What is the Soul’s Role in Personality Typing

What is the soul’s role in personality type? I’m infusing traditional career typology with a spiritual understanding to bring about a more centered, balanced, and healthier you. It’s all about leaving behind fear-based living led by your FalseSelf and stepping into a life of Enlightened Living, guided by your TrueSelf?

What I’ve come tWeional typology is soulless. Myers-Briggs® personality typing dates back to the 1950s introduced the theory post World War II. It was the rise of the Patriarchal age, where big institutions, governments, and men ruled society.

Here’s what I know, the soul’s role in personality is decidedly fresh, new, and relevant to the new Age of Aquarius. When your type aligns with your soul’s intentions, you become your true Self, your true power. If you’re wondering how this all came about, stay tuned as I’ll share more of my journey and how you can start moving into your true Self on next week’s blog. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t begin with spirituality!

Understanding the False Self and Its Role in Soulful Personality Typing

By Being Who We Are, we not Only Experience Life in all its Vitality but, Quite Innocently and Without Design, we Help Others be more Thoroughly Themselves.

Mark Nepo- The Book of Awakening

Understand your spiritual practices will be different because they’re based around the specific needs of your persona. Once you initiate a mindfulness practice and begin to quiet the noisy mind, you’ll enter into a Divinely led relationship between your soul and personality type. This union allows you to recognize the false self, the fear-driven personality. The aspect of your persona that wants to please feels unworthy, compete, blame, meet societal expectations – ignoring the true Self.

Here’s what I know fear-based personality typing has likely gotten you stuck, but it’s a soul-inspired personality that brings you the life of your dreams, the purpose you long for and the meaningful next-level career. 

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Why Soulful Personality Typing

Over 97% of People Want to Consciously Change Their Personalities

Psychology Today

A 2019 Gallop Poll states 85% of the workforce is unhappy. Is it because people don’t really know who they are or what they truly desire. Another recent study from Psychology Today stated, ‘over 97% of people want to consciously change their personalities.’ I believe if you align a healthy and balanced persona supported with spiritual practices, you step on the road of your true Self, your authentic self. My life experiences proved this theory to be 100% true.

Do You Believe You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience?

Being Who We Are Releases an Extraordinary Power that, Without Intent or Design, Affects the People Who Come in Contact with Such Realness.

Carl Jung – Swiss Psychologist, a pioneer in the psychology of personality typing

Today, I believe so many of us are waking up to the idea that we are spiritual beings, having a human experience. ut yet, who is talking about the true Self, the truth of who you are, regarding personality typing? 

I want to talk about it, and here’s why.

– We live in a society driven by falsities. e hide behind perfectly curated social media posts, airbrushed photos, and relentless marketing campaigns that promote the idea to live happily. You need to find the perfect house, car, clothes, makeup, latest tech gadget…

– I also believe spirituality has taken on an air of perfection as well. Many tout we have to be positive all the time, or else we aren’t in the zen zone. If we have negative feelings, anger, fear, or sadness, it’s TABOO. I don’t know about you, but I’m human, and I’m not positive 24/7. I had to process my feelings, the good and the bad. Hell, it took me 7-years to get to the bottom of my false self so that I could get to know my true Self. That’s a whole lot of processing!

– This is BIG. Today with the world in chaos (believe me, Divine Intelligence has a plan), I feel it’s essential to know your truth. When you’re in truth, you’re grounded in your ‘why.” You stay focused, enabling you to walk through the chaos around you. I’m not saying you have your head in the clouds, but what I’m saying is you won’t feel obligated to own someone else’s chaos.

The Results of the Soul’s Role in Personality Typing

The Unconscious Influences of One Being on Another

Carl Jung – Swiss Psychologist, a pioneer in the psychology of personality typing

First, you must correctly identify your personality type. If you keep getting different results, I can help if you are so inclined. Knowing your precise personality type is mission-critical. You see, your personality type reveals the following:

– Your true SELF is rooted in your purpose passion, and it’s a guide for enlightened living,

– Your personality typing indicates the spiritual practices for your persona, which is critical to help you quiet the mind and start identifying your false Self –the beliefs, values, and negative patterns that trigger you.

– Knowing your spiritual personality type helps you to realize unhealthy personality traits.

Recap: What Is the Soul’s Role in Personality Typing

– What is the soul’s role in personality typing; it’s weaving soul practices into healthy and well-balanced personality types, helping you figure out who you really are, your true Self,

– Without an understanding of your false self, you’ll never be able to understand your truth, the true Self.

– Statistics report people desire change. I don’t think we need to change our personality type; we need to improve it.

– When you correctly identify mindfulness practices specific to your personality type, you gain clarity.

– It’s critical that you correctly identify your personality type as it determines the root of your beingness.

Ready to Learn How to Express Your Unique Light Onto the World Through the Soul’s Role in Personality Typing?

Nina Zapala, The Curious Type, ENTP

Ready to Learn More About the Soul’s Role in Personality Typing

I hope you found “What is the Soul’s Role in Personality Typing” beneficial. I’m passionate about introducing the idea of soul work as a component of personality typing. The 1950s model is fantastic, but as we awaken to our spiritual needs, we must incorporate the gifts of a healthy personality type to align with our soul’s intention. When we do this, we express our soul’s intentions through our personality, and we show up in the world; joyful, passionate, and on purpose –the path to enlightened living.

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