Six Initial Steps to Find Purpose In Your Life

Six initial steps to find purpose in your life were based on the question I asked my intuitive coach, Mary Roach, back in January 2020. She’s fantastic and aligned with Edgar Cayce. She’s the real deal. Her response to my questions was, “Nina, you’re a visionary.” She said, “You communicate your visions and ideas through thoughts and words. How you individuate these gifts to bring about your life purpose is directed by your soul self.” She said, “You’ve been on purpose for decades in the corporate world. Today your priorities have shifted, and you’re moving into the self-help arena.” Her answer brought me to one important question; who do I want to be versus what do I want?

What I’m here to teach arose from a decade of challenges ⏤ a messy, 7-year life tsunami. I began studying, researching, and applying Carl Jung’s and Myers-Briggs®’s teachings to my crumbling life. Here’s what I’ve learned Your purpose in life is to let go of the conditioned ego-based personality, allowing you to discover your soul-driven personality — your TRUTH. Finding your true self leads to your highest potential, allowing your purpose to unfold seamlessly. Believe me; your life will change dramatically. 

The Only Way Out is to Go In to Find Your Purpose in Life

For many of us, our authentic selves have gotten cloudy with old habits, beliefs, and untruths. We’ve been living in a matrix of fear, obedient to a system that does not serve us. The only way out is to go in to find yourself, which enables you to calmly and confidently face your fears and embrace your dreams.

What if Knowing Your Purpose Was Like Catching a Dream?

What if knowing your purpose was like catching a dream?

With a pure heart, you go within to listen to your spirit mind, which co-creates with Divining Intelligence and communicates guided messages to the rational mind.

It’s now a Divine time for your personality to take inspired actions to make your dream a reality.

What if?

Finding Purpose: A Micro Masterclass with a Video Tutorial

I’ve augmented this blog post with a video tutorial, yep, a micro masterclass to get you on your purpose path. Here’s a shocker, it’s not about your career! Click here to watch the video tutorial.

Look forward to where you want to be and spend no time complaining about where you are – channeled through Ester Hicks – Abraham Hicks, The Law of Attraction Portal.

Post Pandemic Questions to Ask Yourself to Find Your Purpose

How did you respond to the coronavirus? Please make no mistake; it’s morphed into a life-changing historical event.

  • Did the pandemic cause you to pause and rethink your life, to dream bigger?
  • Did it push you to take inventory of where you are and where you want to be?
  • Are you now wondering, is this all there is?

I believe the virus is upon us to slow the world down, to show us how to find meaning and purpose in our lives. And to remind us what’s truly important; family, relationships, kindness, and love. I hope the voluntary quarantine was a healthy time-out ⏤ to turn it all off; social, fear TV, smartphones, computers…and you found time to go within!

As you wander your purpose path, you’ll undoubtedly begin to unspool possible life purposes. Some people have a variety of life purposes, while others may have one or two. Finding purpose begins with time in stillness and quieting the mind. It’s about remembering you’re a spark of Divine intelligence living on planet earth to evolve your soul, not a workaholic who is here to live a cubicle life. This approach is the old way, the way of the matrix. An unhealthy lifestyle that is now crumbling right before our eyes.

Examining How to Find Purpose In Your Life

I have to say I was doubtful when Mary Roach said you’re a healer. Isn’t it funny how I wanted to dismiss the information I was seeking, maybe because I was programmed and experienced so much rejection when I used my intuition? Ridicule was the first comment, followed by that’s not logical. Get us the facts. Yeah, debilitating while separating me from innate gifts and purpose. Yet when I started thinking back on my life, I see now that I’ve always been intuitive, yet I was too busy trying to be a conventional logical thinking person to recognize it. In essence, I wasn’t being my true self!

My intuitive guide, Mary, helped me understand the part of me that I wasn’t ready to accept. Maybe you don’t have a Mary, so I’d be honored to help you take a few micro-steps to propel you on your journey to find your purpose. Let’s jump in.

6 Starter Steps To Trigger A Purpose-filled You

Please understand finding yourself is more than work-life balance. It has to do with embracing the Divinity within you, your eternal essence you’re here to unleash on the world. You’ll become a rabid fan of servitude, watching those around you flourish because of the blessings of your innate gifts. Your life is manifested through your spirit mind, the sixth sense. It carries the higher vibration energy of all their IS ⏤ money, health, and relationships are naturally abundant.

1. Always Be Reading

How many times has a book inspired you? Seeding your mind daily with spiritual readings, energetically enlightened words, is a great way to keep your energy high-vibing. It’s an energy that brings calm and centeredness to your day. Reading expands your thinking around people, places, and activities presenting you with new perspectives. Reading can also shift perceptions, helping you step into what you want and leave behind the rest. Read it Feeds the Soul.

I want you all to realize the upsets, trigger in life, are the igniters of opportunities.

2. Turn Your Messes into Your Life Message

Underneath the messes are the hidden messages, your life story full of joys, sorrows, highs, and lows. These are the messages I follow and will continue to do as they lead me on the path of my new life’s journey. After a decade of tsunamis hitting you repeatedly, you wake up and tune into what the Universe is trying to tell you. I’m stubborn as hell, so the Divine had to do a total takedown. Hopefully, this won’t be your journey. 

I now know that if you’re living in fear, you’ve moved far away from your authentic self. You’re disconnected from your life’s journey, purpose, and flow. Maybe you’re, like me, and got hit by a wave of tsunamis that knocked you down hard. But somehow, you managed to get up, start fresh and slowly put your life back together. You’ve done work, and today your life is dramatically different. 

Please realize upsets are the igniters of opportunities. My tsunamis are the vodal ( a sense of fulfillment in your life), seeing Myers-Briggs through the looking glass of spirituality. A revolutionary personality type paradigm infused with spirituality.

My journey started with me giving up my pleasing act, “Oh, I’ll be whatever you want,” if you love me, provide for me, be the one for me… The work started with understanding my personality type, which clarified why I made these decisions. I truly believe with my whole heart if you share your story with TRUTH and HONESTY, you have the power to help others. It’s why we’re here!

One day you will tell your story of how you overcame what you went through, and it will be someone else’s survival guide Brené Brown, author, and American Researcher. 

3. Skip Goal Setting

One thing I learned going through my 7-year life tsunami is the idea of goal setting is backward. We are told to rely on the rational mind, but my liberating lessons taught me that you must let your soul mind use the sixth sense to guide your life to find genuine passion, your highest potential, and true purpose. Yes, the nonphysical you; intuition, gut instincts, a belief in the nonlogical as your guru, your greatest source of knowledge.

Seriously, how can you set a goal if you don’t know “who you are” or “how you want to show up in the world.” These questions are so much more important than the idea of goal setting, which usually skips the complex inner work and goes straight to material things; money, relationships, the house, career, car… Yet we repeatedly hear about unhappy millionaires. Or the well-to-do couple next store who are drowning in debt. And the uber-successful entrepreneur who can’t find “the one.”

Goals Aren’t the Place to Start – WHAT!

Goals aren’t the place to start. Instead, create a daily “soul journaling practice” ( 1-3 pages a day, some days, it may be more). I’ve become a lover of ancient teachings, and Jesus, Yesha, Christ Consciousness, has become my go-to for spiritual purity teachings. Find who resonates with you, and know that as you grow, so will your knowledge base, so expect things to change.

My daily spiritual practice centers around – joy, authenticity, and mindfulness. Your practice may center around peace, kindness, giving, or connection. I start my day with a meditative walk, gratitude for all there is, and some type of workout; yoga, weights… These practices ground me, which is ideal for my type as I live in my head and need the grounding energy to function properly.

A river of peace flows through my body. The outer world is not my guide, my inner Goddess always guides me to flow vibrantly, guided by inspired acations.

I offer 1:1 Guided Soul Sessions if You’re Ready to Get on the Path of Your Purpose and Passions

4. Stop Comparing and Competing

As a boomer, I struggle with the idea of comparing and competing – it’s how I was programmed to think. It’s never enough. You need more. Work until you achieve (fill in the blank). Crazy enough, I listened obediently to someone else’s rules. It’s a very unhealthy way to live.

Many Western countries focus on unending productivity with little downtime pushing the idea of non-stop work to get ahead. Get ahead of what? Why can’t productivity mean being in service to others?

I said NO to the corporate world because it was too constrictive and lacked the freedom to be myself. I believe we’re here to co-create with Divine intelligence to evolve our souls, which allows us to bring our unique genius to the world—the End.

Ahh, I wish it was that easy, but I believe these initial steps to a purpose-filled life. Your life’s mission is not mine, so I’ve stopped comparing and started listening to my soul self, which I liken to my inner guru!

5. Conversations With God

Have you read Conversations with God by Neal Donald Walsch? Walsch asked GOD a fascinating question; I’m paraphrasing here, Why would anybody read this book?” And I love God’s answer, and it went something like this,

There are billions of people on the planet do you believe just one message will reach everyone.” I had a huge ah-ha moment. Neal Donal Walsch, author Conversations with God.

Of course, we all have different personalities, life stories, and tsunamis of our own. How could one message vibe with everyone? It’s why the self-help market will reach $13.2 billion by 2022. Every message resonates with a community of like-minded individuals. And maybe your life messages are exactly what someone else desperately needs. Ahh, could your messy life become your life’s purpose? Mine has, so it’s possible.

Truth is a seed hidden in the days until watered by what life brings us. ⏤ Mark Nepo, American author, philosopher, poet.

6. Look Beyond Your Career, Find Community to Find Purpose for Your Life

What if finding your purpose was a result of caring for another? Or finding your purpose is centered on picking up trash at your local beach, lake, or riverfront to make the world more beautiful. Think how happy you’ll make all the animals and plant life that call these places home.

Maybe it’s about establishing a like-minded community dedicated to the environment, sustainability, children, or animal rights. Many of us get stuck in the idea that our purpose needs to be magnanimous and massive, ⏤ affecting millions. Another false belief programmed by Western society.

Mother Teresa didn’t start out to be a world-renowned missionary and Saint. She started with the idea of helping to feed one person in need. Her passion grew into the Order of the Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic congregation of women dedicated to caring for the poor. Mother Teresa focused on an outcome, day-in and day-out ⏤purpose in action.

It’s about taking daily steps and letting your purpose evole; it’s not some rigid goal, it’s flowing with life that lets your serve from your highest potential to benefit all you encounter.

There Are No Shortcuts to Find Your Life’s Purpose

Finding purpose is a life-long journey on the winding road we call life. You’ve got to take action. I’ve learned you can’t overcome fear if you don’t take action. I find many of us use spirituality as a crutch to avoid taking real-world action. Instead, we become addicted to consuming instead of actioning spiritual processes without results. 

Remember, your life’s purpose presents itself daily in the smallest of details, or if you’re stubborn like me, it slams you to the ocean floor, pounding you with tsunamis until you get it. You need to be awake, experiencing life, which leads to finding your life purpose.

Recap: How to Find Purpose for Your Life

  • Read to be inspired, and also take notice of what you read. I’ve got a sizeable spiritual library reading is one of my passions. You may your passion in food, crafting, the great outdoors, in the garden, running…
  • Turn your healings into self-help messages for others going through what you’ve already been through. You’ll naturally find purpose and passion in helping another,
  • Figuring out WHO you want to be in the world vs. what you WANT are two very different questions with very different outcomes,
  • Stop comparing and competing. You’re a unique individual with your own special magic. Don’t settle for a watered-down version of yourself,
  • You may find purpose outside your career, and who knows, it may end up being your life’s work.
  • There are no shortcuts. You must do the work, commit and remember it’s a long-term gain.

BONUS: Unpack Your Personality is also another way to find you’re soul’s purpose. Once you understand your authentic self, your life’s purpose will reveal itself!

Just One More Thing

Another important lesson I learned in speaking with my intuitive consultant had to do with change. We believe we need to change. I’d like you to rethink this, moving away from change and evolving. Doesn’t it sound more energetically aligned? The word evolving is in flow. The word change has a forcing undertone for me personally. Anywho, I think it’s more important to fully accept ourselves and see acceptance as a place where we can evolve into better human beings.

Here’s what I believe. I don’t think we can change our personality it’s aligned with our soul mission. Our personality is sacred because your soul, your eternal beingness, chose it. Your soul learns and evolves because of your persona’s flaws and strengths; it needs these challenges to complete its mission here on earth. Acceptance is about embracing what is, who another person is, and having the grace to see it all for what it is, a gift to learn more about yourself. I believe you can accept something within yourself with the realization that external change is the by-product.

Thanks for Stopping By

I hope you found Six Initial Steps to Find Purpose In Your Life to be helpful. It’s my intention to encourage you to tap into unique aspects of yourself, gain fresh perspectives, and discover how spiritual personality typing can expand your consciousness and change your life. And, of course, lead you to your purpose!

Feel free to share this with a friend, co-worker, or family member struggling with finding their life purpose.

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