


Energetic Types (ESFP) Your dominant extroverted sensing trait (Se) gives you a playful, fun-loving, bold, and unafraid to show up and be the center of attention vibe! Fashion is another way you express your emotions. Causing a stir with your clothing choices keeps you at the center of attention – Nicki Minaj, singer; Pink, singer-songwriter; and Beyonce, singer. Beyonce says, “It’s great to … have the freedom to express my emotions through fashion.” Trend On.

Spirituality is Always in Style. You personify and inspire the power of jubilant raw life energy, sensing what is wrong before others do – a valuable, practical, and profoundly human trait. 

Abstract Types (ISFP) You pick up on visual cues and have a great capacity for attention to detail – you’re very in tune with the beauty around you. Fiercely individualistic and unlikely to follow the crowd, which stems from your dominant trait, introverted feeling (Fi). In fact, you often become a fashion icon without even knowing it; think Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, former first lady; Cher, actor/singer; and Audrey Hepran, actor. Trendsetters are likely to have an IDGAF approach.

Spirituality is Always in Style. How others perceive you is unimportant. This virtue weaves itself into your artistic nature, whether art, technology or whatever you choose to invent. 

I love fashion. … I love the thought that people put into clothes and I love when clothes make cultural statements.

Anne Hathaway (the Attentive Type, ESFJ)

SJ Personality Types: Does Your Personality Type Set Your Spring Fashion Trends?


Dutiful Types (ESTJ) You’re orderly, predictable, and a person who perfects your fashion style and sticks to it – becoming recognizable. Your fashion style mirrors your personality; balanced, appropriate, and a planner, characteristics driven by extroverted thinking (Te). Here are a few Dutiful types Courtney Cox, actor; Ivanka Trump, fashion designer and politico; and Jenny McCarthy; all are less likely to follow trends.

Spirituality is Always in Style. You are pillars of society, honest and driven by a desire to unite people and celebrate life’s traditions. 

Grounded Types (ISTJ) Grunge isn’t your thing. You’re more polished, sophisticated, and respectable, reflecting your high standards in life and personal style initiated by introverted sensing (Si), your dominant trait. A few grounded types; Natalie Portman, actress, and Jackie Joyner-Kersee, winner of six Olympic medals,

Spirituality is Always in Style. You sense an unknowable, ever-changing, and unpredictable world. You may be more inclined to gravitate to trends of the past, which create a unique style all on its own.


Attentive Types (ESFJ) You are very aware of another’s perceptions of you, which directly ties into extroverted feeling (Fe), your dominant trait. You gravitate towards elegance, and practical fashion styles are your go-to because of your involvement in helping others, as you’re too busy to devote enormous amounts of energy to your daily styles. A few recognizable attentive types are actors Jennifer Garner and Anne Hathaway and singer-songwriter Alicia Keys.

Spirituality is Always in Style. You learn about the world and its events by understanding and knowing what’s important to You. People are your muse. Fashion is not a priority unless tied to a sustainability or charitable cause. 

Kindly Travelers (ISFJ) You’re very conscious of your fashion choices and tend to be conservative. Traditions matter. Modest and classic aspects of your dominant trait, introverted sensing (Si), are present in your wardrobe choices. A few fellow Attentive types: Kate Middleton, UK Royal; Gwenyth Paltrow, Goop founder, and actor; and Jessica Simpson, singer.

Spirituality is Always in Style. You have an innate ability to recognize insightful concepts seeing the little things others overlook. 

I’m a bit traditional [and I believe in] doing something with care and putting time into it.”

Gwenyth Paltrow (the Kindly Type, INFJ)

Recap: Is Your Personality Type Into the Spring Fashion Trends?

  • Is your personality type into fashion trends?
  • Are you a fashion trends setter, skipper, or follower?
  • A look at the 16 personality types’ approach to fashion.
  • Spirituality is always in style.

A Few Additional Lifestyle Reads on Personality Typing

What’s In Your Closet? Leave a Comment Below

I hope you found Is Your Personality Type Into the Latest Spring Fashion Trends to be a fun read. It’s time to see your personality from a new perspective using personality typing with a spiritual understanding. Your personality is a magical tool that serves your soul’s inner mission, passion, and purpose. When you realize its sacred role in your life, self-discovery takes hold, and life becomes a beautiful, joyful, and purposeful feast that is yours to savor.

Of course, you’ve got to focus on the life you desire to start manifesting while taking responsibility and choosing to make personality typing with a spiritual understanding a daily ritual. Doing so helps you realize your personality can’t exist without your soul Self, and vice versa. WOW, this is HUGE!


When you realize this, you’ll be ready to meet life head-on. It doesn’t matter what challenges you face; relationships, travel, and career – your sacred life path will steer you confidently and with clarity. I know this to be true. I used spiritual personality typing to take myself from a purposeless existence into a meaningful existence.

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Post Updated: March 2023



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