Did You Know Everyone has a Travel Personality?

Did you know everyone has a travel personality type, if you’re human, you have a type? Now, let’s get one thing straight, I’m not saying stereotype, but I’m saying travel personality type. It’s all about YOUR unique preferences, travel isms, and behaviors.


Understanding your personality type allows you to unveil parts of your PERFECT self that you may not be in touch with on a daily basis. Have you ever had a travel moment and said, “Did I just do that? Travel can prompt uncharacteristic behaviors that stem from veiled aspects of yourself. When you travel, you put your self in different situations, which causes you to step out of your NORMAL and step into the UNKNOWN. Your, soul-feed, inner travel guide follows you into the unknown. Yet your conscious mind lingers, stuck by conditioning, past experiences, habits and more.

Your Travel Personality Type is Perfect because it’s YOU!

Embracing Your Authentic You

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Children are Always Best at Embracing Their Authentic Selves

Everyone has a personality so the great thing is you don’t have to learn anything new. Everything you need to know is already within YOU. It’s about unveiling traits that will help you understand yourself better. I hope that you embrace your preferences to encourage more fulfilling travel experiences. And experience a greater attunement with yourself wherever you go. HOW REFRESHING.

Everyone Has a Travel Personality

Everyone benefits from being in touch with their authentic travel personality type before searching for or planning a vacation. Why? Because understanding what you prefer and what to helps lessen the “paradox of choice.” The overwhelming number of choices the world delivers has morphed into analysis paralysis. Translation too many choices, which simulates a ‘brain freeze.’ Yeah, you just kinda stop.

Here’s a Perfect Example

Let’s look at a typical example. Google beach vacations and 1,600,000,000 choices come up. WHAT? OMG, how many years would you need to sort this list? It’s exhausting. What if we wanted to take a beach vacation in the U.S., a mere 146,000,000 options arise. Google UK beach vacations 41,700,000 results appear.

This is crazy if you think about it. Who has the time? We now spend on average 36 days, across several devices and various types of websites states, Think With Google. And this is time allocated to pick out A property. OH NO!

But wait, there’s good news.

What if you knew your type preferences? It would help alleviate the stress of searching through the avalanche of information Google spits out? If you know, you prefer quiet and more intimate beaches the search narrows to 6,100,000 choices. Search globally for intimate beaches, hiking trails, and mom and pop restaurants. The query results didn’t match 100%, but the number of choices dropped significantly going from 4,600,000 v. 1,600,000,000 beach vacations.

By becoming familiar with your innate likes, and those of your travel companions you can ease the gargantuan task of searching. An added bonus YOU make smarter vacation choices?

Is This Making Any Sense? Comments PLEASE 🙂

There’s even more good news. Traveling to unknown places can cause anxiety and stress. Have you ever felt this WAY? But, when you pick a place that compliments your travel personality, you’re in the flow. You relax quicker and feel more comfortable. Which means you can skip the two days, most people need to get acclimated and get into the groove. Why waste two days? Time is precious.

Travel Isn’t A Solo Activity

Many of us travel with children, parents, in-laws, and BFF’s. And yes I know solo travel is on the rise but were still interacting with people. But what if we’re aware of your travel companion’s individual desires. Do you think traveling would be more rewarding? I get it, sullen teens and crazy in-laws aren’t always easy. But knowing their travel traits could help a wee-bit :).

Let Your Inner Guide Be Your Travel Guide

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Travel Guide vs. Inner Travel Guide

How many times have you booked a vacation and thought to yourself, “I need a vacation from my vacation?” Have you ever said OK to a trip and then regretted every moment of it? Have you ever just went along to avoid an argument only to be miserable? What about planning the entire trip and then nobody sticks to the plans?

Your Inner Guide is Your BEST Travel Guide

What if you could rely on YOUR ever-present inner travel guide. You know, the soul-feed guide that’s always speaking to YOU. Knowledge is power. Knowing what you desire and don’t gives you the confidence to present your ideas, so other’s get YOU. Travel should be a time of awakening, heart opening, and total joy. As a travel professional for over two decades, I’ve seen many travelers suffering from anxiety, frustration, and even unhappiness. NOT GOOD


Can you see the journeying starts within first? It will always serve as your best and from your highest good. Even better it will help you move beyond the barrage messaging that assaults us daily? What if this knowledge could give you the confidence to choose a place based on what you love? Or meet your genuine needs, and desires, and not what someone else is trying to sell you? OR even worse you got SMACKED upside your head by a FAKE REVIEW. Ugh!

I’ve given you a lot to ponder here, so, for now, I’m wrapping up the basics of travel personality typing — for now 🙂

I’ve Got A Few Question For YOU?

I want to build a community of travel seekers. Can you tell me where you hang out online? I’m asking as I want to create a community of like-minded travelers who wish to journey within and travel soul-centered.

Please, know, I’m committed to delivering genuine travel reviews. My goal is to work with real-world travelers who want to share their personal experiences based on their unique travel type. The goal is to enlighten other travelers, so they don’t make the same mistakes. Or even better they can experience an exhilarating holiday based on thoughtful, honest reviews by YOU.

Question Two

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Thank you in advance for your support. I know I will learn so much from YOU. You’ll be joining a BEAUTIFUL tribe of travelers who are on a journey to REVOLUTIONIZE the space.

Stay Tuned — There’s A Travel Personality QUIZ Coming

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What’s Your Travel Personality Free Quiz Coming Soon

I’m working on a free quiz and developing 16 unique travel personality guidebooks. I want to make each personality profile oh-so-delicious and useful. We invest so much in vacations, why not make each trip amazing, and soulful?

Watch this space; there is a lot of new stuff on the horizon.

My radio interview is live for What’s Your Travel Personality?, aired on Speaking of Travel, on iHeart radio with the FABULOUS Marilyn Ball. She’s believed in me from day one. Thank you, Marilyn. The interview is now live. Give it a listen. Find me socially @ninazapala

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