Best Travel Essentials To Make Your Personality Type Happy

The best travel essentials to make your personality type happy, in my humble opinion, are practical, environmentally friendly, and easy on the wallet. You won’t find a lot of tech recommendations, as I’m all about disconnecting from my digital life while away. Still, I identified some techie things I won’t travel without.

I want you to know this space is all about sharing and community. So please, if you have any fabulous travel accessories you can’t live without, comment below. I will add them to the list.

Why Trust Nina Zapala

I’ve been part of the travel industry since 1998. And, no, this post isn’t all about product testing or affiliate marketing. It’s based on real-world experiences, what I’ve been using, and what I love. For me, I’m all about products that stand the test of time, are practical, and environmentally friendly. If you’ve been looking for a few useful and practical travel items to make your trip even better, read on!

I would be remiss not to mention my decade-long studies, research, and understanding of personality types. Plus, I’ve augmented the 1940 type with spiritual understandings. And, of course, I’m sharing items of interest for each personality type. So let’s get to it.

Best Travel Essentials To Make Your Personality Type Happy

These best travel essentials are perfect for any type of travel; rail, air, car, or motorcycle. These items fit into a backpack as easily as they fit into a small carry-on. The idea when we travel is not to be weighed down by all the stuff, physically and psychologically. Why not pack what we need with a minimalistic approach? The less you leave behind, the happier Pachamama (Mother Nature) is!

A quick question for you to consider. Does your plastic waste get recycled when visiting an island nation? I don’t want to be a downer … but…plastic pollution in oceans and other bodies of water continues to grow sharply. A new study reports it could more than double by 2030, reported in 2021 by the UN Environment Programme ( UNEP ).

So can we all try to cut down on plastic and find alternatives? It’s not as hard as you think. And to start your plastic-free journey. I’ve listed a few items that will help you become a Pachamama warrior. WAHOO! Remember, it’s about traveling consciously, not consumptively!

Best Travel Accessories Your Type Will Love: The List

Let’s get to the best travel accessories your type will love. You may want to bookmark this page. And if you’re so inclined, share it with your travel friends or friends who are interested in saving the planet!

Travel Essentials


Hair Care

What’s always in my suitcase, it’s not plastic, it’s Viori conditioner and shampoo bars. Not only is this hair care brand nourishing it also smells amazing, and there is no plastic involved. Something to celebrate. In fact, these sustainable products contain the same ritually-prepared Longsheng rice water used by the Red Yao for centuries. Viori works directly with the Red Yao. Even better, they purchase the ancient rice at a premium in order to create a long-term, sustainable partnership. Learn more about the Red Yao. Tip: In a pinch, these bars can double as body care soap.

  • These personality types may find this product to be to their liking. Why? These travelers love beauty and quality: the Abstract travelers (ISFP), the Insightful travelers (INFJ), and the Harmonious travelers (ENFJ). Ingenious travelers (INTP) are minimalists and quality seekers, so Viori is a good choice. The Curious traveler (ENTP), seeks practicality, and with a prominent (Ne), their novelty-seeking ways have them exploring alternatives to plastic products.

Dental Care

Forget the toothpaste tube and take a bite, literally of Bite, of eco-friendly toothpaste alternatives. These come in a recyclable glass jar or if you want a DIY eco-friendly version, here’s a great resource. I’ve actually made this toothpaste, and it works really well.

  • Seeking Travelers (INFPs) are agents of change and will likely express their values. Of course, saving the planet is a value they’ll express. They would love to be part of a movement to replace toothpaste tubes with sustainable products. 
  • Inventive travelers (INTJs) are futuristic, so tubed toothpaste seems archaic in their minds. They’ve likely been on board with Bite or DIY toothpaste making for years. Kindly Travelers (ISFJ) are also sustainable warriors who favor environmentally friendly products.

Best Tech Travel Essentials

Nimble is an eco-friendly tech product for all of your charging needs. Think cables, cases, adaptors, and screen protectors for Android and Apple products.

  • Assured Travelers (ENTJ) are natural techies who may be familiar with the Nimble product lines, which are durable and eco-friendly. Dutiful Travelers (ESTJ) will find Nible to be a solid logical choice. Dutiful types tend to side with people and companies who take their responsibilities seriously. Ingenious travelers (INTP) are also users. They research and buy the best in class. I know my son is an INTP turned me onto this brand.

Most of us have phone cases, especially if you want your phone to last. Here are a few good eco-friendly, sustainable, and stylish choices from Casetify, OtterBox, and Native Union. I’m a big fan of Native Union; their protective smartphone cases are made from responsibly sourced materials: plant-based composites, ocean-based plastic, and even recycled phone cases. No question as to which type should use these products. We all should. 

Best Wearable and Other Travel Essentials

Pashmina Shawls

 I have several. One was gifted to me from beautiful Ireland. It is the most beautiful shawl, vibrant green wool, soft and super warm. As for the other two, I bought them at the Istanbul Grand Bazaar.

  • Ok, I’m sharing a personal story. After talking to the store owner for a while, he took me to the shop’s storehouse room. He let me browse through shawls, not on display. What a treat. And of course, I had to buy two. I’m an ENTP, a Curious traveler, and this is so my travel style. A few other types love peopling, too, and would have been right by my side. The Harmonious traveler, ENFJ; Enthusiast travelers, ENFP; Attentive travelers (ESFJ) and Playful travelers, ESFP. 
  • Abstract travelers (INFP), 


Linen is my go-to when traveling to a hot and humid destination; dresses, shorts, and blouses are packable and perfect. Some of my favorite places to purchase sustainable linen are Linenbee and Quincy Clothes.

  • Linen is a classic that appeals to the ESFJ, the Attentive traveler; ISFJ, the Kindly traveler; ESTJ, the Dutiful traveler; and the Grounded traveler, ISTJ. Note the ISFJ is highly concerned with quality, just another reason Linebee is such a great choice for these types. Plus, linen is easy to pack regardless of your type. I’m not a conventional type, but I love linen because it’s so practical in the heat, so I zhuzh-it-up with bright shoes, a pin, a hat… 


My favorite backpack is a red Tumi. I love it, and you’d be amazed how much stuff you can fit in it. As far as luggage goes, honestly, I travel light and typically take a carry-on and my Tumi. Tumi is, and remains, a popular choice for many personality types. Tumi is a top pick for traditionalists; Dutiful (ESTJ), Grounded (ISTJ), Attentive (ESFJ), and Kindly (ISFJ) are likely to be fans of Tumi or other traditional luggage brands; Samsonite, Travel Pro, and Delsey Paris. Other types; like the Abstract (ISFP), Playful (ESFP), and Harmonious (ENTP), may be fans of this uber-fashionable brand; Globe Trotter.

Hope you enjoyed my top travel essential picks. Leave a comment to let me know what you can’t travel without!

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