An Interesting Perspective On Slow Travel

An Interesting Perspective On Slow Travel explores the intersection between spiritual personality typing, intentional travel and slow travel. It’s a fascinating study of how different personality types choose to experience slow travel. 

I’m a huge fan of intentional or conscious travel getaways. I’ve seen how unconscious and unhealthy cognitive functions often lead travelers to make decisions that don’t align with their true selves returning home exhausted instead of rejuvenated. In my debut book, Unpack Your Personality, I discuss how to sidestep the unconscious travel malaise. 

Cultural Hype of Instant Gratification Verses Slow, Intentional Travel

Almost all of us today are addicted to speed and instant gratification. We believe doing it all is our grandest adventure. Yet there has emerged a countercultural movement. Slow travel is becoming more than just a fad. It’s a trend that’s here to stay. This is not just a technique for exploring new places, it’s a mindset. Yet, I believe intentional decision-making be made pre-trip to envision what your slow travel getaway will look like. I’ll use myself as an example. Instead of the novelty of it all, I still enjoy the novelty, but now I pepper these times with scheduled times for stillness so I can review what I just experienced versus rushing through a destination unaware. As long as you set intentions and define what slow travel means to you, slow travel can be a fun and fulfilling detour on the path to self-discovery.

But how does personality typing intersect with the uber-popular slow travel movement? And should we fall for the hype without knowing our travel type? And how does intentionally impact your trip? That’s for you to decide. 

Remember, these concepts and ideas are filtered through me, an ENTP, take what resonates and leave the rest!

The Concepts Behind Slow Travel and Intentional Travel 

Slow travel is a deliberate, unhurried approach to exploring destinations, emphasizing meaningful experiences and cultural immersion. While this definition is a very external viewpoint, I also consider slow travel to be a mindful vacation exercise. You purposefully engage your mind to be more present-moment-focused. I think all personality types can practice slow travel, but I don’t believe it comes naturally for many.

Regardless of your personality type, pre-trip intention setting is foundational in helping travelers become observers of their experiences, observers of how they show up in the world. It’s letting the place, people, and its culture mirror back to them. Dependent on personal intentions, it’s then that we choose how to interact in our surroundings. An inner-focused, highly conscious way to travel. Very different from unconscious experiences: overeating, shopping, disregard for differences….


Grounded Travelers (ISTJs) may just be the poster child for slow travel has you relish capturing every detail along the way; an excerpt from my debut book; Unpack Your Personality.


The Travel Nature of Introverted Verses Extroverts

For introverted personalities like Insightful, INFJ, Seeking, INFP, or Ground ISTJ travelers, slow travel aligns seamlessly with their natural inclination toward reflection. These personality types often find solace in lingering in a single spot, absorbing its essence, and are likely to enjoy forest bathing. Intention setting for them could easily be scheduling times for quiet contemplation during their vacation to review and reap the benefits of what has transpired.

Extroverted types like Expressive, ENFP, Curious, ENTP, Harmonious, ENFJ, and Playful ESFP travelers can use slow travel as opportunities for deeper interactions. These types seek novelty that tends to travel at a faster pace. Setting an intention for slow travel allows a more leisurely pace to engage with diverse cultures — a more self-aware way to travel.


Inventive travelers (INTJs) follow their hunches and are purvayors of pramatism: an excerpt from my debut book; Unpack Your Personality. 


Planners vs. Spontaneity Seekers

Personality types inclined toward meticulous planning, like Insightful INTJs or Dutiful ESTJs, travelers will carefully curate a slow travel journey. The details are in its execution, as every stop is meticulously researched and scheduled, which makes these travelers very happy.

Spontaneity seekers like Expressive ENFP, Abstract ISFP, and Curious ENTP travelers will find joy in the unknown, relishing unplanned detours and the unexpected discoveries that slow travel often presents. Setting intentions allows us to benefit from spontaneity and further enrich our experiences.


Ingenious Travelers (INTPs) are easy-going, intentional and uber-curious about the world around them when they choose to get involved – mystics of truth: an excerpt from my debut book; Unpack Your Personality.


Is it About the Details Or the Big Picture?

These personality types: Ingenious INTP, Seeking INFP, Grounded ISTJ, Dutiful ESTJ, Active ISTP, Abstract, ISFJ, and Spirited ESTP travelers are likely to immerse themselves in the intricate details of a destination during slow travel. The subtleties of the local customs, the hidden cafés, the hotel’s interior design, and the nuances of architecture fulfill their vacation desires. 

Meanwhile, these personality types, Insightful INFJ, Harmonious ENFJ, Curious ENTP, Ingenious INTP, Expressive ENFP, and Assured ENTJ travelers, often focus on the broader narrative, seeking the underlying possibilities, truths, and opportunities. An enjoyable vacation usually involves lively discussions and connecting with the soul of a place.

Spirited Travelers (ESTPs) are energetic movers and shakers, they will never have a dull moment on vacation: an excerpt from my debut book; Unpack Your Personality.


Free-Flow Explorers vs. Goal-Oriented Travelers

Slow travel naturally resonates with free-flow travelers. Particularly true for travel personality types such as Abstract ISFP, Playful ESFP, Expressive ENFP, Ingenious INTP, and Curious ENTP, who cherish free-form getaways. These personality types seek options beyond limited and rigid itineraries, preferring imaginative and open-ended trips. These travelers have a deep desire to learn about others’ cultures and perspectives. To make this their travel reality, they follow the flow.

In contrast, goal-oriented individuals, Dutiful ESTJ, Grounded ISTJ, Spirited ESTP, and Active ISTP travelers may perceive slow travel as a challenge. Yet, it could be a way for these types to accomplish personal milestones through intentional and longer stays. It’s a way for them to reimagine their empires and enjoy their business trips while extending their stays for leisure adventures.

Hope You Found An Interesting Perspective on Slow Travel Eye-Opening

Regardless of your personality type, slow travel invites us all to break away from the frantic pace of modern life and embrace a more intentional and immersive way of experiencing the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert who loves to plan and enjoy lingering in museums or a free-spirited extroverted eager to engage with locals. Slow travel can offer meaningful experiences on the road less traveled. It empowers you to connect with the world and, hopefully, discover something about yourself.

The key here is to set self-discovery travel intentions and make this practice a habit before planning your vacation. Maybe you do want to reap the benefits of slow travel, or is it to master a new culinary skill or do something out of the ordinary? Only you can define what would bring you vacation bliss. I offer a beginner’s guide, a roadmap chockfull of how-tos in my debut book.

Slow travel illuminates how different personality types might engage differently while on vacation. It also illuminates how various cognitive abilities and preferences influence one’s approach to exploring the world at a slower pace.


Blog Updates in 2024: For Slow Travelers Who Seek Self-Discovery

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