7 Great Books to Help You Understand Personality Typing


Do you have a deep desire to learn more about Who you really are? These 7 great books on personality typing will help you understand yourself a whole lot better. It’s summer what better time to dive in and read a good book? Better yet, why not read a good book with life-changing energies behind […]

Could a Person Have More than One Personality Type?

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Could a person have more than one personality type? What do you think? (Please know I speak of Myers-Briggs©️ typing here exclusively) Recently on a podcast, I was asked, could I have two personality types? The host believed her personality type in college was vastly different than her personality type of today. As we began […]

How to Love Being an Extrovert Own Your Truth

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How to love being an extrovert and own your truth? First, acknowledge your energy which you exude tenfold. It is all about energy flow, and when you operate from your truth, you have the power to change cultures, start a movement, and move mountains; think Reese Witherspoon, Michelle Obama, and Taylor Swift. You probably don’t […]

How To Love Being Introvert

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How to love being an introvert is about realizing your energy is bathed in your own truth, it’s vibrant, alive, and magnetic attracting the world to you – no words needed! The End! No, I’m serious. It is all about energy flow, and when you operate from your truth, you have the power to change […]

How To Find Your TrueSelf Starts With Three Steps?

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How to find your TrueSelf, is a big topic, and honestly, it’s probably a mountaintop very few will ever climb in a lifetime. Here’s Why? We’re human. The good news you’re not alone because we’re all HUMAN. 😇 Every one of us will have challenges, struggles, and pain. Yet, through these trying times, your SoulSelf […]

What is the Soul’s Role in Personality Typing

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What is the soul’s role in personality type? I’m infusing traditional career typology with a spiritual understanding to bring about a more centered, balanced, and healthier you. It’s all about leaving behind fear-based living led by your FalseSelf and stepping into a life of Enlightened Living, guided by your TrueSelf? What I’ve come tWeional typology […]

One Easy Step to Discover Your True Self

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One easy step to discover your True Self. Here’s the catch. Identifying your True Self is pretty simple. The flip side is your True Self takes self-examination, responsibility for all life choices, having trust beyond the five senses, and a commitment to finding yourself, aka the center of you—your truth. You’ll have to choose a […]

7 Ways to Start Unpacking Your Fearful Ego-Personality?

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How do you know you’re living from a fearful, ego-personality? There are tell-tell signs. We’re going to look at these, plus the 7 ways to start unpacking your fearful ego-personality. Did you know, most of us operate from a fearful ego-personality? UGH! We step into adulthood with this personality, packed neatly and undisturbed. Why? It’s […]