5 Ways To Engage Your TrueSelf In A Romantic Relationship?

5 ways to engage your TrueSelf in a romantic relationship may create a fresh start in your relationship or unearth triggers that you both have long ignored. What inspired this blog post was an interview on the Super Soul podcast; Oprah interviews Chip and Joanna Gains. Both are magnetic and so tapped into their TrueSelf. Skip to the recap if you’re pressed for time or read on.

The interview is entertaining and uplifting, and after watching the full interview, I came away knowing these two are in a committed, authentic TrueSelf romantic relationship. Uber inspiring for so many of us. It was exhilarating to see what I’m preaching and teaching, living an enlightened life from the TrueSelf, working in real-time.

You see, living from your TrueSelf helps you find joy, radiance, and passion. When you watch the interview with Chip and Joanna, you can see the joy, radiance, and passion in each other, their work, and most importantly, in themselves. They’ve figured out who there meant to be, and their WHY for this life’s incarnation.

Note: When I’m speaking of your TrueSelf, I’m speaking about your dominant personality type in relation to personality typing. Remember, this is your primary personality function, the one you use the most.

Nina Zapala

Chip Gains on Being True to Himself

Chip discusses being famous. “For me, becoming famous came at a huge cost. I lost a part of myself, and it was sad. It took me two years to get over it, and thankfully I took the time during our break from TV to unpack the part of my personality that needed to please and be liked. Those superficial aspects were unhealthy. What I really wanted was a meaningful God-driven life.”

Joanna Gains on Being True to Herself

Chip always teaches me, “If you’re not savoring the moments, then why are you doing it? He pushes me to do it.” She also went on to say, “You get one pep-talk from Chip Gains, and you feel like you can rule the world.”

Is Your TrueSelf Showing You In Your Romantic Relationship?

Unpleasant experiences can’t be avoided by staying inside your comfort zone. Instead, they are designed to bring your attention to parts of your personality that you need to heal, that you need to change to move into your fullest potential.

Gary Zukav

A question that begs an answer, “Do you know your spiritual personality type? Do you know your partners?” If you don’t know or understand your personality type, there’s no way you can show up as your TrueSelf. More often than not, we show up in a relationship as a contrived version of what we think the other person needs us to be.

Here’s how your not showing up as your TrueSelf

– you’ve become a pleaser, until you don’t recognize yourself,

– you’re a supper supporter, yet you rarely receive support,

– you have a need to be in control and are unwilling to see your partner’s ideas,

– what you think your partner needs is how you’re showing up.

In the beginning, these faux personas work, but as the relationship progresses, you start to resent the other person. This resentment is a trigger, letting you know you’ve not been honest with yourself or your partner. This feeling of resentment is actually a form of self-betrayal based on choices you’ve made. Most of us make choices unconsciously and give our power away in the processes for a myriad of fear-based reasons.

Are you wondering why some couples seem to have that thing? The magic? The mystery? The Deep Love?

Nina Zapala

5 Ways To Engage Your TrueSelf In A Romantic Relationship?

Let’s have a look at 5 ways your TrueSelf is showing up in a romantic relationship. I urge you to figure out your spiritual personality type to dive deep into your TrueSelf. Let me know how I can help via email: nina@ninazapala.com

– Boundaries, reverence, and respect for your partner’s unique, but opposite personality traits,

– Are you intentional in your relationships or are you just showing up?

– Accepting your partner’s personality functions, especially when they trigger you as the trigger can be a sign of soul work, a habit or belief that need’s tending too,

– Are you coming into the relationship, whole, not broken and expecting another to fix your brokenness,

– You support one another bringing out the best in your partner and vice-versa instead of opposing, competing, or belittling.

We came to the relationship whole

Joanna Gains

RECAP: 5 Ways To Engage Your TrueSelf In A Romantic Relationship?

– Chip and Joanna gains are an inspiring couple that excudes their TrueSelves in their romantic relationship

– Words from Chip

– Words from Joanna

– Do you know if you are operating from your TrueSelf

– 5 ways to engage your TrueSelf in a romantic relationship

Ready To Learn More About Spiritual Personality Typing

Ready to Show Up Fully You? Your TrueSelf. Present. Engaged. Joyful. Beautiful.

Nina Zapala

I hope “5 Ways To Engage Your TrueSelf In A Romantic Relationship was helpful. I’m passionate about introducing the idea of soul work as a component of personality typing. There’s a gap in personality typing. It’s been around since the 1950s, but nothing much has changed. Today, I believe many of us are waking up to spirituality, mindfulness work, meditation, and positive growth mind shifts. But who is talking about it in regards to your personality type? We all have a personality, yet the focus for the past 71 years has been narrowly focused on corporate career-typing?

I want to talk about it, and here’s why.

It took me years to develop a relationship with my soul-inspired personality. I did the work (I’m still doing it) to move beyond my FalseSelf to get to my True Self. To live from authentic me. The challenges were relentless, yet the results are unimaginable. I know I can help. It’s why I had to go through my life challenges, so I could help you go through yours.

Today, I’ve built an unshakable foundation. I’ve added a spiritual practice, and I now know there is no other way to go but up. Days are now full of joy. I feel self-confident and empowered to take on whatever life throws at me. Making wise decisions are easier because I know exactly who I am and what I like and don’t. Choices, ahh, the spiritual roads of life also become clearer. I get up, ready to step into another transformative day with a boatload of clarity.

I want this for you, too!

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Photo Credit: Chip and Joanna Gains: Oprah TV on the Own Network



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