Bridgerton Kate Sharma’s Personality

INTJ’s Function Stack, the order in which this type uses each trait Ni-Te-Fi-Se

 Brilliant. Ingenious. Perfectionist.

Is Bridgerton Kate Sharma’s personality dictating her romantic life choices? Are you watching Bridgeton Season II – who isn’t? Are you getting to know Kate? What do you think? Do you believe unhealthy aspects of Kate’s personality type ruling her romantic choices? This is a question I will attempt to answer.

Ms. Sharma is exhibiting INTJs (the Resolute type) behaviors. INTJs are considered the most independent of all persona’s, intellectually aloof, with an argumentative bent, and one of the rarest. Their behaviors are considered unfeminine and will often be chastised by society, especially during the 1800s, and continue today. Look for INTJ females to be out of step with society’s concepts of what it means to be feminine.

Katherine Hepburn is an exquisite example of this archetype.

Kate is an observer, methodical, and obsessed with life goals, yet she slowly unveils her loving undertones, revealed as the show progresses.

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The moment the music – Lord Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and Miss Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley) make an extraordinary couple on the dance floor.

Bridgerton | Netflix 

Why I Believe Kate Sharma is an INTJ Personality Type

Some typologists have typed Kate Sharma as an ENTJ, which is easily understood, but there is one crucial difference. ENTJs, or as I fondly refer to them as Overseers (Inventing Anna Delvey is this type), rarely play favorites and seldom become emotionally attached to one plan of action, the way INTJs often do. But this one difference is monumental and the reason I’ve typed Kate Sharma’s personality type as an INTJ. Also, even though Kate is an extrovert, she is often talkative, especially about things she is interested in.

A look at Kate’s functional – circle stack.

Kate Sharma’s: INTJ Personality Type’s Functional Stack – Functional Circle

Bridgeton’s Kate Sharmaa (INTJ) Functional Stack – Functional Circle

1. Dominant:Introverted Intuition
2. Auxiliary:Extroverted Thinking
3. Tertiary:Introverted Feeling
4. Inferior:Extroverted Sensing

What is a Functional Circle

I’m revisioning a functional stack into a functional circle because I see personality traits as an open-ended circle and not a linear process. All traits are in play, from the most unconscious (3-4) to the most conscious (1-2), as they create a persona’s organic whole, each trait plays a vital role, and I believe the third and fourth traits offer challenges that can lead to significant spiritual awakenings.

Bridgerton Kate’s Sharma’s Personality: Functional Circle

Kate’s functional circle tells the truth. It’s visibly apparent how organically and circular one’s functional stack realistically works in life. Kate Sharma’s INTJ personality type is the picture-perfect example of how a circular functional stack works in reality and in the movies.

Essential Self

– Dominate function, which I’ve dubbed the Essential Self, is introverted intuition, a trait that taps into a world of theories, hunches, and profound insights. It sometimes gifts you with a photographic memory. You’ll always see the big picture and become highly aware of the interconnectedness of life.

For Kate, her big picture goal is to see her sister, Edwina Sharma, safe and monetarily secure. She is unyielding to make this happen, no matter the obstacles or sacrifice to her own well-being, or in this case, maybe even sacrificing true love.

Harmonious Self

– Auxillary function, I believe it works harmoniously with your Essential Self, so I see this trait as the Harmonious Self. In Kate’s instance, her harmonious Self is extroverted thinking. This trait originates in the left side of the brain and is logical, abstract, analytical, and systematic. It’s often expressed by talking aloud, letting your opinions be heard, and challenging theories you feel are unjust.

Kate exhibits these behaviors early on, as she addresses Lord Anthony Bridgeton after eavesdropping on his conversation and dressing him down for his chauvinistic remarks. And then again, as he judges her ability to hunt, she sets him straight and shows him that rules are meant to be broken.

Emerging Self

– Tertiary function, twice removed from the Essential Self but has much to offer the soul’s evolution. Therefore I’ve named it the Emerging self. For INFJ, this trait is introverted feeling, a judging function, which is complex, dealing with morals and what a person truly believes. People with introverted feelings want to figure out who they are, what they want out of life, and seek the truth. Introverted feeling helps people develop a close attachment to people, things, and places.

What’s so interesting about an introverted feeling trait is it doesn’t make people emotionless, as some say. INTJs have strong emotions but may have a hard time expressing them because this trait is introverted- inwardly focused. Interestingly, INTJs can be intensely emotional with a chosen few people in their lives: spouse, children, and trusted friends.

Contrary Self

– Inferior trait is probably one of the best traits in your personality trait circle to bring about spiritual awareness because it’s the most challenging and the most unconscious. It’s fourth in your functional stack and the opposite of your Essential Self; therefore, I’ve called it the Contrary trait. It’s quite contrary to your overall nature. For Kate, this trait is extroverted sensing, and she appears to be very aware of it.

Wondering why Kate is so good at the many activities she attempts? She’s leveraging her extroverted sensing function, a perceiving trait that gives her the ability to be good at most activities and very hands-on. Kate demonstrates this trait to perfection; riding, shooting, croquet, and, yes, highly competitive – another aspect of this trait. When this trait is spiritually-in tune, you often achieve a Zen-like state, leaving your competitors amazed at how quickly you learn and understand any sport that interests you.

Bridgerton Kate Sharma’s Personality Type and Its Impact on Romance

While INTJs view romance at the onset of dating as a purely rational process allowing them to quickly assess whether a person is worth their time or not. They seek an independent partner, and they are intellectually inclined. They aren’t given to emotional expression, making them appear cold and hard to read.

Behind their cold exterior is a passionate, loyal spouse and, dare I say, even romantic! INTJs can be funny, comical, brave, and worthy storytellers.

How Is The Unconscious Introverted Feeling Function Hurting Kate Sharma’s Romantic Life?

For Kate, her introverted feeling trait seems out of balance with her Essential Self (Ni). (Fi) constantly takes in the world around them and uses this trait as a lens, judging what’s good and bad; is it me or isn’t it?

Kate characteristically uses this trait as it brings about great self-awareness of who she is and her place in the world. A benefit for sure, but this trait can stop personal growth. How? When Kate resists (Fi), she may also resist new experiences as she believes they go against who she is. This behavior tells me the (Ni) trait is unhealthy because it has stopped taking in new information, opportunities, and possibilities. It’s become out of balance when you stop taking in further information.

SPOILER ALERT: Kate finally acquiesces to her (Fi) and her heart and makes a bold move: honestly with herself and love over logic! This is quite evident as Lord Anthony and Kate take to the dance floor at Featherington’s ball. Their energy is palpable, their intensity is off the charts, and who can deny their wanton looks of desire? Yes, as love goes, there is an ease and grace in being with each other. Is it getting hot in here? 🤣🤣🤣

Recap: Is Bridgerton’s Kate Sharma Personality Dictating Her Romantic Life Choices?

  • What is Kate Sharma’s personality type?
  • Why I believe Kate is an INTJ
  • Bridgerton’s Kate Sharma’s Personality Traits
  • Kate Sharma’s Personality Traits and its Influence on Romance
  • The unconscious (Fi) is it sabotaging her romantic life?

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