Stress Release Travel Tips for Extroverts and Introverts

Stress release travel tips for extroverts are very different than stress release travel tips for introverts. Extroverts function very differently in the world than introverts, and this doesn’t change while on vacation.

This post dives deep into the differences between two personality functions while illustrating a clear travel style between the two. Hopefully, the tips below will provide you with some much-needed insights to keep your travel holidays happy and joy-filled. 

Misconceptions About Extroverts and Introverts

Please understand no one is 100% an introvert and vice-versa. Many of us fall somewhere in between, which makes classifying all introverts as shy, wrong and all extroverts as bubbly, wrong. Here are a few more insights:

On Extroverts

alt="Stress Release Travel Tips for Extroverts and Introverts - extroverts are typically found at the center of it all while on vacation."
Extroverts can be found at the center of it all – image Pixabay
  • When traveling with an extrovert they’ll likely be multitasking; let’s go here, but first I want a selfie and can we make a pitstop I want to try some street food. Yes, that’s all one thought.
  • An extrovert is someone who never meets a stranger. For them, strangers quickly become one of their BFF’s. This is a great travel trait as often extroverts will know the latest about a place in a very short time.
  • Many extroverts, I include myself here, need a timeout when feeling stressed, and require alone time; listening to music, or being in nature
  • Extroverts tend to talk first and think after the fact 🧐and may even berate themselves saying something like, “Will I ever learn to think before I start babbling?”
  • Often an extrovert will need validation. They may have found the perfect picnic spot, but if their travel mates don’t ooh-and-ahh they may feel they’ve failed.
  • Exploring new environments resonates with several extroverted Myers-Briggs® types as does being in nature

On Introverts

alt="Stress Release Travel Tips for Extroverts and Introverts. Introverts need down time."
Introverts need quiet time – Image Pixabay
  • Some introverts are shy and timid; some will even fool you into believing they are extroverts, but the fact is all introverts need DOWNTIME.
  • Enjoy the peace and quiet of a place; and can easily shut out distractions.
  • Don’t expect a quick answer from an extrovert. You’ll know you’re traveling with an introvert if they say, “I’ll have to think about that.”
  • Seeking a friend that you trust, who can sit with you, without a lot of judgment, advise or criticism, is often helpful for an extrovert.
  • Canceling non-essential plans can help decrease stress and overwhelm for introverts.

Travel Stress Release Tips for Extroverts and Introverts

According to Carl Jung, the godfather of psychology, he claims that the division between extroverts and introverts is the most crucial distinction between people because it describes the core, direction, and focus of a person’s energy. As we celebrate both types, I want to present these tips to bring an understanding of these two functions to avoid stress and anxiety that can often escalate while on holiday.

Stress Relief Travel Tips for Extroverts

  • Going to the same old haunts; grandma’s house, a resort or holiday destination may create stress for the extrovert who seeks stimulation and exciting activities. Know that an extrovert will want to stir things up and expand on the tried and true.
  • Scheduling for extroverts can be exhausting as their personality lends itself to a more carefree, open-ended approach; try and keep a few plans flexible for this type; and who knows it may be the most exciting part of the getaway!
  • A lack of social events, parties, get-togethers or being away for a weekend in a cabin with zero social interaction may cause anxiety for extroverts who LOVE to be in the middle of it all. If this is the case prepare them ahead of time as they may incorporate a fe short escapes to keep them sane.
  • Many extroverts don’t like to depend on someone; so respect their desire for independence which helps alleviate stress

Stress Release Tips for Introverts

  • Overstimulation can cause significant stress for introverts especially while on vacation when overstimulation is the norm; be forewarned as they are likely to withdraw. And please don’t take it personality they just need to recharge.
  • Unpredictable conditions can also provide anxiety for introverts who typically prefer routine and order
  • Spending time in a crowd is fine but stress will ensue if an introvert doesn’t get time to recharge and rest. For them, alone time is as restorative as sleeping or as nourishing as eating.
  • Hurrying an introvert will only frustrate them, they need time to think. Tip: give them a 15-minute warning to finish up what they are doing you’ll both be all the happier for it.

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