If You Don’t Know Your Spiritual Personality How Can You Love Yourself

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If You Don’t Know Your Spiritual Personality How Can You Love Yourself, this blog explores the idea that understanding your personality can be a powerful tool on the path to self-love. I’m also adding a spiritual perspective to help you dive deeper into who you really are. A beautiful soul here to experience love. It […]

Realizing A Dream is the Ultimate Path to Fulfillment

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Realizing a dream is the ultimate path to fulfillment. A dream is typically soul-fed –an earthly labor of love. My experience navigating through a 7-year life tsunami forced me to begin again. Walking a new path into the world of book publishing was a complete unknown. Yet it was a calling meant to evolve my […]

How To Be Strong When Change Swirls Around You?

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How to be Strong When Change Swirls Around You? We live in times of anxiety, overwhelm, and fear, but do we have to experience it on the daily? If we choose to do so, then yes, but I don’t believe we do. What I’m seeing in my mentoring sessions is that many people come to […]

Are Fears Real? Let’s Take a Closer Look

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Are fears real? Let’s take a closer look. Remember, as a kid Halloween was frightening and fun rolled into one. We dreamed of big bags of candy even though we knew scary things might happen to get the goods. Do you remember how you faced your fears as a child? Yes, we got scared. But […]

How To Remove External Layers Of Fear From Your Persona?

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How to remove the external layers of fear from your persona? For many of us, the answer to this question is revealed in your primary personality trait, the Essential Self. First, you need to unravel your ambitions, passions, and grand desires of who you think you need to be. Pressed for time, watch the 5-minute […]

Overwhelmed By Unexpected Personality Triggers on Vacation

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Overwhelmed By Unexpected Personality Triggers on Vacation. Let’s get real, you pack your personality right along with the sunnies and the sunscreen, so it goes to reason your personality can and may get triggered while away. Realize unexpected personality triggers can and do reveal aspects of your personality that aren’t in line with who you really […]

The Magic of Slow Travel in a Disconnected World

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The magic of slow travel is a beautiful gift, especially in today’s disconnected world. For me, slow travel is an intention to travel to observe oneself while awakening your senses and seeing things anew – provisioning yourself to be all you came here to be! One of the things I suggest, and it’s pretty simple, […]

Is Your Life Up in the Air?

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Is your life up in the air? How do you take care of yourself when this happens? It all comes down to FOCUS, staying grounded in your personality type, and using the tools from your spiritual practices. I know this isn’t easy, but when your move away from focusing on your truth, you invite worry, […]