Brené Brown Nails Unpack Your Personality©️

Brené Brown nails Unpack Your Personality©️ in her new Netflix documentary, the Call to Courage. She gets into travel personality explaining CJT’s, her term for Come to Jesus (CTJ) talks before the family leaves for vacation.

Here’s the story. Brené’s busy packing books, as the family heads off to Disney.

Her husband looks over at her and asks, “You’ve got five books, man. What are you doing with these?”

Brené says, “Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve read good fiction?”

Her husband says, “You ain’t’ reading nothing for the next four days, but ‘too tall to ride,’ ‘too short to ride.” Her husband goes on to say; “you won’t be in the hotel reading we’re taking five kids to Disney!”

OMG – What a quintessential TRAVEL personality moment!

Brené Brown Recommends Have a Come To Jesus Talk before Vacationing

If you’ve never visited my blog before, I let you in on a secret; I’m talking about travel personality typing. It’s a new way to travel based on personality typing. Learn more here.

When Brené commented that she was packing books, I just started to laugh; it’s a classic “introvert move.” And Brené expressed she’s super introverted!

So perfect. Many introverts love to read and spend time on solo activities, and this doesn’t change while on vacation. OK, before everyone gets their panties in a wad, I say MANY introverts, because of the billions of introverts on the planet no two are the same, BUT introverts have ISMS just like extroverts.

Brené Brown Nails Unpack Your Personality™️

Thank you Brené, for so eloquently expressing precisely what I want to achieve with travel personality typing. Adults, adulting, in adult conversations; open, honest, and heart-centered. Without JUDGEMENT!

Why Unpack Your Personality™️

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We can’t expect to embark on a trip, leaving all of the comforts of home behind, eating new food, sleeping in someone else’s bed, and assume NIRVANA. It’s not how we’re built. Plus, while we travel our ego-conditioned habits and behaviors kick into high gear to protect us. Sometimes this means reverting to old patterns; it’s what the ego knows – TRIGGING all kinds of stuff we thought we had left behind.

As Brené says, “Today I’ll choose courage over comfort.” Yeah, I get we are talking about vacationing here, but if we aren’t brave enough to stand up and clearly state what we want on vacation, your vacation is going to suck! You see I’m using a metaphor of travel here. You have to say what you want, bear your feelings wants, and desires. And that comes at a cost of full transparency. This is how you choose courage over comfort in the everyday and while away.

Are you nodding YES!

Call to Courage is a Must Watch and See Why Brené Brown Nails Unpack Your Personality©️

First of all, Brené Brown’s newly released Netflix special, the Call to Courage, it’s a must-watch. For me, Brené Brown is the person who makes you think long after the book is closed, the talk has ended, or the documentary is over. Yes, I’ve watched Call to Courage three times. It’s that GOOD. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 🙏


As Brene expresses perfectly, “belonging to yourself first means speaking your truth and never betraying yourself for other people.” But first and foremost, you need to understand how you function in the world to communicate better what it is you want to experience while on vacay, and in the everyday. Unpack Your Personality™️ defines this by using proven methods described by Carl Jung, Myers-Briggs, and many others. I also know that, based on my ten-year transformational journey that a committed spiritual practice is a must.

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Remember you’re not here to chase love, money, or success you’re here to discover your truth, the best version of you. When you commit to your truth, Divine Intelligence conspires with you and brings you all that you need. No chasing required.

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