7 Ways To Determine if You’re a Spirit-Led Entrepreneur

7 Ways To Determine if You’re a Spirit-Led Entrepreneur is for those who desire to run soulful enterprises allowing the true Self to lead the way!

In the world of entrepreneurship, there’s a growing recognition of the soul’s role in business related to trusting your intuition and fully stepping into your passion and purpose. It’s being successful and unapologetically you. When you embrace the concept of being spirit-led in business, you align with heart-centered actions, purpose, and Divine guidance. It allows your inner guide to be your business guide—your true self, in action.


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The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. – Dieter F. Uchtdorf.


Is Your Personality Type Prone to Spirit-Led Enterprises?

Please note that all personality types can enjoy spirit-led enterprises, while some types will lean into this ideology more than others. It also depends on your country’s culture, life experiences, childhood, and values and beliefs. I’m refraining from creating a list of types, as I want to avoid contributing to stereotyping.

Personality typing is highly individualistic, not formulaic. In my opinion, you will be led by your soul’s calling. You may be a musician, an artist, a Zen-like mechanic, or someone who can set up systems that help the world. It’s your path. Your way. It’s based on the sacred traits of your personality. Remember, your personality type is ideally suited for your soul’s evolution as the soul uses your personality traits to express itself in the world. This is the essence of spiritual personality typing.


A Snapshot of an Inventive Type: An INTJ’s Entrepreneurial Journey 

Lisa van Roode, pictured, is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Art – The Hague, Netherlands. Fashion was a natural fit for her imaginative, unorthodox, and intriguing nature. With an office in Shanghai, she quickly rose to the top, challenging cultural assumptions as a buyer, agent, and fashion designer. After 25 years, Lisa left the world of fashion behind to establish a fair-trade homegoods brand, achieving notable success. However, she was troubled by her observation of socially, mentally, and spiritually distressed individuals. Witnessing this planted seeds of contemplation. Today, through sustainability and nature, architecture and design, community and wellness; the seeds planted years ago –gave birth to Lan Sabai. Visit here to learn more.


Being a Spirit-Led Entrepreneur Has Nothing to Do with Your Age, Social Status Or Gender. – Nina Zapala, Founder Spiritual Personality Typing: A Roadmap to Your True Self.


Characteristics of a Spirit-Led Entrepreneur

Let’s determine if you’re on this path. Here are seven key indicators that may resonate with those seeking to align their entrepreneurial journey with a higher calling.

1. Purpose-Driven Actions: Spirit-led entrepreneurs are often intensely connected to a sense of purpose beyond profit. Many make decisions and actions rooted in a desire to make a meaningful impact on the world.

Are your business endeavors aligned with a purity of purpose to reach beyond financial success?

2. Intuitive Decision-Making: Trusting your intuition is a hallmark of spirit-led entrepreneurs. You often rely on gut feelings, inner guidance, or a sense of “knowing” when making significant business decisions.

Are you open to listening to your intuition, even when it challenges conventional wisdom, logic, or external knowing?

3. Values-Based Leadership: Spirit-led entrepreneurs prioritize values in their business practices. Their leadership style is grounded in integrity, authenticity, empathy, and compassion.

Reflect on whether your business values align with your values and how they are reflected in your relationships and leadership style.

4. Adaptability and Flow: Instead of rigidly adhering to a pre-determined plan, spirit-led entrepreneurs remain open to the flow of life and business. They adapt to changing circumstances, seeing challenges as opportunities for growth rather than setbacks.

Can you pivot and embrace change and challenge with grace?

5. Mindfulness and Self-Care: Nurturing a business isn’t just about external growth but also inner growth. Spirit-led entrepreneurs prioritize self-care, mindfulness, and personal development to maintain a balanced, true Self, lifestyle while balancing the demands of a growing entrepreneurship.

How do you prioritize your well-being while pursuing business goals that align with your true Self?

6. Collaboration and Community: Building a business isn’t a solitary journey for spirit-led entrepreneurs. They actively seek collaborations and mentorships to foster a sense of community, understanding the power of collective efforts and shared wisdom.

Are you open to collaborations, mentorships, and developing a supportive network within your industry?

7. Gratitude and Surrender: Lastly, spirit-led entrepreneurs practice gratitude and surrender. They acknowledge the role of external forces, luck, and Divine guidance in their journey, expressing gratitude for both success and failure.

Will you embrace the grace of gratitude and surrender in your entrepreneurial journey?


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Creativity takes courage. – Henri Matisse


Was 7 Ways To Determine if You’re a Spirit-Led Entrepreneur Helpful?

Please understand the 7 ways to determine if you’re a spirit-led entrepreneur can easily be applied to your life, again regardless of your personality type. You see, your “youness” doesn’t end or begin with a role that society has placed upon you. Your role in life is to figure out your true calling and be that 100%.

Know that being a spirit-led entrepreneur goes beyond adopting an external, rigid system. It involves connecting with a deeper sense of purpose, intuition, and interconnectedness to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams and goals. Reflecting on these seven insights can help you determine whether your entrepreneurial journey is guided by a higher calling—a calling that leads you not only to success but also to fulfillment and positive impact for those you serve. In doing so, it fills your heart with joy and peace. You create a lifestyle that is in step with who you are, not chasing the dangling carrot that never seems to be in reach, that’s the old, often unhealthy patriarchal paradigm.


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