Revealing Solène’s Personality Type In The Idea Of You

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Revealing Solène’s personality type in The Idea Of You is a deconstruction of “the witty, well-liked, and loyal mom” in Prime video’s breakout movie.   Solène: I didn’t know my being happy would piss so many people off. Tracy, Solène’s best friend: Did I not warn you? People hate happy women.   Solène is a […]

How To Nurture Yourself on Your Next Getaway

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How to nurture yourself on your next getaway is a wonderful way to take happier vacations. Do you plan to nurture yourself on vacation or is this a passing thought that never manifests?  Isn’t their great irony in this?  We yearn to travel for health and wellness, yet most of us ignore our well-being on […]

Exciting Word Therapy for Seekers Exploring the Word Comparison

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Exciting word therapy for seekers exploring the word comparison. If you missed my previous post, How To Unpack Yourself to Be Unforgettable, you might want to give it a read. I’m a word nerd, and I love to explore words from both a traditional and spiritual viewpoint. It’s a holistic approach to word-branding. Today’s digital […]

Unlock the Impact of Soulful Quotes on Your Personality Type

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Unlock the impact of soulful quotes on your personality type. A new blog offers 30 inspiring quotes to bring a new perspective into your life by focusing on quotes that speak to you to help you know yourself better. Have you ever wondered why one quote sticks while others fall away? You’ll learn why and […]

How To Be The Authentic Introvert Think Traits

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How to be the authentic introvert think traits. WHAT? Yes, I know you’ve been told to believe you are just an introvert, but you’re not. I know it’s a new way to think, but I want you to know you are not just an INTROVERT. You do, however, possess definitive introverted cognitive functions. These patterns, […]

How to Remove the Mask Using Spiritual Personality Typing?

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Removing the mask using spiritual personality typing takes a daily commitment. Yet it can lead to meaningful soul-centered living, grace, and a pure potentiality. A giveback life overflowing with your heart’s desire. If you’re reading this blog, your heart is calling you to read on! If you want more, visit my YouTube channel.

How Famous Christmas Movies Make Us Reflect On Ourselves?

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How famous Christmas movies make us reflect on ourselves takes a look at enduring holiday movie characters we’ve come to love while teaching us about our struggles and challenges, giving us hope. Have you ever wondered why some Christmas movies become iconic while others seem to have their day and fade away? The characters mentioned […]