How to Live Your Legacy from Authenticity

How to live your legacy from authenticity can’t be summed up in a blog post. What I can offer is a starting point, which I believe focuses on collaborating intimately with your personality type, a sincere and committed spiritual practice, and an ongoing quest to live your legacy every day. No biggie, right? 😏


Legacy From a Place of Authenticity

Legacy is often associated with what a person has left behind; a business, a foundation, a collection… but what if it’s more than this?

Now let’s look at the legacy rooted in your Divine Self, your authentic, higher self, or your true self and use it as a driving force. It’s accepting your choices, not judging them as right or wrong, only that you choose to be what it wants to become ⏤ an expanded version of you. A legacy life moves away from focusing on what we earn to how we can serve with a concentration on purposeful prosperity.

The latter form of legacy, service to others, arrives from a personal, genuine viewpoint, embracing your uniqueness and intentionally living your legacy in the here and now. A legacy life can influence one, two, or ten thousand people.

I love this quote from Mother Teresa.

Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you. Mother Teresa

How many of us program ourselves to worry about the numbers? It’s an epidemic. Can you imagine a boss saying, how many people did you make smile today? You’d look at them like they’ve lost their mind. But in reality, aren’t people always more important than the bottom line?


The Authentic Legacy of You

I believe when you live your authentic legacy, living from your “youness”, the world receives a gift like no other. You’re motivated to lead a life that’s bigger than you. It’s creative, passionate, and lives beyond you – your life on earth. Inherently, when you shift to legacy living, your inspiration comes from who you are, authentically ⏤ your true Self. You measure your life purpose beyond the preconceived beliefs of wealth, recognition, prestige, acclaim, power, or position. It goes back to the idea of purposeful prosperity, serving others instead of helping yourself, and accumulating wealth with the outcomes of materialism versus servitude. Yes, I’m an idealist!

Can you begin to see that legacy living answers the question, Who You Are, allowing you to create a life around self-understanding and total acceptance of yourself?

Seek to create change not because a thing is wrong, but because it no longer makes an accurate statement of Who You Are. Neil Donald Walsch Conversations with God, Book One


Unpack Your Personality

Here’s the rub. How do you manifest a personal legacy if you’re not in touch with your authentic self? You can try, but your true self, your truth, will also show you when you’re out of alignment. The dark night of the soul comes knocking at your front door. I choose not to answer the front door for years, but guess what? The knocks kept coming until I opened the door.

When the dark night of the soul came a-knocking, I didn’t understand what I was in for. I didn’t know myself, and I definitely couldn’t speak from an authentic voice. I lived from a fake persona, pretending to be who I thought everyone else wanted me to be.

My dark night hit me like a tsunami; it was so big that it took me out, literally. My back went out, and I couldn’t get out of bed. So, I decided, lying in bed that day, when I find my way out of this mess, I want to help others find their way too. As the weeks turned into months, turned into years. I slowly started to discover an originative and dualistic personality paradigm. The answers came slowly at first. It’s when I learned to trust and have faith that things began to flow. Spiritual Personality Typing® is what got me out of bed and moving forward.


A Personal Legacy Statement

Your personal legacy statement is your manifesto for choosing a life you love, and it gives you a way to influence others ethically. Don’t mistake your personal legacy for a goal. Goals can be a person’s ambition to achieve, efforting a desired result, or finite endeavors to reach a goal. Can you see the differences between goal setting and a legacy statement?

My past life is now working through me, for me, supporting my future self.” Nina Zapala, enjoy her debut book; Unpack Your Personality: Let Your Inner Guide Be Your Travel Guide.


How to Create a Personal Legacy Statement

First, I don’t believe you can create a personal legacy statement without intimately knowing your authentic self. Personal legacies should include what’s important to you, your values and beliefs, and how you want to be of service.

Life becomes a frustrating and debilitating task if you don’t know what’s important to you. To be transparent here, spiritual personality typing is just the tipping point. All of us will need to overcome our core wound, which for me and many others, becomes our vocation.

Embracing your history and its consequences help shape a personal legacy. Instead of believing your past was disabling, rethink it. You could start by saying, “My past life is now working through me for me, supporting my future self.” This mind shift can transform what you believe to be terrible experiences (yes, I know some experiences are horrific – yet each experience is in play to evolve your soul) into pivotal moments of awareness that shape your future. In fact, it’s essential for your spiritual awakening.


Follow These Five Steps To Begin Your Legacy Journey

Here are a few starters to help you write your personal legacy, to live your legacy life from a place of authenticity. It’s your manifesto, your personal mantra — insert your words here. A legacy starts with how you want to effect change and define your life and the world around you. Maybe I should have said six steps, as one of the most vital steps is knowing your four pillars of genius that are hiding in plain sight; your personality traits! This five-step journal process can help you get started:

1. Stillness – power everything off and find a quiet place and still your mind; meditate, use calming music, or take a hike in nature, walk along the seashore, stroll through a garden…


2. Significant Life Events – describe in a sentence or two a major life event from childhood or adulthood. Remember, childhood core wounds linger on into adulthood until you address them. Did you come from an expansive family? Move a lot? Have a lot of friends or no friends? Come from wealth or lack? Have you experienced a significant loss, heartbreak, disappointment, divorce, career failure, health issues, or financial upset? Journal on these core wounds, and take time for deep reflection as this is a place where answers and awareness exist.


3. Life Success – it’s time to create headlines from your journaling. Here are a few headings from my journal. 

    1. What I Learned During My Relentless Life Tsunami. 
    2. My Hard Relationship with my Mother. 
    3. I Can Finally Breathe. 
    4. Simplicity. 
    5. My Journal to Self. Life as a Recovering Pleaser. 


4. Internal Callings – As you reviewed your life events from childhood into adulthood, what emerging patterns are you realizing? What’s lighting you up? How do you want to inspire generations for years to come? Remember, there are no failures, only courageous and bold life choices.


5. Start Writing Your Personal Legacy – it can be three words, sentences, or paragraphs. 

My personal legacy example: I believe I’m here to be a new path maker, a course changer, to disrupt the expected. I approach life with gratefulness, beauty, simplicity, and curiosity, no matter what challenge shows up in my life. To teach what I know, share what I love, and remain true to myself, knowing I’m making a difference. My debut book is part of my legacy. Grab your copy here:  Unpack Your Personality Let Your Inner Guide Be Your Travel Guide.


Live Your Legacy from a Place of Authenticity

Spiritual personality typing advocates for authenticity, helping you discover your true self – your personal legacy. To live life knowing you’ve made a difference. What if we all, in some small way, made a difference? Your personal legacy, when coming from your genuine self, powered by spiritual thoughtfulness, has the capacity to change the planet. Nothing makes me more excited.


It’s Always My Intention

It’s always my intention to help you realize different aspects of yourself. To inspire you to show up in the world better than you were the day before. Every day is a gift. You’re a gift, a gift with great potential. That’s why the Universe assigned you a distinct personality type. Your traits are the supportive tools your soul uses to help you take daily inspired actions. Why not think of your soul as scared and brilliant. A one-of–a-kind personality blueprint that is the voice of your soul.  You’re here to remember and share your beautiful self with the world.

After a ten-year life tsunami, coupled with years of reflection and learning, I now know, on a soul level, that spirituality doesn’t come in a pre-labeled box. It comes from your heart-centered self – where the spirit mind resides. Remember, your personality influences and impacts your spiritual approach to life. Just like it influences your travel style, your lifestyle, and your vocation.


Join the Revolution

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I want to start a revolution with like-minded women who are committed to a life defined by DIVINELY inspired personality types. Those who want to step our of the stereotyping and 1 x1″ boxes that the world has decided that is who we should be. I say no, stop this stinking-thinking and  live a spirit-centered life; creative, joyful, vibrant and exquisitely you. The world needs YOU! Not some version of you…

Peace, Love and Light!

Photo Credit: Nina Zapala in St. Lucia

Post updated: April 17, 2024



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