Top 10 Spring Break Trips for Extroverts

In brief: Top 10 spring break trips for extroverts. Spring break is a fun travel season for extroverts. Tis’ the season to engage, meet new people ⏤ and re-energize. I see it as a time to Unpack Your Personality to explore your soul self.

I realize not all extroverts are exactly alike. We all have unique life stories, childhood histories, and life’s tsunamis to contend with. Knowing this, I’ve crafted a varied list of spontaneous types and escapes for those who prefer hands-on activities. A few things I believe all extroverts can agree on; you like to learn by doing, you’re socially expressive, and you treasure being out in the world.

Below are a few trip ideas to fuel your need to get social. These places provide possibilities to engage, connect, and immerse yourself in various hands-on activities. These are spring break trips designed to share your enthusiasm with other like-minded, extrovert travelers.

With An Eye on the Coronavirus

FYI: I’m sticking to the U.S. due to Coronavirus restrictions. Better to be safe than sorry. Also, if you’re favorite festival has been canceled, there have been quite a few, so why not opt for a regional or local event to support your community. Also, I’m not the CDC, but I believe that “the fear virus” is spreading faster than anything else. All I’m saying is take precautions. Be aware. And if you know you have a compromised immune system, stay put. Trust your gut; if you get a yes answer, go, and have fun. If it’s a no, trust that answer, too. Also, please check with the CDC or the World Health Organization before traveling, as news about the virus changes daily.

Top 10 Spring Trips for Extroverts

Eastern U.S.

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Pancakes and Tree to Table Maple Syrup – Photo: Unsplash

Miami, Florida U.S. – Miami has canceled two big festivals until 2021, Calle Ocho Festival and Ultra Music Festival. This doesn’t mean this vibrant city is closing up. Au contraire spring is a busy season for South Florida and the perfect time for extroverts to enjoy the incredible energy of this colorful, international city. A few upcoming gatherings include the Miami Gardens Jazz Festival, which is oh-so-swoonworthy. Attend the Miami Open and get ready to root for your favorite tennis star. For the quintessential Spring Break event Sprung Beer Festival, it’s OK to wear a toga. If you’re traveling on a budget, be sure to check out the St. Patrick’s Day event, all the fun without the high price ticket.

St. Albans, Vermont – So Miami canceled a food festival. Why not head north to St. Albans, Vermont, for the 54th Annual Maple Festival this spring. Yes, it will probably be a bit more chill, pun intended, than Miami. Still, there’s a ton of opportunity to mingle with other festival-goers while savoring delicious fluffy pancakes dripping with tree-to-plate maple syrup. And pleease don’t equate small towns with boring. This festival serves-up celebrity chefs, performing arts, renowned artisans, and best-in-class brew houses? Are you packed yet?

Wilmington, North Carolina – Why not skip the “sip” and opt for a “SUP” spring break 2020 and head to Wilmington, North Carolina. Visit from April 22-26 for one of the world’s largest SUP competitions, the Carolina Cup. Gear up for an entire week of expos, demos, and clinics for adults and kids alike. The Cup is about the races, yet bystanders and competitors alike can indulge in live music, delicious food, and delicious libations. Saturday kicks off a full day of races, while Sunday is dedicated to the kiddies.

Central U.S.

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Arnduville, Lousianna – Etoufee Festival

Arnduville, Louisanna – Louisanna is known as the festival state, with large and small festivals popping up monthly. One not to miss is the Etoufee Festival. Celebrating its 34th year, the Annual Etouffee Festival in Arnaudville, Lousiana, takes place on April 24-26. Traditionalists who love authentic etouffee, you’ll have plenty of tasting options. For modernists, who seek a new twist on the tried and true crawfish recipes, the Mayor’s Cook-off features a variety of étouffées, including crawfish, seafood, vegetable, and wild game. There is a perfect getaway for curious extroverts who want to hobnob with the locals, surround themselves with the local culture, and rub elbows with other enthusiastic foodies.

Cleveland, Ohio – A recognizable city with a surprising variety of unique things to try. Make no mistake, Cleveland is a food town, so when in Rome… A few initial ideas to investigate: the Ohio City Food Tour, The Original Cleveland Brew Tour, or the Adult Chocolate Truffle Making Party sound foodtastic! After all that eating, it might be time to walk a bit. I’m a huge fan of visiting cemeteries. I find the stories fascinating, and Lake View Cemetry is one not to miss. Be on the lookout for these famous gravesites; John D. Rockefeller, Zelma W. George, Adella P. Hughes, and Garrett Morgan. There are many things to do to keep extroverts exciting and engaged in this mid-tier city.

Wyoming – Spring is the time to take advantage of shorter lift lines, considerable powder, and exceptional skiing well into early April. Snuggle in for a snowy night and wake up to sunny skies and warmer temperatures for an exhilarating day on the slopes. A few places to book a stay: Jackson Hole Mount Resort, Jackson Hole;  Snow King Resort, JacksonSnowy Range Ski Resort, Centennial, and Hogadon Ski Area, Casper.

Western U.S.

alt" Kitt Peak Visitors Center, Tucson AZ."
Kitt Peak Visitors Center: Photo Visit Tucson

Lake South, California, otherwise known as Tahoe South, is a lively getaway for singles and families. There’s still time to enjoy winter sports, boarding, and skiing. If the weather cooperates, rent a mountain bike or kayak, and take in the rushing waterfalls as the snow melts. If you want to relax on the water, book a river cruise. The area offers many overnight stays, various day and night events, and a vibey nightlife.

Tucson, Arizona – Is a booming city with a bunch of fun things to do, no matter what time of year. It’s one of the last hold-outs for authentic Spanish Colonial architecture in the U.S., sad to say. Don’t miss San Xavier Roman Catholic Parish / Patronato San Xavier. It’s the Tajmahal of the Southwest. It’s a sight to behold, with its jaw-dropping architecture and bejeweled interior. Tucson is also home to one of the largest stargazing areas, the Kitt Peak Visitor Center. The Center is about an hour outside of Tucson with over 200 acres. Still reaching for the stars, book Arizona Star Tours. Of course, the city offers a variety of food, fun, libations, and unique overnight stays.

Albuquerque, New Mexico – If you’re on a mission to submerge yourself in the local culture, a visit to the Pueblo Culture Center, 2401 12th Street NW, will be a rare treat. Sample indigenous, seasonal menus, appreciate the arts, and shop the Center’s retail store for unique gifts. Join a guided group tour or book a private tour. You won’t want to miss the film festival taking place from March 21- 22, 2020. The Center has one exciting event after another, no matter what time of year you visit. Albuquerque is also the home of the Hot Air Balloon Festival, which takes place every October. There’s no need to wait until October to take a balloon ride; local companies offer sunrise and sunset tours daily.


My last pick for the top 10 spring break trips for extroverts is a staycation. If the thought of travel is making you anxious, why go. Instead, explore your backyard or drive for an hour and two and discover a new restaurant, national park, or beach. I’m sure there’s a local music venue you’ve been dying to try or throw your spring break bash inviting everyone you’ve been meaning to catch up with. Whatever you do, power off the electronics and remind yourself this is a vacation. Dedicate plenty of ‘M.E.’ time! I know this isn’t easy for an introvert, but the benefits are off the charts powerful.

Top 10 Spring Break Trips for Extroverts

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Photo Credit: Saguaro National Park, Tuscon Arizona



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