Are Fears Real? Let’s Take a Closer Look

Are fears real? Let’s take a closer look. Remember, as a kid Halloween was frightening and fun rolled into one. We dreamed of big bags of candy even though we knew scary things might happen to get the goods. Do you remember how you faced your fears as a child? Yes, we got scared. But we had bold confidence knowing something sweet existed on the other side of the closed door. We faced our fears believing getting tricked was worth the treats awaiting us on the other side. Updated 11.2023

Are Fears Real: Yes or No?

It’s not fear. It’s an attached emotion to a self-experience. Is fear real? Well yes and no.

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Let’s Take a Closer Look at Fears

Remember, at the age of three, four, or five-year-old child, even when you became anxious, you faced your anxiety head-on and walked through the haunted house or courageously knocked on the door of the scariest place in the neighborhood. You didn’t hesitate. Why?

Did you have fear and or anxiety? I believe we all did, as a child, but we also have a wonderous knowing, a confidence in ourselves. You saw the world as a fantastic place and knew deep in your heart you were here on a mission. Superman and Superwomen had nothing on you. You weren’t afraid of not knowing because you were powerful, secure, and confident in who you were.

Until, well, your parents, society, and school systems began conditioning the superhero right out of you. Trust me, I’m not dissing parents, hell, I am one, and I’ve made countless mistakes with my son, nor am I dissing teachers. It’s the systems I question.


Catch your children doing something right instead of doing something wrong. Remind them of their greatness on a daily basis.” Wayne Dyer – American Author and Motivational Speaker


Are We Conditioned To Be Fearful

As schoolchildren, we were conditioned and instructed through predetermined systems to be part of the system. We’re taught to be who we are through examinations and competition, fearing loss, not being picked, not being smart enough, and often chastized for being different from others! WTF? These instructions onto themselves are anxiety-producing and fear-engineered. If I don’t get a good grade, I’m a loser, a fool, and not good enough. Yep, that’s what we learn.

What if I don’t get picked?

Come on, who hasn’t felt panic and humiliation standing as the last person chosen for a sports activity? Geez, I remember cheerleading tryouts and getting on the second string. I felt horrible. I wasn’t on the first string, so I assumed I must not be good enough. OMG. I’m so not a cheerleading type-o-gal. Yet, I changed myself to fit in as I became fearful and thought I had to be a cheerleader to be liked. By the way, I never really did fit in!

Can you see how fear becomes attached to specific feelings and emotions?


We come into doubt by trusting the people who teach us to become part of the system. We don’t question the idea of competing to win at all costs. Instead, we strive to be a student of the GRIND, not a student of the Divine MIND! Nina Zapala, Founder Spiritual Personality Typing.™️


Are Fears Real? A Question to Ponder

For me, and I believe for many of us, fear is caused by 100’s of different feelings: doubts, guilt, unworthiness, shame, and false beliefs  The inherited, troubling thoughts we absorbed without question in childhood, in school, and continue to embrace well into adulthood.

If you take a closer look, you will realize fears are mere triggers, unhealthy and unconscious aspects of your personality traits. They often keep you stuck in struggle, chaos, and anxiety.

Fear isn’t new. It’s been around for centuries. Many sages have been pondering solutions to overcome fear and anxiety, offering a plethora of answers yet finding no proven solutions. Wondering why? Because the solution is always and will ever be up to us! I believe no sage, guru, scientist, or savant can genuinely understand you – you’re one of a kind. It makes sense to me that no one person can find solutions to your problems. You are the “SOUL-U-TION”

What is the soul-ution? Become fully immersed in your sacred, fearless personality type, one that serves your higher SELF, that is reliant on your spirit mind, the sixth sense of your personality type! It’s the melding of the psyche and soul, showing up uniquely you!


Don’t let fear take over your decisions but decide that there shall be no diversions from you taking an alternate route…. Hermann J. Steinherr


Are Fears Attached to Unhealthy Emotions?

The soul-u-tion starts with an understanding of your physical senses found within your cognitive functions. Within each trait are healthy and unhealthy emotions, values, and beliefs. Fear lives in the shadow aspects of SELF, often unconscious.

Let’s use me as an example. I am in middle school trying out for the cheerleading squad. I’m thinking if I’m not a cheerleader, I won’t fit in. So I took action based on a fear of not belonging. Many school systems, private or public, seem to glorify those involved in sports activities, so of course, I tried to become a cheerleader. Who doesn’t want glory?

I believed being a cheerleader was the right path for me. FEAR: false belief appearing real. Can you begin to see how the unwanted emotions of fear pushed me into taking uninspired action;  a low vibrational emotion birthed a fearful action?

Is it fair to say disruptive feelings often power fear? If we look deep, can we identify the unhealthy emotion as false? Tip: if you can bless it for the gifts it brought you, then let it go.

For me, trying out for the cheerleading team was prompted by a fear of not belonging, which invited cheerleading tryouts, and uninspired actions. OMG, I know so crazy, right?

How many of us take daily actions based on fear?


F.E.A.R – False. Evidence. Appearing. Real. – Origin Unknown


Is Fear Real?

Is fear real? Well, yes and no. Fear is real because you believe them to be true. Once you stop believing in them, they start to disappear. Remember your fears are deep-seated, unconscious, and often initiated by false beliefs. Let’s take a closer look.

My North Star, my primary/dominant personality trait, is extroverted intuition, which is all about novelty, possibilities, and unconventionality. OMG, cheerleading is uber conventional contrary to my North Star. So I separated from my true self, and instead, I trusted the “system.” I ignored my primary cognitive function forcing myself to belong to something contrary to myself. I embraced fear, separating from the Divine Spark within, that knows all that I need when I need it and at the perfect time.

Wow. How many of us do this? Well, I hate to report this statistic but it’s around 85% of us! I want to move the needle forward. Instead of 10-15% of the population who knows themselves, I want this number to be well over 80%.


Fear’s real and false – As real as you believe it to be.

How many of us have been programmed to believe we are something we aren’t? I’m sure my example isn’t much different from yours.

My 9th-grade art teacher told me, “Nina, I see the pain in your eyes as you try and navigate high school, just know when you’re finished here, the world will open up for you.” WOW. See teachers’ rule. Again, it’s the system that I question.

We’ve been taught to believe our physicalness holds all of the answers to life’s questions—another false belief. Just look at the world. How can you possibly find answers in chaos, fear, and confusion? You’ll get answers filled with chaos, fear, and confusion – which leads to more chaos, fear, and confusion. And we wonder why we’re stuck!

It’s why I’m passionate about personality typing with a spiritual understanding to discover your true self. We need to shift the way we live in the world. Our priority should be to tap into our spirit mind, which is tethered to the Divine mind. The spirit mind, our higher conscious is what inspires our physical mind to take inspired action, in service of our highest self. This new thought theory is the wisdom I gained based on personal experiences and the liberating lessons I learned going through my 7-year life tsunami, a time of relentless challenge, and transformation.


The Enemy is Fear. We Think it is Hate; but it is Fear. – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was an Indian lawyer, anti-colonial nationalist and political ethicist.


A New Thought Theory On Personality Typing.

When we solely use our physical senses, we rely on what we know, what we’ve been taught, aka our past conditioning based on fear and ego. The physical senses rely on the contrasts of the external world, which blocks serenity, our peace of mind, and the eternal knowing we’re always provided for.

We are trained to believe the exact opposite of serenity. To accept the unknown as a big, scary place – one we are not to explore. For a while, these false beliefs seem to work, but as time goes on, most of us start to question ourselves: 

Why am I here? 

Who am I? 

What’s my purpose?

Is this why 93% of us want to change something about ourselves, as reported by Psychology Today?


Realize We All Have A Spiritual Sense? 

A closer look at the sixth sense, your spiritual sixth sense that reaches beyond the physical senses into the unseen realms of higher consciousness, the nonphysical sense of self.

What are your spiritual senses?

Spiritual senses are intuition, gut instincts, serendipitous moments, the illogical happenings that reap great rewards. In essence, the spiritual senses are in tune with the whispers from your higher self, the spirit mind which is tethered to the Divine mind; the unlimited potential of all there IS.

Do we all have spiritual senses?

Yes, everyone on the planet has spiritual and physical senses. Yet who teaches us to see ourselves as powerful spiritual beings? Our spiritual and physical senses work hand in hand when aligned properly to support our highest potential.

Can you imagine how different life would be if you lead with the unlimited potential of all there IS versus competing, examining, and comparing yourself to what is, what was, or others?

Most of us think we’re limited – an untruth and in total contrast with our spiritual self’s limitless potential. Just another reason why I believe so many of us want to change ourselves. Because there’s a deep stirring within that whispers, we are more than what’s been taught. The idea of changing ourselves is another false belief. We don’t need to change ourselves. We need to pull ourselves out of fear and into the light of unlimited knowledge, creativity, and love.

The idea behind Spiritual Personality Typing is to encourage you to awaken to your True Self, not change yourself. Devine design gifted you with a personality type that’s in alignment with your soul’s mission. I’m 1000% serious when I say this. We are all here to evolve and grow, to develop our own individual Divine consciousness. Period. How you do this, the life paths you take, and the people you meet along the way are all part of the journey. It’s your life’s “SOUL-U-TION.”


Serenity Card Meaning – You are moving into a time of greater inner peace and tranquility. – Doreen Virtue – Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards

3 Ways to Face Scary Fears Head On Like a Child

I believe one of the best ways to overcome our scary fears is to face them head-on as we did as a child. As adults, we become stuck as our fears are unconscious, hidden, and deep within our persona. They’ve become a part of who we think we are. Yet, I believe there is a way to recognize your fears — it’s through triggers.

Journal Prompts to Help You Face Scary Fears:

  •  To face your fear head-on, ask yourself: What am I afraid of? Why am I afraid of it? What is the worst that can happen? Get into the emotions of fear. Spend time with these questions and go back as many times as needed.
  • Appreciate your courage. Every time you focus on your North Star (primary/dominant cognitive function), the most vital essential part of you, the journey to overcome fear and anxiety becomes easier and shorter. 
  • Be your own best friend. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself. When you talk to yourself, praise yourself, be encouraging, and trust yourself. Become the very person you admire and respect. Take a day and track your conversation with yourself –– are you being a good friend or a bad friend?
  • When I become fearful, confusion and chaos become my reality. I shake it off by putting on my sneakers and head out for a meditative walk. As I walk, I say prayers in gratitude for all there is; the sun that warms me, the giant oak trees that bring shade and help me breathe, the cherished moments I spend with Oliver, my brown rescued poodle… I stay in the moment, realizing I’m a part of all there is, which helps me relax, gain clarity, and the courage to take a few baby steps toward facing my fears.
  • I also pray to understand and realize I’m an essential part of all their IS. This action lets me pivot so I can begin again. Please do your research and pick a method that works for your personality type. I cover the best spiritual practices for each of the 16 personalities in my upcoming book, Unpack Your Personality: Let Your Inner Guide Be Your Travel Guide, which I hope to have published in November 2023. 🤞🏼

Recap: Are Fears Scary Let’s Take a Closer Look

  • Think back to Halloween as a three, four, or five-year-old – were you afraid or fearless?
  • Conditioning begins during childhood. We start to believe we aren’t good enough. Pass a test to be included, worthy, or good enough.  Is it any wonder these prevailing thoughts keep us from our pure potential?
  • Is fear real?
  • Is fear linked to unhealthy emotions?
  • A new thought theory on personality typing – let’s flip-flop our thinking and lead with our spiritual senses and use our physical senses to express our Divine intentions.
  • Do you know what spiritual senses are?
  • Three ways to face scary fears head-on like a child and a few journal prompts


Don’t Change Yourself. Find Your SELF. Nina Zapala, Founder Spiritual Personality Typing™️.


Discover Personality Typing With a Spiritual Understanding

According to Psychology Today magazine, 93% of people want to change something about themselves. Which begs the question, why change yourself? Or, more importantly, how does changing yourself help you find yourself?

Do you realize you come from the eternal creative SOURCE  of all there IS? Is it foolish to think we can create a better version of ourselves?

What makes you think you can’t be a star if you come from the stars?

Spiritual Personality Typing® helps you understand yourself. It helps you find yourself. It helps you connect to the spark of the Divine, the spirit mind, which is always communicating with all there IS. To know the spark of the Divine within you is to know your path, passion, and purpose: the true self. This knowing takes you on a journey to extraordinary and miraculous, a life path of unlimited wonder.

Do you agree that critical decision-making skills are an absolute must in times of confusion, change, and chaos? The choices you make today can alter your tomorrow. I say this because this blog has become a learning library where I share the many liberating lessons and soul wisdom I learned going through my transitional 7-year life tsunami. Hopefully, my challenges and lessons will help you overcome your life struggles.

Are you ready to commit to fully knowing yourself? To live thoughtfully, to question everything, and to love completely. You may not find this journey to be an easy one. But I guarantee you’ll find it enriching, beyond your imagination. Spiritual personality typing is a fascinating discovery of personality typing with a spiritual understanding.


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* Please note I use Doreen Virtue’s angel card as another tool to help me communicate with my higher self. I do not call upon angels to ask for stuff, I pray first and ask Divine Intelligence to send an angel, which I often call on for guidance, protection, and wisdom.

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